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Knights Among Light Chapter 3: Mors Stella

Chapter 2: [url][/url] Knights Among Light Chapter III: Mors Stella “So Yulin, to ensure that there will be maximum Punishment if your test fails I have brought with me Brigadier Kinneel and Supreme Leader Lysander. Is that clear?” Kun asked the Lieutenant Commander. Yulin walked towards him. “I can't say they'll be disappointed… but they won't be pleased entirely. The weapon has… it has… it has a cooldown.” Kun grunted. “How long is it?” Yulin looked fearfully at the Admiral. “One week sir.” Kun gasped. He glared downwards at Yulin. “You created a weapon of mass destruction that can only be used once per week and can't even destroy a continent?” “Yes Admiral Kun.” Yulin straightened his two row badge. (He definitely isn't Krennic) His black suit and green trench coat made him look like a Warlock. “My weapon can also be set for single reactor, nuclear fusion, and full ignition.” Silence filled the air. “You built the Concordat a faulty Death Star that can't destroy anything larger than the UK?” Kun asked filled with anger. An officer walked up to Kun. “Actually sir, anything larger than the Last City.” Yulin took his sidearm from his belt and shot the officer in the head. The officer fell to the ground bleeding. “I can't wait to see Brigadier Kinneel’s face upon seeing you fail to destroy Paris.” Admiral Kun said smugly to Yulin. Yulin walked towards the viewing station. Kun followed. The viewing station was filled with people. Brigadier Kinneel and Supreme Leader Lysander stood side by side. An officer ran over to Yulin. “Target in range and ready to fire.” Yulin turned to the officer. “WELL THEN FIRE THE DAMN THING!” Yulin yells to the officer. “NUCLEAR FUSION IGNITION!” The rail gun descended from its perch on board the station. It fell into space and began to hover. A turret connected to the Rail gun. Arc transferred into the Cannon. Void swarmed around it. Solar energy fell into the fuel cells. Then the gun charged and fired. The mile long beam tore through space and down to Earth. The Eliksni of Paris looked to the sky. Above them among the stars was a bolt of white light. Then they saw no more. The entire city was wiped out immediately. Then the void spread away from Paris and across the water and engulfed Europe. A mushroom cloud of purple void flew thousands of miles into the sky. The applause from the viewing station was almost deafening. An officer rushed to Lysander. “Sir, it worked. The weapon’s attack is visible from London.” The Supreme Leader nodded. He walked over to Yulin and put his arm on his shoulder. “You have done well Lieutenant Commander. A promotion is in order. You are now hereby forever known as Supreme Admiral Neville Yulin.” With utter disgust, Kun pulled out his Suros Hand cannon. (Wait what? Suros doesn't make those. (WELL THEY DO NOW!)) The barrel of the gun rested on Yulin’s skull. There was an audible gasp from the members of the room. Then the sound of a gun went off. “You made a poor mistake Kun.” Yulin said to the dying man on the ground. The Supreme Admiral pulled his sidearm from its place within Kun’s heart. “Don't try that again Admiral.” Yulin said to Kun. The Supreme Admiral walked over to Brigadier Kinneel. “Thoughts?” He asked Kinneel. The Brigadier took off his gas mask looking helmet. His pale and scarred skin differed so much from his green and black suit. The Brigadier whispered to Yulin. “You have 3 days to find the Resistance Base. Don't fail. That is all.” Brigadier said. Yulin nodded to the Brigadier. “We'll find it.” Yulin said. “You can be sure of that.” The Supreme Admiral walked away from the group. When he reached the bridge he turned on his comms. “Call in Axios. We need to hunt some Resistance.” *** “That theory is interesting.” Aricebo said. “But Quinn has been saying the same thing since day one. There's nothing to worry about.” The warlock continued to load her Extremophile. Then the ship’s signals went off. Shinoda ran out of the cockpit (He had been piloting the Blockade Runner) The Warlock checked the comms in the rear of the ship. He then covered his mouth in shock. “We’ve lost all contact with the Paris base…” Shinoda stopped. He then took a quick look at the computer. “It was… destroyed.” Strenu removed his Light Beyond Nemesis. He too ran to the comms computer. The same look of shock covered his face. “Shinoda, we need to go. Artemis and SW-33P3R are there along with countless others. If there is even a chance we can save the-” “Strenu! I got the message from Artemis. She was on her way out from Paris when it happened. So was Bennington” Strenu suddenly wasn't as tense anymore. The Warlock put on his Light Beyond Nemesis. He took his walkie-talkie from his belt. “This is Strenu to BUTCHER, permission to redirect to Paris.” The walkie-talkie made sound back. “For what purpose General?” Strenu stopped for a moment. “To search for survivors.” He said. BUTCHER responded. “There's no way anyone survived ya know. Just going to point that out Strenu.” Strenu slammed his fist against the ship's wall. “For the love of God Butch! I just got a distress call!” The comms went silent from Butcher's end. Then a response. “You have permission to redirect to Paris.” *** Supreme Admiral Yulin stared out into space. He contemplated what he had done. This weapon of mass genocide he had helped create. Then his comms went live. “Sir, this is General Lyre, I have a message from Axios. He says that coincidentally, there may have been a Resistance Base or even their HQ at Paris. He's searching for the survivors now.” Yulin smirked. “Good General Lyre, I'll go myself. Have Axios pull his division out. I'll support him. I don't need his troops.” The General typed in some commands to his computer. “Understood Supreme Admiral, I shall also send your coffee.” The response from Yulin was clear. “It's about damn time I get my coffee. I've been waiting since 0800 hours. It's nearly midnight.” *** Axios took his knife out of the Hunter’s throat. The Hunter had been named Bennington. Axios looked through the melting metal of the Eiffel Tower. SW-33P3R lay on the ground. His hydraulic fluid leaking from his head. His Dark Drinker broken in half with the upper part stuck in the ground. The streams of Void lava flowed across the devastated landscape. SW-33P3R crawled forwards towards his Ghost. The poor purple ball lay on the ground, it's eye flickering on and off. His Ghost was dying. The DarkMatter Rail had managed to fire a perfect synthetic Darkness. Axios waved towards his officers in an order for them to be transmatted out. With a flash of white light they each disappeared. All besides Axios. He took his Burning Eye adept from his back. “Alright, which one of you is flanking?” He asked quietly. Then a burst of void darted across the sky. In a moment, Axios was struck and blown to ash. From the distance, the owner of the void bow walked from the shadows. Her name was Artemis, a Taken Guardian, and she wasn’t going to leave paris without a fight. I genuinely hope you enjoyed reading. NEXT CHAPTER: Concordat

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