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2/13/2017 6:08:50 PM
[quote] one really cares about Silver Dust. The real question is: Why does it take so long to patch the weapons? Stop acting like sloths or like everthing is fine right now. No other gaming company needs 6+ months to balance their weapon meta when there are things that need to fixed asap. - I'm a Shotgunner and I hate Shotguns right now. Kill the max range archetype once and for all or [b]reduce OHK range/widen the spread[/b] to make them less viable at Range. - [b]Give us less ammo with every Special Ammo crate.[/b] There is more than enough to run around with a Special as a Primary. That shouldn't be possible by any means. - Grasp/Dragon/Waltz are too effective at any range. Reduce the range or give them more recoil to [b]make them less effective at long ranges.[/b] The fastest archetype of every gun type should be most effective at short ranges, mid at mid, and slow at long. Simple. - [b]Give Snipers their low range scopes back.[/b] The AA and Flinch nerfs were more than enough to put an end to the Sniper meta and they were absolutely necessary. But most maps are too small. - [b]Buff the low RoF Autorifles[/b] and give them more range and stablity. All of them. They're the worst weapon archetype for over a year now and they need your love for gods sake. - Make the slow RoF Pulse Rifles like Lyudmila a consistent 2burst with 1-2 bodyshots instead of HS only or give them less recoil. [b]Make them effective at long ranges.[/b] - Remove bloom entirely but reduce the range on Handcannons. You should hit where you're aiming at. The recoil should be the thing you need to control. If you can control it, you should hit, even across map dealing only 1dmg because of the dropoff. [b]Make primaries consistent![/b] - [b]Remove SBMM completely[/b] from normal crucible OR at least put regional matchmaking in the pot. I don't want to play against people from the dark side of the moon without Dedicated Servers. SBMM doesn't help anyone but the lowest tier people that don't play Crucible that much anyway. - [b]Remove or fix that goddamned Damage Referee/Lag Compensator. [/b]Fix the Netcode the way it should be: The lagger should be the one with the disadvantage not hitting anything...not the other way around. And when all of that is a thing, we will see what problem occurs next and [b]you try to fix it asap again. [/b]Simple concept that'll help your game, not that hard to understand. I demand weapon balance patches every month to keep this game healthy. Nothing else is that important...not silver dust, not SRL, not creating more microtransaction stuff. If your customers know you're working on perfecting the game instead of focusing on milking the gullible people, there would be way less player migration which would result in more money anyway. It would also be a much better starting point for Destiny 2. I appreciate your hard work...but please, work on those things that are important for the game and the community. Thanks! TL;DR (thanks to the fellow Jolly Pizzaman): weapons(all) = Balance(); DO IT! Or at least try without long vacations! EDIT: Some people seem to miss my point entirely just because they see that I want their precious crutches "nerfed". Sorry, but you cannot just buff things all the way up, that doesn't work. You cannot make every weapon perfect for any kind of range or situation. Some things are not effective enough, some things are too effective. They have to be addressed. But NOT with extreme force. I want slight changes every month to see if they're good or not instead of harsh ones that occur once half a year.[/quote] I agree with everything you said

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