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The REAL TOTALLY LEGIT Story Behind Lord Gheleon's Cloak (Wolfswood Cloak)

Skorri: *Petting her pet wolf* Heeey little buddy! Oh you are too cute! Silimar: Gheleon you should cuddle with one of these fellas! They're AWESOME! Gheleon: *stitching up his cloak* Nah I'm good. I'll hang out with 'em later. Besides, having a pet would probably be too much trouble. *A wolf walks up to Gheleon* Skorri: *Giggles* I think he wants to cuddle with you Gheleon: *Looks at wolf* C'mon, *Points at Skorri* Go back to her. *Wolf gets closer to Gheleon* Gheleon:... Wolf:...*Pisses on Gheleon's cloak* Skorri: *Gasps* Silimar: Oh...that...that isn't good. Gheleon:...*Still staring at the wolf with a blank expression* *Skorri and Silimar slowly approaching Gheleon* Skorri: H-hey now Gheleon. Just calm down. Similar: Y-yeah I'm sure. He didn't mean to do that...SKORRI NOW! *Gheleon lunges at the wolf with blades in hand while Silimar and Skorri try to hold him back* Gheleon: *Yelling at the wolf* YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'LL KILL YOU! NO! I'LL BE SURE TO MAKE A CLOAK OUT OF YOU!! (Elsewhere in the Iron temple) Felwinter: For light's sake Timur! I said NO! Timur: It'll be quick! I promise! I just need to open your head to see what kind of machinery is in an Exo's head. Felwinter: I don't care if it's quick my answer is the sa- *A howl echos around the Temple* Felwinter: The hell was that? *A wolf run past them with fear in it's eyes, Gheleon is walking slowly behind it* Timur: Strange...*Turns back to Felwinter* So! About that request! Felwinter: *Groans and slams head on to table* (Present) *Saladin and Effrideet talking to a Hunter* Hunter: So...what happened next? Did Lord Gheleon kill the wolf? Effrideet: *Looks at the cloak the Hunter is wearing (Wolfswood Cloak)* I think it's safe to say he did more than simply kill it. Hunter: *Completely oblivious to what Effrideet meant* Huh? What kind of vague, bullshit answer is that? Saladin: *Coughs and points at Hunter's cloak* Hunter:*Looks at cloak*...Oh...That's...Oh... *Looks at the wolves that are cowering behind Saladin*...Is that why they're so scared of me? Saladin: That would be a safe assumption.

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