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The Ahamkara and other beings from the Void - a ONCE highest rated post!

Hello and welcome guardians! Your friendly neighborhood AnonPig is back with another lore post for ya! This one will be including some interesting lore aspects of the dreadful: Ahamkara! These are one of my favorite aspects of Destiny and have some very unnerving qualities about them. I urge you not to believe the lies of the Vanguard, they are not gone from our world. Let's begin [b]Important Grimoire and facts to know: Ghost Fragment Warlock Ghost Fragment Traveler Ghost Fragment Legends 3 The colour blue Viper Spine VI flavour text Knowledge of Aztec gods Voidwalker Spine of Young Ahamkara flavour text Skull of Dire Ahamkara flavour text Claws of Ahamkara flavour text Voidfang Vestments flavour text Unremarkable bones flavour text Knowledge of the Bartemeaus Trilogy and the workings of demons from there [/b] This post will mostly be about Ahamkara, but in doing so consists of our favorite moon sized ball: Alpha Lupi. There's so much to know, and so little information given that it's difficult to say exactly what these beasts are, but they came during our golden age which brings up two possibilitIes. One is they mutated from normal animals due to the Lupi being in their presence, the other which I find more likely is that they too came from the void. Lupi came from the Void without shape, without anything really, and she flit from galaxy to galaxy pursuing her works only to[i] decide[/i] on what she would be when it was necessary. I believe the demons in the trilogy I mention work in a similar way to that, coming from their "other place" they have no natural shape, but choose one to be seen as. This leads me to believe that the Ahamkara are in a sense the same. They came from the void, and as a whole agreed to take the shape of a dragon, but what if they could choose another shape after that? Could they change? Based on the gear made from their bones they are communicating with us, and if you look closely at Young Ahamkara Spine the vertebrae actually flex. Could it be the Ahamkara when defeated take the form of the bones? Let's look into the nature of the Ahamkara, and see if that looks like a possibility. They wish to fill the world with teeth, burn the world, and eat reality? Now, let's not take these latter claims literally, it's more likely they're figurative. For teeth: aggression, burn: destruction, but eats reality. Now this one is different, could it be that they, like Lupi, can alter realities? If so, would eating a reality be consuming the energy of what was? Now what about a warlocks part in all this? I think this is the only[i] true[/i] way to kill them. Warlocks are not bound to the laws of time and space, and maybe those powers are what give them the strength to kill them. This could explain why only a warlock could kill them but there's armour made for hunters. The hunters were agile, and clever, enough to defeat them, perhaps even trick them into thinking they were going to die, so they adopted their bone form. But while all this is good, we now know what they do and how to defeat them, we don't know exactly what they look like. We hear this term dragons casually tossed about, but what does that mean? Look at Claws of Ahamkara, there are clearly feathers, what kind of dragon has feathers? Now go look at Viper Spine VI, "legends tell of a serpent who sold knowledge..." Now there's a thought. [b]Serpent.[/b] We assign in our minds this predetermined shape of a dragon, but what if Ahamkara were modeled after one that already existed. [url=]Quetzacoatl[/url], an Aztec God depicted as a feathered serpent, God of knowledge and of Venus. Could that be an Ahamkara's form? Could that be what we would find if we were ever[i] un[/i]lucky enough to meet one? Another possible style includes the batodactyls seen on Venus, modeled after [url=]Pterasuar[/url] [i]Thanks for the info K Millz 71[/i] And what if this isn't even it? How many other creatures could there be, that have adopted a shape from our world, just lurking. Waiting. [b]i pity the fool without education, here's some lore posts for ya:[/b][spoiler] [url=]AnonPig's Theories Archived[/url] [/spoiler] [b]Craving Ahamkara? Here's my, and Eranimus', fanfic about these mythical beasts![/b][spoiler][url=]Chapter 1; The Spine[/url] [url=]Eden; Chapter 1[/url][/spoiler] Thankyou for reading, this is your friendly neighborhood AnonPig!

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