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Tactical Air-Support and muscle memory

With the arrival of the June Update Hunters were hit with their round of balance changes for Year Two, changing the functionality of active and passive perks for better or worse. Circle of Life is actually useful now, giving the Gunslinger a faster way to gain their super with the use of throwing knives. This is very much akin to the Striker's Amplify perk, which is very useful in some situations. I'm getting off topic- [b]June Update impressions:[/b] [spoiler]The changes that came with the June Update are now live, like them or not. Some of these changes I'm alright with, some of them I'm not so much okay with. Gunslingers got a lot done to them, the most notable of which is their ability to almost one hit Omnigul with Celestial Nighthawk under the influences of Solar Burn and Melting Point. Bladedancers can't fly anymore, but their supers are more rewarding for actually killing people. Nightstalkers finally don't trade on super activation, God willing, and their Wombo Combo was addressed. Sunsingers can actually run support outside of Fireborn with the new Viking Funeral (looking forward to that), and every other subclass got some tweaks to their damage output all-around (with additional damage to non-player combatants). The main changes I'm not particularly fine with are the adjustments to Blink, Shadestep, and Tactical Air-Support.[/spoiler] For both Bladedancers and Voidwalkers they incur a deduction to their recovery when specializing in this particular node on their Jump tree, it's not even that notable of a change- what, did Bungie think that making these subclasses wait around a bit long is going to prevent them from blink, blink, booming their way into combat? It's a defensive ability that now punishes the user for selecting it, although minimally. If they really wanted to punish the use of this tactic they should have done what they did to the Nightstalker and the Titans. Removing the second initial activation of the tactical dodge of the Nightstalker was a step in the wrong direction, and all it served to do was implant the mindset that these changes should also be applied to the exotic perk of the Twilight Garrison. Shadestep is a powerful ability, disabling the characters ability to be tracked by grenades, hammers, and rockets and aim-assist values on guns, seemingly invincible. The main problem I've noticed with this ability is that players tend to hover over their targets as opposed to tracking them in a gunfight, this is a skill that a lot of automatic weapon users pick up rather quickly to ensure a decisive kill. I'm willing to be the first to admit that Shadestep is powerful, even more so than Tactical Air-Support. Why? The Hunter is grounded the entire time the ability is being played out, meaning they incur no accuracy penalty when firing out of the animation. This is what leads to all of those [i]sick plays[/i] we see around the Internet, no scope/quick scoping out of dodge to get the kill whilst using the third-person camera to align the shot. The Twilight Garrison is also capable of such maneuvers, but at the cost of accuracy due to being airborne- it's really only good for closing gaps, increasing momentum, and doubling back around a corner for cover. When Bungie decided to remove the initial second activation I let out a long sigh, knowing that it would be hard for me to adjust to the nerf to an ability that I've grown accustomed to since I acquired both Shadestep and the Twilight Garrison, but more-so with the Twilight Garrison. Even outside of playing a Titan I find myself trying to activate the ability on both my Warlock and Hunter, even if I'm running Shadestep. I'll stop and think for a moment, "Oh, right … I have Shadestep," keeping that in the back of my mind until I switch back out to my more preferred character. I have found myself being caught out of position, or not quite making a jump, since the removal of the second burst. Every time it happens I sigh, biting back my tongue as I grumble over the loss of a seemingly unneeded change; I'm still finding myself looking for bounties and quests in the Inventory tab, learning when I can't burst with my Twilight Garrison is going to be another hurtle I'm going to need to overcome. I'd propose that instead of setting the characters aim-assist values to 0 when active that it be set to something like 10, or 25, maybe make tracking with grenades and rockets less effective as opposed to completely negating them- just a thought.

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