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12/15/2016 8:33:18 PM

10 Ideas on How to Balance Reforging of Weapons

Bungie I was thinking of ways to balance reforging of weapons and these are 10 ideas on how to go about rerolling/reforging of weapons. [b]1.[/b] Similar to weekly treasure boxes, let us have a reforge token for completing a weekly activity, once per account per week. [b]2.[/b] Let the Gunsmith give us a quest that rewards a reforge ticket for dismantling the weapon type, so you want to reforge a primary? dismantle 5 legendary primary weapons (RoI book weapons not included) to get a reforge ticket. [b]3.[/b] Have Xur add reforge ticket to his items, for 30 strange coins and 3 per account per week [b]4.[/b] Every two weeks there is a weekend event that gives you a chance at getting a reforge token to drop while playing weekly/daily playlist. This token will allow you to reroll your weapon. a weapon can only be rerolled 3 times and any further attempt will auto dismantle the weapon. [b]5.[/b] You go to the gunsmith and turn in the weapon you want to reroll, then you have to complete all the test weapons for that week and next wednesday your weapon will be among the guns for the weekly gunsmith with three rolls to choose from [b]6.[/b] Tuesday reset you go to gunsmith and turn it the weapon for 'repairs' , gunsmith tells you he will take a loot at it and you should come back in a day. Wednesday. Gunsmith gives you a replica of the weapon (since bungie uses replicas anyway) that is black and asks you to complete quests with it like. 500 PVE kills or 100 PVP kills Then you return the replica to the gunsmith and he will ask you to pay for the repairs....150 marks-10,000 glimmer and 300 Weapon parts and asks you to check back next armsday Wednesday you get 3 rolls options to pick from [b]7.[/b] Everyweek you walk up the the vendor with the weapon you desire and place an order, and next reset he brings you the weapons similar to gunsmith with 3 rolls to choose from. for 12,500 glimmer, 150 marks and 25 motes of light [b]8. [/b]Remove faction reward packages totally, instead when you level up a faction you click on the weapon or armor you want and it drops you that item with random roll. [b]9.[/b] Once you hit the level cap you only get 5 motes of light for further leveling up....instead once you level up you can go and pick up a reforge token from your vanguard handler and reforge anyy weapon of your choice. [b]10.[/b] Using the Agonarch Rune mechanic, let us pick up a Reforge Token at reset, that charges up after completing a weeks worth of daily story(PvE players) or Daily Crucible (PVP players), once charged up can be used to reforge a weapon of choice. So these are my 10 ideas on how to Balance out reforging or weapons. Thank you for reading.

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