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Should Destiny 2 implement matchmaking for Raids?

Add matchmaking


No Matchmaking


Alternative (comment below)


Im sure this post may have been done before, but I am just interested to see peoples views on this and possible ideas on future raids or alternatives. I understand there are a lot of people who would like to see matchmaking implemented within raids and as a solo player for the most part I find myself stuck for an answer. I have never done a raid myself as I have never come around to finding a fire team or joining purely because I'm not sure what to expect. For the rewards you earn I find that gaining specific gear etc from a raid would be very rewarding which concludes keeping them exclusive and that adding them to other playlists would make it less worthwhile for the gear. As for playing the raid it is best for communication between players due to the different challenging aspects of the game. If they were to include matchmaking it would be a little more chaotic without the communication and it would essentially prove unreasonable to add matchmaking. So I suppose for the time being the raids are out of reach, but with Age of Triumph perhaps I'll come around to playing them. [b]EDIT:[/b] Just to add from what I've seen so far, I reckon the best alternative is to have matchmaking, but it is mandatory to have game chat (to keep communication and playability) and that you are paired with guardians with similar stats or a light level requirement, this would - 1. solve the issue of any player from hopping in and out without mic or simply not participating in said activity properly 2. keep things flowing more easily without having to wait around in the forums etc for recruitment and this way we would have a more balanced matchmaking, still keeping the recruitment option for those who prefer that method. In conclusion matchmaking with more defined hosting for effective playability of the raids.

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  • Sure, it would be a disaster, but as long as it's optional, I don't mind. Don't forget the consequences though, for those who opt in: -You'll get trolls that join because they enjoy griefing others whom you can't kick. -You'll get people who don't have a mic, refuse to communicate, or are rude/toxic in chat whom you can't kick. -You'll get get underleveled, or just really bad people whom you can't kick. -People wouldn't be as hesitant to quit in the middle since it's matchmade, replacing them would also be a problem unless people don't mind getting dropped willy nilly in the middle of siege engine or something. -Raids last longer than strikes, so people won't be queuing up as often. Not to mention splitting matchmaking by checkpoint would thin out the player pool even more. A lot more, plus don't forget that newer raids now are much more punishing of mistakes. Sometimes a single death or error from a certain role means a wipe. Also, if there is a vote-kick system, it would be abused.

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