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Warned for Telling an Elitist D-Bag to F Himself?

I'm sorry but that is a whole other level of basic. I get it, we've got Ninjas and Moderators here to make sure people aren't being harassed or 'bullied' if that's how you really want to describe this situation. But that would be making mountains out of molehills. I don't think a simple instance of using a single expletive is enough to warrant people getting so sensitive. I feel like this was less about the actual use of obscene language and more about the personal agenda of certain members of the Community. I mean we all say and endure comments far worse than this routinely. That's the popular explanation for why Bungie tends to monitor Reddit more closely than their own backyard. [b]#SpinmetalHat.[/b] Just seems really basic. I've made my fair share of rude remarks, and they've never been touched. But I guess maybe this guy was enough of a tool and used the report feature, and somebody felt like pressing the warn button because why the heck not? I don't care if I told the guy to go F himself. That's what the filter is there for. That's why I didn't needlessly add numerous uses of profanity. That's why I didn't bother with harassing him past the first comment. That's why I haven't even looked back at that post since then, up until I get a warning in my Notifications. If someone has an unpopular opinion and expresses it with an elitist and pretentious attitude, but I can't even return the favor without a ninja warning [i]me,[/i] just because I decided to use a word with some weight to it, how can we pretend the monitoring of the Forum is effective or meaningful? Essentially you're just human filter engines, I guess? Flaws are built-in? I just don't see why one word is any worse than another, if there's a filter involved. 'Screw you' would've sufficed just as well and gotten the same point across, Code of Conduct be [i]damned.[/i] But we're going to pretend Ninjas and Moderators are doing such a [i]great[/i] job because they can just ban/warn anything filtered in good faith without a second thought, without much warranting it otherwise? If we're doing it to diffuse an unhealthy habit, then that's A-Okay. Harassment, excessive profanity and outright obscenity are completely different from telling someone to F themselves. This just seems petty. We're in the Year 2016 and we're going to let ragebabies spread unpopular opinions because people happen to trigger a filter. Inevitable "Code of Conduct this," reply incoming. 'Screw' you and your 'Code'. ;) I'm tired of seeing and hearing about stupid executions of moderation tools. One minute someone's complaining about how quickly they'll move a topic that didn't 100% need moved to Feedback just to be buried in Nerfherder banter, but when it's in All for something controversial like religion/politics it just sits there forever; way before that it was Sols getting harassed after some petty crap with some hardcore baiters, and now I'm being warned for telling some dude with his bigoted opinions to screw themselves because they're just high on themselves. What will your next farce be, I wonder? The Internet ushered in an age of toxic, elitist behavior and profanity. Cursing is bad, but not entirely toxic by nature, just not always unanimously accepted. Being an elitist bigot isn't something we should be promoting in a Community game. Detrimental behavior should be discouraged, like when a tryhard tries to talk smack because of a single stat like K/D. [b]Those[/b] are the things that make your Forum look pathetic and meager, Bungie. The curse words aren't hurting anyone, cursing is practically a rite of passage in human culture. You've merely adopted this ruse of refinement that did nothing for the generations before them that tried to enforce this norm. It's so silly it honestly grinds my gears. People need to grow up. There are things far worse than words. Getting caught up in a fuss over someone's choice of vocabularly is just insane. What is with this knee-jerk instinct that swear words are undesirable and shouldn't be used? They have emphatic power and are a pillar of human expression. Quit censoring stuff that doesn't need censored. Rant over, I guess. [b]Edit:[/b] I like how basically the person who allegedly reported me comes into my thread, essentially threatens me that he would've "left me on the ground broken" if this were in person, but somehow that's totally okay? So I'm the 'whiny kid' for deciding his opinion was bigoted, but he's an adult for threatening what he perceives was a whiny kid? You guys are a damn riot sometimes. This circus act is just bonkers.

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