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7/7/2016 12:26:30 PM

MYSTERY SOLVED! How I discovered Guardian #10201's identity using Bungie's clues...

The mystery surrounding the Guardian in Pod #10201 has been going on since Bungie’s release of “Destiny: The Taken King” in Sept. 2015. While many members of the Bungie Community have tried to figure out who the Guardian in the pod is, no one has been able to gain any proof to form a solid hypothesis, until now. Bungie cleverly hid this Easter Egg at the end of TTK’s second mission, [i]Cayde's Stash[/i]. Once you reach the top of the Devil’s Spire, you can pull out your Ghost and look around to scan objects (you should definitely defeat the Echo of Oryx, first). At the back of the room there is a pod that can be scanned. Scanning this object, your Ghost says, [quote]"[url=]Pod number 10201. A Guardian with exceptional Light sealed himself inside. He's been in there for centuries. Before I found you, I tried to resurrect him, but he preferred to sleep. He said the last war was enough for a thousand lifetimes.[/url]"[/quote] There have been several theories as to who your Ghost could be talking about, but with lack of evidence, no one could actually form a hypothesis. I'm here to debunk the current theories and reveal what Bungie has hinted at over the years. Some theories suggest the Guardian is [i]Saint-14[/i], since his [url=]Dead Ghost[/url] was found earlier in the level and it [i]somewhat[/i] fits what your Ghost says about being in there "for centuries" and "the last war was enough for a thousand lifetimes," both which fit the supposed [url=]Destiny timeline[/url] and Saint-14's [url=]crusade against the Fallen in 2540[/url]. [b]DEBUNKED![/b] [i]No way did Saint-14's holy war last very long, considering you never hear from him again. Besides, why would he lock himself inside a colony ship in Old Russia?[/i] Other theories think it is a "Halo" reference, particularly of the [i]Master Chief[/i]. This also fits the "centuries" and "last war" quotes well, since Master Chief (at least in Bungie's “Halo” universe) wasn't seen again after 2552 and the [url=]war against the Covenant[/url]. The number "10201" [i]might[/i] refer to the date Oct. 2, 2001, where either [i]Halo: Combat Evolved[/i] had "[url=]gone gold"[/url] or was sent off by Bungie to go gold on that date (which is the right amount of time for the launch of the title on Nov. 15, 2001). [b]DEBUNKED![/b] [i]While the Human-Covenant War lasted more than 25 years, would Master Chief's ship have eventually landed back on Earth where he would then have sealed himself into a pod on a colony ship in Old Russia? He's a solder who lives to fight. No chance he would hide himself away. Come on.[/i] Knowing of Bungie and being a part of its community for over a decade, I have found PROOF of who the Guardian is. The truth is Bungie has been revealing this “mystery” to us for [i]YEARS[/i], and there is only one person your Ghost could possibly be talking about, since Bungie has been using ”10201" to identify him for over a decade: [url=]stosh[/url] [quote]"But Duardo, who is stosh?"[/quote] [quote]"How could stosh possibly be in the pod?”[/quote] [quote]"Wow, Duardo! You're awesome and so cool!"[/quote] [quote]"Who is stosh and why do we blame him?" [/quote] Why, indeed. Let me explain. First off is the number "[url=]10201[/url]", which clearly references [url=]stosh's inability to write proper code.[/url] Secondly, it is clear from [url=]years[/url] [url=]of[/url] [url=]blame (in the Bungie Weekly Updates)[/url] by Bungie that stosh ([url=]who[/url] [url=]event[/url][url=]ually[/url] [url=]accepted[/url] [url=]it[/url] [url=]after[/url] [url=]muc[/url][url=]h[/url] [url=]resistance[/url]) has had many [url=]internal[/url] [url=]wars[/url] dealing with problems he's created. Third, it is obvious Bungie is looking into the future where they have built their "[url=]slingshot[/url]" (code name for space ship) to shoot (fly) their enemies (...stosh) into the sun (stars), but then something in the future dubbed the “Darkness” showed up and the project was abandoned, [i]leaving stosh inside his pod[/i]. The Ghost recognizes that a Bungie employee must be inside the pod, because who else could possibly have "[url=]exceptional Light levels[/url]" except the creators themselves?! The mystery has [i]finally[/i] been solved! Bungie is notorious for keeping secrets and hinting at mysteries, but with them clearly [url=]blaming stosh[/url] for so many years, the truth was bound to come out, and I was lucky enough to uncover it. I understand that this revelation may be too much for many of you to handle, and I do apologize for that, but really, don't blame me, [url=]blame stosh[/url].

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