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Petition to make an In-game LFG for Destiny 2

Add an in-game LFG system


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Hello fellow guardians, So recently I have been hearing that very few individuals in the overall community are actually completing raids on a regular basis (or even at all!). I don't know the specific stats of actual hard mode completions for the whole community, but I'm going to say that its under 25% of the community. I think a big issue with this is not having an In-game LFG system. Sure, mostly all raiders know about or, but there must be a ton of people out there who have no idea about these third party websites. And sometimes these websites can be very toxic to say the least. I recommend that for Destiny 2 that we have an In-game LFG system! Now along with this In-game LFG system it would include a place to access it in a social space. Such as a message board or some place where guardians can post what they are looking for and others can ask to join their fireteam. This place would be open to individuals who are within the recommended light (if light level is still a thing in D2) and also who have done at least some of the story missions. I would say the In-game LFG would not have a place to type anything (for fear of negative use of the message board), but instead just have things that the fireteam leader is looking for. Such as say you want 5 people for Vog, two titans, a warlock, and two hunters. You would then head to the message board and first state the minimum light requirement (395), and then click on how many titans/hunters/warlocks you need. You could even then add in that your looking for experienced/professional/or brand new to raiding. You could even say you need two professional titans, two experienced warlocks and a brand new hunter. This would make the In-game system friendly for both really good players or ones who are somewhat new. To solve the issue of a brand new player saying that they are a professional is a small ranking system would be set in place. Such as a brand new player would have 0 raid completions. This would make it so he cannot request someone who is looking for an experienced player. An experienced player would have to have at least 2 completions of the raid they are looking to do. A professional player would have to have at least 10 raid completions to have that title. Also, if a player is a brand new player, they cannot list that they want professionals. (basically you have to earn the title before you can request it). I think this would allow a lot more players to enter the raiding experience and grow relationships within the community! NOTE: Before anyone starts yelling about how bad this idea is remember to have an open mind. I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on to how to make Destiny 2 better for the community! Also I wanna clarify that Players would still be able to do a raid by merely joining another persons fireteam no matter what experience they are. But to use the message board there are certain requirements. I wanted to state that this is a very basic idea of what I'm thinking so PLEASE feel free to suggest any changes to my idea and I will make sure to edit my post to use that idea. EDIT: I see a lot of people saying that Xbox LFG works fine for destiny raids. And I am inclined to agree. However, I am saying that we should add an in-game LFG because not a lot of people even know about the Xbox LFG and bungie cannot promote it due to it not being their company. I think that an in-game LFG would not only be convienent but would also encourage players to complete the raids and bump up the amount of raid completions. Thus making the community grow and more players to play with during raids. Xbox LFG is great, but like I said, it's a third party app which players have to go searching for instead of the game promoting it. And no I don't want to hear anyone say that those who "play a lot" are the only ones who should know about raiding and LFG. I met a man in patrol once who had never heard of a raid or LFG but he had over 500 hours logged in the game. When I asked him how he spent that time he replied, "crucible, strikes, and story missions." I have now raided with this man many times and he loves it. I think adding an in-game LFG would be a great way to share the fun of raiding with the whole community, not just the top 25%.

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