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Twas the Night Before Rise

Disclaimer [spoiler]This is just a short poem I threw together based on the great “Twas the Night Before Destiny”, not wanting to let the tradition die. Probably not my best work, and probably doesn’t match up with all the lore, but I don’t really care :P I’m posting it early so people can see it while we all wait for the expansion to drop. This will probably be my last one, as life is getting busy and I'm still on Last-Gen, so the hype is getting low for me :/[/spoiler] Twas the night before Rise as soon all would know. But in Saladin's eyes, this battle began long ago. The Iron Lords were heroes, who never met their match. Until the tragic day, they descended down that hatch. They had heard the reports. Sensors found something strange down in Rasputin's metal tomb far down, out of range. When at last they found it, it lashed out like a flood! Nanobots surging out, like tendrils of blood! Jolder knew what to do, and took aim with her Hammer. Though this would be her last act, she never paused, never stammered. She fought her way to the controls, "Stasis field charging! Doors set to close!" The Iron Lords sealed themselves with the Plague, suppressing it, until together they froze. With fear in his eyes, and a snarl on his nose, Saladin cries in horror! Pounding the doors as they closed! Saladin could not believe, what had just been done. The bravest team ever known, had now become... just one. ------------- Saladin mourns at this spot, every night, wolves in tow. His constant regret, he lets no one know. Stars shine bright in the Cosmodrome. Snow forms gentle, pristine layers, never seen, never touched, by filthy Last-Gen players. Alone, as always, he stands guard, as the Last. But this night, the Cosmodrome, was shook hard by a blast!! Soon the dust settles, and uncovers a scandal! An army of Fallen! No... ...something, is different about these vandals... Flesh merged with machine! Wires weaved between veins! With one voice, they all screech: "[i]Here[/i], SIVA [b]reigns[/b]!" "NO! It can't be!" But there ain't no disputin' that whatever they did, these Fallen now look like Rasputin. The army halts beneath the Wall. The Last City's defense still crumbles. The attacker's Captain walks forward. A twisted mutant, ready to rumble. Saladin follows in kind, and draws his flaming axe! His wolves follow his charge, guarding his rear as he hacks! The Fallen charge forward! Yet behind, others flee! "Get that cache to the ship!" was the Captain's final plea. All around Lord Saladin, burnt corpses lay. "..This, was, only the beginning" he pants "if they have truly unearthed, The Plague..." ------------------------------------------- In the weeks that follow, the Guardians regain Felwinter's Peak. After much searching, much killing, the Guardians find what they seek. Across the Plaguelands, among ancient, snowy dunes, they unearthed heroes' graves, recovering the needed boons. Joining pieces of warriors' armor, Saladin's project came to a head. A true tool of destruction, to honor the blood they shed. There was no time for a speech. Now was not the time for mourning. Lifting up his creation, Saladin smiles: "Now, is the time for [i]Gjallarhorning[/i]" On towers! On strongholds! The Guardians lay siege! Today, they must end this! To halt SIVA's deeds! Saladin marveled inside, that his friends could've seen, their final battle avenged, ending the Wrath of the Machine. -"This time will be different! Once more we are many, not few. These new Iron Lords are ready. After all, they survived Year 2..." Hope you all enjoyed, have a great year 3! Be sure to bump if you enjoyed it, and here are my other poems from Destiny 1. [spoiler]Festival of Lost Crimson doubles Taken King House of Wolves[/spoiler] Edit: Trying to find someone who can make this Movie of the week. This offer is open to everyone everywhere: [spoiler]Hello youtube people! I have an opportunity for you to get viewers! I write nice poems but I suck with videos. I wrote a poem that has 1000 likes on Bungie .net about the DLC that is coming out tomorrow. Bungie has a weekly "videos of the week" on Thursdays, but only accept videos. If anyone could read this poem and post it on your channel, I will link to it on Bungie.Net. If we win, then I get a cool item in the game and you get a bunch of views on your video channel. Everyone walks away happy :) Poem is here: feel free to read it however you think is most awesome. You know your voice better than I do. add Destiny pictures and/or video clips however you think is best. I give you full creative liberty, as I really can't make any money off this anyway lol. So just have fun with it :) This is open to both men and women, as either could be awesome. If anyone is interested, have at it and post a link here to the end result, you don't need any more approval from me. If more than one person does it, I'll just pick my favorite for the creation page but probably post all of them to the poem thread itself so you all get at least a little publicity :) Thanks, and have fun everyone :)[/spoiler]

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