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The Update We'll Never Get

Some of you veterans out there (the few that are left) may remember this post. I've put it in spoilers for those who don't know it/remember it. Destiny has made a couple great steps forward with the TTK release, but at the same time they took 6 steps back. As a beta player, and an avid follower of this game pre-release (They really know how to hype up a game, especially with footage from the actual scrapped Destiny game from a year before release), I've watched since the beginning the BS, lies, half-truths, empty promises, deceit, and terrible decision making that has plagued this game. Let's take a little look at some issues, feel free to add your own, I'm out of word space. [b]Fire Luke smith.[/b] [b]edit[/b] by now most people have left Destiny, leaving just the desticles and sweaty pvp players, and most complaints fall on deaf ears. But there is always hope. Especially with a new ceo. - nightfall is dead. They killed it with the TTK. Bring back the blue flame and XP boost (they said they'd increase XP everywhere else to balance it, but never did), remove stuff like emotes, sparrows, limited time event "rewards", 3 of coin as rewards, decrease the ghost shells. Bump up the light level, bump up reward light level, you die you go back to orbit. - bring back year one content. Seriously. No reason why year one, everything we paid for, was left behind. Luke smith said that he didn't want to bring year one forward because he didn't want players to have too much to do, too much to grind. And yet, the game is even more of a grind now, with less to do. Since day one the game suffered from lack of content, what's their solution to that? They cut out more content. - raid weapon rewards. They're disappointing. Majority of the players loved getting a primary with an elemental burn, it was awesome, a truly powerful weapon to commemorate your hard work. Luke smith did not like this. He chose to get rid of this during KF. He felt (and in a way he was right, but there are other ways to deal with it) that it limited weapons used, and that's not fair to other weapons. And he doesn't care if you don't like the decision, it's happening so stop complaining. Compromise. You know your players like it, but it does limit weapon use. So add drops to the raid that are elemental spheres. Infuse it to a weapon to give it a burn. Everybody wins. - [u]An in-game, looking for group board[/u]. Really guys, get on that. You're a game that dictates all endgame needs teams, but you don't give the players the ability to do that in game. Have a board, or a tab in the menu. Click different activities, add requirements if needed. Players join up. There's no reason people should leave the game to go look for groups. - weekly strike playlist is atrocious. A playlist was a good idea, executed poorly. No reason to have removed strikes from this. Again, community complains about lack of content, [b]you do not remove content. Add to the list.[/b] include all the strikes, make the first strike completed grant you the 9-12 strange coins and 400 rep it did in Y1. There's a huge problem of people not playing this. You join a game, either you start it with 2 people, it even by yourself (maybe they left during loading), or the other guys leave at start/part way through because they just played it 3 times in a row. Bungie [b]did not[/b] implement smart match making like they said they did. - a huge problem now, that sadly a lot of desticles don't see, are the microtransactions and the microtransaction events. They came out, deej himself, when microtransactions were first announced and people data mined out a bunch of stuff that was not just cosmetic (spark of lights), and told the community (who were in an uproar), to not worry, that was stuff left over from pre-release, won't be in the game. And then literally 2 weeks after the Sparks of light were released and bungie didn't even acknowledge it. They also came out (very late) and told the community no more DLC until Destiny 2, instead they'll be having a bunch of "free events". All these microtransaction events do is fuel microtransaction sales. They are not here to do anything other than that. These are not microtransaction events you get in other games where yes, you can spend money if you want, but don't have to, you can still play, have fun, win stuff, get ahead. These are just here to make more money, and do not benefit the player at all. - balancing is just the worst I've ever seen in a game. They have no clue what they're doing. All they keep doing is shifting around which weapon is on top. First it was auto rifles. Then those were nerfed to the ground and hand cannons ruled. Then they were nerfed and pulse rifles reigned. Then auto rifles were back on top. See the pattern? They aren't balancing. "If it's not broken, we'll break it" is a quote many people use to describe bungie and Destiny. When you notice a lot of your players are using one type of weapon and not another, you do not nerf the popular one to the ground and buff the crappy one to OP levels. It's not rocket science. And on the subject of balancing: [b]STOP "BALANCING WEAPONS FOR PVP AND MAKING IT AFFECT PVE.[/b] To free have they nerfed weapons to the ground because they're used too much in pvp, and they become unusable in pve. Example? Vex mythoclass. The end game reward for vanilla, the end all be all. It was powerful, and should've been. But it was wrecking in pvp so they killed in both pvp and pve. There goes the best pve reward. Awful decision making. "Balancing" also takes them [u]months[/u] to do. Literally months. Like every 6 they get around it. [spoiler]This is a quote from "The Ben obiwan", who posted this on a Bungie update 2015/01/22. So far it has 3500+ comments and bumps. At 2500 Bungie hid the post. To show support, and to show that we do want change, I move that everyone starts posting this to the forums, for as long as it takes them to listen. Fill the forums with nothing but these posts!! Force them to hear our voices, and to listen! Change starts with us! Keep this trending people! And make replicated posts! Spread the word of "The Ben obiwan!" [b]Edit1[/b]: the original post is no longer hidden on the update page “The update we'll never get- "We listened to the masses, and are making some changes to the game. 5 million people bought the dlc, so we have plenty of funds to make this game fun again! We are doubling vault space, hell, lets triple it, what do we care? You can now trade your useless ascendant mats for other things, 10 to 1 for radiant mats, 1 to 1 for marks. Survival mode added. Its really fun, and you get more loot the longer you stay alive. Grimoire is accessible in game, so people actually read it. As you complete sections of the grimoire, cut scenes are unlocked, revealing story points, it was always there, we just forgot to put it in. You can now change your characters appearance once a week for 10,000 glimmer. We made some really fun bounties for you to try, because we are sick of the same crap since launch as well. You can now add modifiers to any mission, and complete it for rewards suitable to difficulty. Of course we don't want every single core player looking identical, the outfitter can help. You just need the armor that has the appearance you want and the armor that has the stats you want. Take it to the outfitter with a chunk of some materials or something and BLAM you have sweet, unique armor, it's so -blam!-ing simple, I can't believe we didn't have this in since release. Crota's End sparrow can do tricks. We agree, all those low impact auto rifles and pulse rifles are like shit on a dick. Nobody wants it, so we added some decent/balanced ones. We fixed all them annoying bugs, like the sword disappearing, heavy ammo synth not working, and the Templar random containment fields. Queens Wrath is coming this week. Turns out there is [i]not[/i] a problem with YOUR network, it was OUR problem [i]all along.[/i] lol. Oh, and 5 more strikes are available, just because we are rolling in cash, and we want to thank you, the customer, for being such a sport, and believing in us." But instead Bungie just carry on, completely oblivious to core problems in the game. Why do I look forward to reading this every week? This could get 1000 bumps, it won't make any difference. I don't think they even read the comments. Edit: Lol, ignore it until it goes away. Perfect PR. Oops, should I of pulled that punch? Edit 2: Thanks guys. Obligatory new bump goal: The moon This post is unrealistic, that's the point, but what is unrealistic is not these ideas being implemented, but Bungie actually addressing issues the community reiterates week after week. Some acknowledgement is all we want, but instead we get ignorance. I love Destiny, but I've done everything, I just want to continue enjoying the game.” -the Ben obiwan [b]edit 2:wow!! 3300+ comments!! Plus all the other posts like this!! Keep it coming guardians! Make our voices heard[/b]! [b]edit 3: my fellow guardians, Bungie has taken down all other posts. They ignored us. But we have not lost yet. Keep this bumping and trending folks![/b][/spoiler]

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