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Armsday Recommendations: 1/11/17 "I should invest in a Stamp."

Ahh!! It’s Armsday! Another week, another Armsday. 2017’s first Armsday was mostly lackluster. Will this week make up for it? Remember folks never say: “I hope it’s going to be a good year.” Instead, say: “I’m going to make it a good year.” [b][u]Disclaimers:[/u][/b] [Brought to you by: Restoration-C “Uses the soothing & cooling ingredients of fresh Tears to heal the Extreme Butt Hurt induced from being in the Crucible. Order yours now!”] All recommendations no matter how good or bad are still pure opinion. My recommendations are based/decided on 100% on/for PVE & aim for Static Performance vs Situational Performance. [b][i][u]God Rolls[/u][/i][/b] There are 2 types of God Rolls. Community = Popular Opinion/Recommendation of a roll. Personal = A roll that perfectly fits/enhances YOUR individual playstyle. [b][i][u]PVP[/u][/i][/b] I will [b][u]NOT[/u][/b] be making PVP recommendations. Covering PVP will be the Communities’ own Haunter. So please look for his PVP posting below! If at any time you see a Roll that fits your playstyle perfectly (Personal God Roll), or that you feel more comfortable claiming, get it. _______________ [b][u]Legend[/u][/b]: HC = Handcannon, SR = Scout Rifle, AR = Auto Rifle, PR = Pulse Rifle SPR = Sniper Rifle, FR = Fusion Rifle, RL = Rocket Launcher HCR = High Caliber Round, APR = Armor Piercing Rounds, EXR = Explosive Rounds SPS = Single Point Sling, HLS = Hand-Laid Stock, Ao1 = Army of One, EotS = Eye of the Storm, LitC = Luck in the Chamber [b][u]Omolon[/u][/b] [i]“Dragging you kicking & screaming into the future. Try our new Mint, Wintermint, Bubblegum, and Sweet-Sweet Justice Flavor Ammunition.”[/i] [b][i][u]Uffern HC4[/u][/i][/b] Roll 1: Fastdraw/Quickdraw/Sureshot LitC Snapshot/Injection Mold Triple Tap/Exhumed Roll 2: Fastdraw/Steadyhand/Truesight LitC Quickdraw/Reinforced Barrel Rescue Mag/Exhumed Roll 3: Fastdraw/Steadyhand/Sureshot Ao1 Lightweight/Injection Mold Triple Tap/Exhumed Recommendation: Tired of Waiting: Roll 2 Redeem/Save/Reorder: Save Roll 2 is the only one with a Range perk, so it wins by default. No Reload Perk, Rescue mag for sticky situations. Not a strong roll, but also not a weak one. [b][i][u]Kumakatok HC4[/u][/i][/b] Roll 1: Fastdraw/Quickdraw/Truesight Grenadier Extended Mag/Reinforced Barrel Firefly/Surrounded Roll 2: Fastdraw/Quickdraw/Truesight LitC Quickdraw/Injection Mold Triple Tap/Surrounded Roll 3: Fastdraw/Quickdraw/Sureshot Grenadier SPS/Reinforced Barrel Firefly/Surrounded Recommendation: Roll 3 Tired of Waiting: Redeem/Save/Reorder: Save or Redeem This was nearly an “Aerikx God Roll”. Ao1 would be better, but Grenadier is a close 2nd place, Reinforced for Range, & Firefly to add to your death dealing! No Reload perk, but Omolon HCs can easily make due with Handcannon Loader Gloves. [b][i][u]Cocytus SR4[/u][/i][/b] Roll 1: Spark/Torch/Signal Life Support SPS/Feather Mag Firefly/Danger Close Roll 2: Candle/Flash/Signal Icarus Snapshot/Smallbore Firefly/Underdog Roll 3: Spark/Flash/Signal Icarus Snapshot/Feather Mag Ao1/Surrounded Recommendation: Tired of Waiting: Roll 1 Redeem/Save/Reorder: Save Roll 1 has Omolon’s best Sight (Torch), crowd dps capabilities, and Survival Utility. If you can’t wait longer, it’s a decent SR. But I suggest waiting longer. [b][i][u]Thesan FR4[/u][/i][/b] Roll 1: Void Candle/Torch Ao1 Skip Rounds/Oiled Frame Underdog/EotS Roll 2: Arc Spark/Torch Ao1 Snapshot/Oiled Frame Unflinching/Danger Close Roll 3: Arc Candle/Torch Replenish Snapshot/HLS Underdog/EotS Recommendation: None Tired of Waiting: None Redeem/Save/Reorder: Save None of these rolls are worth a second glance. [b][i][u]Uzume RR4[/u][/i][/b] Roll 1: Arc Corvo/Faucon Triple Tap HCR/HLS Battle Runner/Underdog Roll 2: Solar Condor/Faucon Firefly HCR/Reinforced Barrel Replenish/Last Resort Roll 3: Solar Corvo/Aquila Firefly HCR/Rifled Barrel Battle Runner/Underdog Recommendation: Tired of Waiting: Roll 3 or Roll 1 Redeem/Save/Reorder: Save Omolon continues to let us down this week. The Uzume is a SMOOTH shot, but these perks are “aight”. Roll 3 has HCR w/which ill make up for the Low Impact of the Uzume, Firefly will ignite brains, & Underdog for when you are in a pinch. Roll 1 swaps Firefly for Triple Tap, making it more single target DPS orientated. [b][i][u]Eirene RR4[/u][/i][/b] Roll 1: Void Condor/Aquila LitC Lightweight/HLS Replenish/Last Resort Roll 2: Arc Condor/Faucon Firefly Lightweight/Casket Mag Clown Cartridge/Underdog Roll 3: Yepaki/Faucon LitC Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel Replenish/Last Resort Recommendation: Roll 2 Tired of Waiting: Redeem/Save/Reorder: Redeem or Save Roll 2 is evil. So close to a God Roll, yet off by 1 perk. I dare call it a Demi-God Roll. Ammo will not be an issue with that Eirene. It doesn’t have Triple Tap to push out extra boss DPS, but Firefly is a nice consolation perk. You can do some real damage & raise some Chaos with Firefly, especially during burns. [b][u]Hakke[/u][/b] [i]“Did you know that all of Hakke’s bullets are actually 10x bigger & heavier than your average Slug round? Well, now you know why your enemies pop like confetti when shot with a Hakke. ”So next time you are aiming down the sights of your Hakke; remember…nothing says: “I mean business!” like a shot in the nuts. ”Hakke; One Round, takes them down.”[/i] [b][i][u]Judith-D[/u][/i][/b] Roll 1: Fastdraw/Sureshot Crowd Control Zen Moment Speed Reload/EXR/Oiled Frame Roll 2: Fastdraw/Sureshot Danger Close Reactive Reload Speed Reload/EXR/Smallbore Roll 3: Quickdraw/Steadyhand Danger Close Zen Moment Speed Reload/HCR/Oiled Frame Recommendation: Tired of Waiting: Redeem/Save/Reorder: Save Nothing to see here but disappointment. [b][u]Suros[/u][/b] [i]” Precise. Stable. Penetrating. Loaded. SUROS”[/i] [b][i][u]DIS-43[/u][/i][/b] Roll 1: SLO-19/SPO-26/SPO-57 Fitted Stock/Appended Magazine LitC Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel Roll 2: SLO-19/SPO-26/SPO-57 Hammer Forged/Feather Mag Icarus Speed Reload/Smallbore Roll 3: SLO-12/SPO-28/SRO-41 HCR/Appended Magazine LitC Speed Reload/Injection Mold Recommendation: Tired of Waiting: Redeem/Save/Reorder: Save Honestly, I find all of these to be lacking. LitC on a SR is difficult to call, as SRs have large magazines so getting the LitC proc takes significantly longer. Icarus is iffy on SRs unless you are a Warlock or Titan, & even then… [b][i][u]DIS-47[/u][/i][/b] Roll 1: SLO-12/SPO-28/SRO-41 Perfect Balance/Feather Mag Hip Fire Snapshot/Reinforced Barrel Roll 2: SLO-19/SPO-28/SRO-41 Hammer Forged/Appended Magazine Spray & Play Snapshot/HLS Roll 3: SLO-19/SPO-28/SRO-41 Perfect Balance/Feather Mag Triple Tap Speed Reload/Injection Mold Recommendation: Tired of Waiting: Roll 2 or Roll 3 Redeem/Save/Reorder: Save If you must redeem. Roll 3 is the better option as you’ll get more benefit out of it. Rolls 1 & 2 both have Stability & Range Perks that nearly cancel eachother’s penalties away, but the end result is an everyday SR. Roll 3 has Triple Tap & Perfect Balance, Triple Tap for DPS, Perfect Balance to make pulling off that dps easier, Speed Reload is nice, Injection Mold helps too but it will hurt your range. Roll 2 however is a VERY stable DIS-47 with decent range. Personal preference prevails here. [b][i][u]Ari-41[/u][/i][/b] Roll 1: SLO-19/SPO-28-SRO-37 Fitted Stock/Appended Magazine Snapshot/Reinforced Barrel Private Eye Roll 2: SLO-19/SPO-26/SRO-57 Hammer Forged/Feather Mag Snapshot/Smallbore Hip Fire Roll 3: SLO-12/SPO-26/SRO-41 Hammer Forged/Appended Magazine Snapshot/Smallbore Take a Knee Recommendation: Any Tired of Waiting: Redeem/Save/Reorder: Reorder Roll 1 if you want a Longer Range AF. Roll 2 for a stable Hip Firing AF. Roll 3 for a Jack of All Trades AF. [b][i][u]Next Week’s Orders[/u][/i][/b] [u]Zarinaea-D[/u]: Order This AF is very reliable. It is basically a Year 2 & 3 Shadow Price. [u]Ari-41[/u]: Order This AF is very reliable as well. Very stable, & can equal &/or surpass New Monarchy’s Righteous VII with the right perks. [u]PDX-41[/u]: 50/50 This is a High Impact AF. I have yet to have good result with it. Word is, it’s tailored towards PVP. [u]Jingukogo-D[/u]: 50/50 A reliable Shotgun for newer players. This is a good placeholder & packs enough punch to get you out of trouble. [u]Tamar-D[/u]: 50/50 One of Hakke’s attempts at SPRs. IF you want a Hakke SPR, this is the one to order. It’s better than the Aoife Rua-D in every way possible. [b][u]Cannot[/u][/b] roll Triple Tap, Extended Mag, Firefly, Clown Cartridge & etc. _________ Well, I guess I should order that stamp huh? We had a nice treat with the Eirene however right? I guess the Foundries are in a 2016 liquidation sale right now… Until next week, stay safe out there. Eyes Up Guardians!

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