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Unofficial Infection Rules

[b][u]SIVA (infection) rules:[/u][/b] -2 Zombies (Or about 1/3 of players in the game) -5 Survivors (Or about 2/3 of players) [i] (choose teams before start of game)[/i] -Select a random map [b]Note:[/b] Bigger or more open maps tend to work better. For example, Crossroads, Vertigo, Frontier, Shores of Time, Widows Court, or Pantheon. -Clash game type -Highest score limit possible -Lowest time limit possible [b][u]Rules for infected AND survivors:[/u][/b] -If you die as a survivor in any way (suicide/glitch/infected) you switch teams after respawning. (become an infected) -Both teams can pick up special ammo (infected can take it so survivors can't) -No exotics at all (weapons nor armor) -No Heavy use -No Shoulder Charge [b][u]Infected:[/u][/b] -Melee or sword hilt only -No weapon use -No grenade use -No super use [b]Banned Infected perks: [/b] -Envenomed -Lockdown -Backstab -Amplitude -Feedback -Discharge -Thermal vent -Gambler’s Dagger (Basically any perk that gives an extra melee, extends melee range, increases melee damage, or increases the time on a melee effect, is banned) [b][u]Survivors:[/u][/b] -Shotgun or Sidearm only -No ammo increasing perks for your special weapon on your armor -No super use -No sticky nades [b]Banned Weapon Perks:[/b] -Performance Bonus -Rescue Mag [b]Last Man Standing:[/b] -Can use super and Primary [b]These rules were formed and tested in close to 30 games of infection. These are just the rules we found that keep the game exciting and balanced. Feel free to modify them in your own games as you see fit.[/b] [b]Update:[/b] People have been saying these rules sound too easy for the survivors... trust me... its not. Out of all our many games of testing the survivors only won around 4 or 5 of the 30 total games we played. What you have to keep in mind is that ALL melee abilities are allowed for infected (accept for the ones listed on the banned list) that means every class has awesome melee abilities that help them get kills as an infected. Hunters: Throwing knives and smoke bombs Warlocks: Crazy stormcaller melee range/chain effect ([b]FYI stormcallers still have the furthest melee range in the game even without the amplitude perk[/b]) and flame shield on sunsingers Titans: Juggernaut (one of the best options in our testing)

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