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[BUNGIE] Destiny Update 2.6.0 and Age of Triumph Vital Information

Hello, Destiny Update 2.6.0 is now available to all players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players who own Destiny: Rise of Iron, may participate in new and updated activities as part of the Age of Triumph. For instructions on how to accept this update, please see our [url=]Updating Destiny Guide[/url]. [b]GUIDED SUPPORT[/b] Contained in the following spoiler tag are Knowledgebase Articles for the Age of Triumph. Each page contains information for each updated Destiny activity, as well as general information regarding reprised Weapons, Armor, and other rewards: [spoiler] [url=]Age of Triumph Guided Support[/url] [url=]Weekly Story Playlist[/url] [url=]Crucible Playlist Updates and Availability[/url] [url=]Daybreak Nightfall Modifier[/url] [url=]Challenge of Elders[/url] [url=]Raid Reprisals[/url] [url=]Record Book and T-Shirt Offer[/url] [url=]Eververse Trading Co.: Treasure of Ages[/url] [url=]Silver Dust Store: Dusty Engrams[/url] [url=]Destiny Update 2.6.0 Patch Notes[/url] [url=]Destiny Hotfix Patch Notes[/url] [url=]Destiny Hotfix Patch Notes[/url] [/spoiler] [b]EMERGING ISSUES[/b] - Updated 5/8 This section will be populated with confirmed issues that have been reported to Destiny Player Support on the #Help forum. [spoiler] [b]Tread of the Hezen Lords does not accept shader colors when Ornaments are equipped[/b] We are aware of an issue there the Warlock Leg Armor "Tread of the Hezen Lords" does not accept shaders when Ornaments have been applied. [b]"Meddle with Metal" Milestone in Rise of Iron Record Book[/b] We are aware that completing the LL390 Wrath of the Machine Heroic Mode is not unlocking the "Meddle with Metal" milestone in the Rise of Iron Record Book. Players should still be able to complete this milestone by completing the [u]LL380[/u] Wrath of the Machine Heroic Mode. [b]Rank 25 Exotic Faction Quests and Record Book Emblems[/b] Faction Emblems from the Allegiances page of the Age of Triumph Record Book do not count towards Rank 25 Exotic Faction Quests. Players will need to use a granted by the given Faction Emblem to gain progress on their Rank 25 Exotic Faction Quest. [b]Khvostov Manual 1, 15, & 17 Grimoire[/b] We are aware that some players still have not received the Khvostov Field Manual 1, 15, and 17 Grimoire pages. [b]Runes from Eris[/b] - Revised 4/20 With Destiny Hotfix, Eris Morn now correctly sells Runes for Court of Oryx. [b]To The Lighthouse[/b] - Revised 4/20 With Destiny Hotfix, issues causing some Flawless Trials of Osiris runs prior to the Rise of Iron release not being counted in the Record Book have been fixed. [b]Knuckles of Eao Crash[/b] - Revised 4/20 With Destiny Hotfix, issues causing Destiny to crash for some players upon the activation of Knuckles of Eao have been resolved. [b]Weekly Treasure of Ages[/b] - Revised 4/20 With Destiny Hotfix, issues causing weekly Treasure of Ages rewards to not drop for some players have been resolved. [b]Rumble Join in Progress[/b] - Revised 4/1 We are investigating reports indicating that join in progress is still enabled in the Rumble playlist beyond 100 points. [b]Join in progress has now been disabled for free-for-all gametypes.[/b] [b]Refer-a-Friend Quest[/b] - Revised 4/20 With Destiny Hotfix, players may now continue the "A Tale of Two Guardians" Quest in the Weekly Story Playlist. Note that players who are Linked for the Refer-a-Friend Quest should under no circumstances Unlink. Doing so may make you ineligible to continue this Quest. [b]Endless Elimination Matches[/b] - Revised 4/20 With Destiny Hotfix, issues causing some Elimination match rounds to extend indefinitely have been resolved. [b]Record Book Notifications[/b] With Destiny Hotfix, issues causing excessive Age of Triumph Record Book notifications have been resolved. [b]Doom of Oryx[/b] Previously, an issue with the "Doom of Oryx" commemorative Milestone prevented it from completing for some eligible players. We have taken action to correct this issue, and request that players who believe that they were previously affected check this Milestone again. [b]Turned-in Milestone Progress[/b] - Revised 3/31 Once successfully completed and turned in, some Milestones may occasionally display as incomplete. This is an issue with the display of the completed Milestone, and will resolve itself with time. These affected Milestones will still correctly contribute to their given page's culmination Milestone. [b]This is most notably affecting Milestones on the Allegiances page.[/b] [/spoiler] [quote][b]Reporting an Issue[/b] If an issue that you’re encountering isn’t listed in this thread, please create a Comment in response to this post with the following information: • The issue that you’ve encountered. • A video or screenshot clearly demonstrating the issue. • Steps to reproduce the issue. [/quote] [b]VITAL INFORMATION[/b] - Updated 3/29 Contained in the following spoiler tag is Vital Information that players should be aware of for the Age of Triumph: [spoiler] [u][b]Raid Activities[/b][/u] Poor internet connection or malicious network manipulation may lead to issues throughout many encounters through Destiny Raids. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, the following: [u]Crota's End:[/u] Loss of Sword weapons acquired from Swordbearers Loss of Chalice from encounter Immune or invisible Oversoul [u]Vault of Glass:[/u] Immune or invisible Templar Immune Detainment Volumes These issues may be circumvented by restarting the encounter by having all Fireteam members wipe, or relaunching the activity from Orbit. [u][b]Challenge of Elders[/b][/u] With the release of Destiny Update 2.6.0, Challenge of Elders may now be accessed as a Featured Playlist on the top level of the Director at 390 Light. Lower Level versions of this activity (320 and 260) no longer offer PGCR rewards. Players who do not own Destiny: Rise of Iron may continue to earn Challenge of Elders Exotic Reprisals by purchasing them from Xûr, on available weekends. [u][b]Record Book[/b][/u] The following Milestones will be auto-completed based off of players' Destiny history. All other Milestones must be completed following Age of Triumph. - [b]Updated 3/29[/b] • All Milestones on the “Commemoration” page. • All Milestones on the “Story” page. • The “Hold the Line”, “Mountain’s Summit”, and “Secrets Learned” Milestones for reaching Level 40 with each Class. • The “Victory or Death”, “Self-Sufficient”, and “A Hard Lesson” Milestones for completing Crucible Subclass quests. • The “Historian” Milestone on “The Crucible” page. • The “Raid Insignia” Milestone on the “Raids” page. • All Milestones on the “Collections” page. • All Milestones except “Public Defender” and “Spelunker” on the “Wanderer” page. • All Milestones except “Efrideet’s Regard” on the “Allegiances” page. • The “To the Lighthouse” Milestone on the “Trials of Osiris” page. Players are required to log in to all Characters to receive appropriate Record Book credit for previously attained milestones. Deletion of a Character before login in will result in the loss of progress. If you have reached Level 25 with specific factions listed on the allegiances page of the Record Book, you must be signed on to the specific character that has reached this milestone in order to unlock the Record Book Node. 390 Light Difficulty for the Wrath of the Machine raid will only be available when it appears as the Featured Raid. As such, the Machina Maxima Record Book Milestone may not be completed when selecting the 380 Difficulty Mode from the Director. The following emblems are not eligible to contribute to the "Raid Insignia" Milestone: • Crota's End • King's Bane • The Ascendant • Machine God's Bane • Devil Undone • The Siva Solution [u][b]Sandbox[/b][/u] Exotic Faction Class Items will not grant exclusive respawn animations if a player equips specific Artifacts. For more information, please [url=]click here[/url]. The Necrochasm perk "Cursebringer" does not trigger when killing a flying enemy. [b]Example[/b]: Shank The Cannibalism node in the talent grid for Husk of the Pit does not increment when killing Major or Ultra versions of required enemies. These enemies can be identified by a Yellow health bar. We are aware of an issue where the Red Miasma Gloves from Wrath of the Machine are currently missing geometry on the left shoulder piece. [u][b]Grimoire[/b][/u] The “Chroma” Grimoire Card is no longer available to players who have not already received it. [/spoiler]

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