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Favorite Sun & Moon Pokemon So Far?

Here's a link to the full list of new Pokemon, which includes the Alolan forms, that provides images for all of them: Here are the names of all the Pokemon revealed so far:[spoiler]Rowlet Litten Popplio Rockruff Lycanroc (Midday, Midnight) Komala Pikipek Yungoos Gumshoos Grubbin Charjabug Vikavolt Drampa Bruxish Cutiefly Togedemaru Salandit Stufful Bewear Mimikyu Wimpod Bounsweet Comfey Mudbray Mudsdale Minior Fomantis Lurantis Oricorio (Baile, Pom-Pom, Pa-u, Sensu) Sandygast Palossand Wishiwashi Pyukumuku Morelull Turtonator Crabrawler Jangmo-o Type: Null Passimian Oranguru Tapu Koko Solgaleo Lunala Magearna[/spoiler] My personal favorites are Lurantis, Midday Lycanroc, Mimikyu and Type: Null. And if the leaks are real, then Popplio's final evolution is also one of my favorites. Also, if including Alolan forms, then Alolan Vulpix is another one of my favorites.

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