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Perk Rebalance

I agree with all! Bungie please!


I mostly agree, but... (Comment below)


I don't agree at all. Guerilla Fighter is Bae!


[spoiler][url][/url][/spoiler] Hello fellow Guardians. My name is [i]Taiwo[/i] and i have been playing this game for a very long time. Lets be honest. There are some really bad perks that serve no real [b]purpose[/b] in this game (looking at you Guerilla Fighter). I want to take my time to rebalance these perks and fix some others. Quick note: Individual perks will be removed if the they get combined into a new one. [u]Weapon Perks[/u] [b]Danger Close[/b] (Surrounded + Danger Close) - This weapon gains bonus damage, reload and handling (33% Bonus) when two or more enemies are on close proximity (7 meter radius). [Can only roll on CQB weapons like AR's, HC's and Shoutguns] [b]Underdog[/b] (Underdog + Life Support) - Boost to range and handling when health is low (33% Bonus) and kills while this perk is active have a chance to regenerate health. [Can only roll on primary weapons] [b]Crowd Control[/b] - Duration increased to 5 seconds. [b]Rodeo[/b] - Removed. [Only Counterbalance remains, as its the better perk anyway] [b]Partial Refund[/b] - Removed. [b]Third Eye[/b] (Relentless Tracker + Third Eye) - Radar stays active while aiming down sights. Grants a better radar resolution while this weapon is equipped. [Can only roll on primary weapons] [b]Last Resort[/b] - Removed. [Perks that depend on death are stupid] [b]Exhumed[/b] - Removed. [Duh.] [b]Army of One[/b] (Army of One + Grenadier) - Kills with this weapon reduce the cooldown of your grenade and melee ability (by 10%, like Grenadier). [No more self assisting if you didn't kill an enemie within 3 seconds] [b]Take a Knee[/b] - Removed [b]Private Eye[/b] - Removed [b]Hip Fire[/b] - Intrinsic Perk for AR's, removed for other weapons. [Except Last Word] [b]Reactive Reload[/b] - Duration increased to 5 seconds. Activation interval increased by 0.5 seconds. [b]Who's Next?[/b] - Removed. [Weapons with this perk get the perk 'Spray and Play'] [b]Tripple Tap[/b] (Tripple Tap + Mulligan) - Rapidly landing precision hits will return one round to the magazine. Missing a shot has a chance to return ammo directly to the magazine. [Rewards precise shooting but is more forgiving if you miss a shot, making it a more 'well rounded' perk] [b]Replenish[/b] - Grants bonus ammo equal to the magazine size on super cast. [Simply put: casting your super with a full magazine will give you the bonus ammo into your reserves.] [b]Close and/or Personal[/b] - Removed. [Why should you be rewarded with bonus damage for not being accurate with your shotgun?] [b]Cascade[/b] - Removed. [Same as Close and/or Personal] [b]Kneepads[/b] - Removed. [It added 0.5 meters to the sliding distance. Wow] [b]Vacuum[/b] - Removed. [Do i even need to explain why? This perk is awfull.] [b]Guerilla Fighter[/b] - Removed. [You knew this was coming] [b]Dead Eye[/b] - Actually gives bonus movement speed. [First Curse intrinsic Perk] [u]Statmod Perks[/u] [b]Jack of all Trades[/b] (Used to be Lightweight) - Gives a small boost to all stats (+1). [b]Send It[/b] - Decreased Ammo Capacity removed. [b]High Caliber Rounds[/b] - Actually makes the weapon harder to handle. [b]Armor Piercing Rounds[/b] - Actually makes the weapon harder to handle. [Duh.] [u]Armor Perks/Fixes[/u] [b]Iron to Gold[/b] - Increased glimmer on primary ammo pickup. Orbs of Light won't be collected if your super, grenade and melee ability are charged. [Alchemist's Raiment exotic perk] [b]Antigrav Thrusters[/b] - Orbs of Light won't be collected if your super and meele ability are charged. [Empyrean Bellicose exotic perk] [b]Radegast's Fealthy[/b] - Bonus sword ammo can be picked up while using primary/secondary weapon. Bonus sword ammo is not lost upon death. [Memory of Radegast intrinsic perk] Thanks for reading and i really hope this reaches Bungie. TLDR [spoiler]Your next weapon will have Exhumed as an intrinsic perk, Guerilla Fighter, Shank Burn and Vacuum if you didn't read it all. ha. hahaha. hahahahahahahaha.[/spoiler]

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