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Knights Among Light: Chapter 6

Knights Among Light Chapter VI: Skin to Bone “Unleashing Hybrid in 3!” Lysander yelled out onto the battlefield. In a flash of green light a portal opened in the middle of the battle. Through came the Abomination. The Hybrid was easily half the size of a Fallen Skiff. It fired Darkness from its single eye. Strenu turned around and saw it. Then he saw Lysander. “Stay here and kill that thing. This is my fight with Lysander and mine alone.” Strenu said to the group. Quinn looked up to Strenu. He then turned to Shinoda. Shinoda kept firing his Nova Mortis. As he reloaded he made his statement. “Go! Go while you still can! You have to kill him now!” Shinoda said. “We'll cover you!” The group ran across the devastated city of Paris. Lysander turned to see Strenu. “Ignore all previous orders regarding Strenu. I have him.” Lysander rushed through the rubble, as he took his Dark Drinker from his back. Strenu kept running forwards and took his Raze Lighter from his back, replacing his Abbadon. “Lysander! I'm coming for you!” “You may try old man!” Lysander declared. Then they collided. Blades and all. Strenu raised his blade, then slammed it against Lysander’s dark drinker. The Concordat warlord then jumped up and kicked Strenu down. Lysander raised his Dark Drinker. He slammed at Strenu who blocked with his blade. Strenu slashed Lysander across the chest, but the Concordat commander seemed unphased by it. Lysander spun with his blade, and Strenu met it with a Phoenix Uppercut. “DIE OLD MAN!” Lysander roared at Strenu who sidestepped what was to be a killing blow. Strenu then fell down constantly being weakened. Then a swift kick to the throat got Strenu down. Lysander raised his weapon to finish the fight once and for all. Just as quickly he stabbed into Strenu’s chest. In a final attempt to stop Lysander, Strenu moved his arms upwards as if to grab the sword handle. Then his arms fell. Dead. BUT WAIT! HE ISN’T DEAD! STRENU SURPRISE! In a fury of flame, Strenu was fireborn! He had self resurrected and was not dying today! He would not die today! (at least not if he had anything to do with it) Strenu rushed to Lysander and palmed him in the back, knocking him down. But for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and I am afraid to say that Strenu has played the action. Lysander leaped upwards, blowing Strenu to the ground. Just as suddenly as Strenu ahd self resurrected, Lysander had summoned his Hammer of Sol. --Concordat HQ, Concordat Palace, The Imperial Suite, London-- “Right this way sir.” The Concordat Hunter told Shadowshot. He was being escorted to the Imperial Suite where he would stay. Normally, being caught would mean isolation but Shadowshot was top priority and had a girl in his head. The room they were in was painted with gold walls, chandeliers of glass, windows of glass, a white floor made of quartz and marble, A gun case on the wall, a 90 inch flat screen TV, and lastly, a bed. “Any ideas Arty?”Shadowshot said as he walked into the Imperial Suite. Yeah, check the window. I don’t see any visible security systems. SS walked over to the window. He attempted opening it. Locked. “Dag. It’s locked. Anything else Art?” [i]Did you actually try opening it? You’re a person with basically things that amount to superpowers and you tried to OPEN a window?[/i] “You want me to break it?” [i]If that’s what you want to do. I’m dead. Can’t really do anything.[/i] “What if I die? Anything planned for that?” [i]No.. not really. This room got any vents?[/i] “One on the ceiling. That’s it. And they are called air ducts. Should I try those?” If you can manage to fit. “Are you questioning my ability to crouch or to generally fit in a 2 foot hole?” Yes. Yes I am. “Which one in specific?” Both. “Well ok then. I’ll try.” SS jumped to the ceiling. Only to find that he can’t get the vent open, it isn’t locked, it’s just generally bolted into the ceiling. Great. Hmm… A black mist circled his feet and made it’s way to the ceiling, tinkering with the bolts. Then it suddenly disappeared. Try now. “Let’s do this!” SS jumped again, this time he got the vent plate off, crawling into the vent, Shadowshot felt something wrong. “Something’s up here. It feels wrong.” [i]As in…?[/i] Her voice sounded a bit more tired now. “Not like up here in the vents but like something is happening.” Just like that, the door to the Imperial Suite opened, Yulin and Two Concordat Titans walked in. “Where are you Hunter?” Yulin said, as if he were playing hide and seek. “We’ll have the vents gassed if you’re in there.” Yulin walked along the room. He then saw the vent plate on the bed. He smirked. “Gas the vents.” He ordered. “Ten more seconds Hunter!” In the vents, Shadowshot was stuck, he couldn’t get out. [i]You should probably say something. I was right about the vent thing.[/i] “Umm. hello sir.” Shadowshot said. Yulin looked to the ceiling. “Hello Incertus, why are you up there exactly?” “I…” Shadowshot stopped, he needed an excuse. “I thought I heard a rat up here.” “Rats are extinct. They have been for 200 years.” Yulin responded. “Artemis, what do I do?” SS whispered to the Ghost. [i]Try “I thought it’d be better to not be able to see your face.” I don’t know. I can actually fit in here, mind you.[/i] “Ok Arty…” He raised his voice. “I uhh… I thought it would be better to not be able to see your face. I can fit in here, ya know.” Yulin looked upwards then gave a small chuckle. [i]I was being sarcastic![/i] “GAS!” Yulin said. His first Titan put the vent plate back up. The second pressed a button on his remote. Green gas came pouring into the vent suddenly. “Arty! I’m sorry! I’ve really killed you this time!” [i]Appreciate it.[/i] And just like that Shadowshot’s eyes closed. ***1 hour later*** “I do hope you enjoy the dinner we have prepared for you tonight Incertus.” Yulin said. Shadowshot awoke in a ballroom, at a long table. Yulin then continued. “We have prepared a three course meal. I do hope you like Chicken Soup. It is our specialty item, and we only treat high priority people with the best.” Shadowshot looked around. He was out of his armor entirely now. He was in a black jacket with blue jeans and a green shirt. [i]Maybe they’re keeping you for something. They could’ve killed you multiple times.[/i] It was at that moment that Shadowshot learned to talk without speaking. “Yeah, thanks for the optimistic tone.” [i]Don’t mention it.[/i] Yulin began to order the meal for the two of them. “Ah yes. Sorry about the gas. It doesn’t kill. Just heightens your senses to the point of exhaustion. Side effects include hearing voices in your head. And being able to speak to them.” SS spoke this time. “Ah yes, I know what you mean.” In his head to Artemis: “Did I just say that?” [i]Yeah, let’s go with that.[/i] “So, Incertus, let’s talk locations shall we?” SS spoke again: “Why not?” In his head: “What drugs do they have me on?!?” [i]I’ll ignore what you just said.[/i] “Now, by locations Incertus, I mean more specifically your base.” Yulin said slyly. “The one that was in Paris or our HQ in Chicago?” In his head: “WTF IS GOING ON WITH ME?” [i]Don’t know, don’t really care.[/i] “Oh very good Incertus. Now we know here your base is. Anyhow, I do hope you don’t mind Arsenic in your soup. Does quite the stab in your immune system.” “Not at all sir.” In Shadowshot’s head: “Wait what? Artemis? You there?” [i]Nope, I’ve finally passed on. G’day. I’d recommend not eating anything if it ‘takes a stab in your immune system.’[/i] “Sir, I do believe my soup will be delicious but I’m not very hungry right now.” “Oh, yes of course. My apologies.” [i]These are the type of people I’d shoot on sight. So stuck-up...[/i] She said, with a hint of disgust in her voice. Yulin stood up. “You do understand that one day everything dies. It’s skin to bone, steel to rust. That kind of relationship.” [I]I dunno about you, but to me, that doesn’t really matter. What does, is what you do during your time. But that’s just me.[/i] “Sir, I understand that. But i’ll trade info for info.” “What do you mean Incertus?” “Info on our secret weapon for info on yours.” “How do you know about the Darkmatter Rail?!? That is highly classified.” In Shadowshot’s head: “It’s working. We don’t actually have a weapon right? I need a false name.” [i]Void’s Tear?[/i] “I’ll tell you how if you tell me what it is.” “Never. That is the highest treason.” “But what of the honor of learning of the Void’s Tear?” “The Void’s Tear? You have a weapon?” “Ah yes. A very strong one at that. Can destroy entire continents, planets, given enough time to be improved upon.” “Oh my god. Tell me more. Take the schematics for the DarkMatter Rail! I don’t care anymore!” In Shadowshot’s head: “Got ‘em!” [i]Try “I can tell you about it a little bit more, but just schematics? How about more?”[/i] “Just schematics?” Shadowshot said. “Come on. We’ll be needing more than that.” [i]This might just work.[/i] Next episode: PERFECTED

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