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5/6/2016 11:18:39 PM

Forum management

First off, I have no idea where this should go, so here seemed like the best option. I have a few ideas as to how these forums should be moderated, because right now, it's not a viable option at all. People are getting banned left, right, and centre for posts that should by no means be getting banned for. Often, a lot of excessively insulting posts are slipping through the net. I'd like to bring to attention a few points that I, as a user, personally feel this forum can benefit from by being more severely policed. 1) Avoiding the profanity filter This is an all too common occurrence, and if these forums censor out the actual words, then bypassing the censor should also be an issue. I am of course guilty of this issue, I'm not getting on any high horse here. This should be one of those things that should result in a temporary ban on repeated occurrences. 2) Personal attacks This is in the Code of Conduct for god sake. Yet, I often see other users getting away scott free with this. The worst of which I've seen was a user telling a fellow user to, and I quote, "Get cancer and die" THIS IS NOT AT ALL ACCEPTABLE. How that particular user wasn't banned I will never know. Comments like that can have all too real of an impact. You remind us all to "Play nice", but more often than not, this is not the case. There are so many threads about the toxicity of some users, why isn't this more controlled? 3) Trolling Trolling has no place on a forum. In off-topic, perhaps. It fits that particular forum's theme after all, but in the #Destiny forums? No! It only creates clutter, and is technically classed as baiting. Which leads me on to the next point.... 4) Flame Baiting Too many posts are trying to conflagrate the population of these forums, specifically these "Satire" posts. They serve to do nothing but cause arguments and abuse on a very large scale, and that is NOT okay for a forum. 5) Thread Derailing Now, when someone creates a topic on, let's use Trials as an example, there should not be a sub-discussion about Raid on that topic. That's classed as "Derailing" a thread from its original purpose, and again, for a forum it's not okay. All the points I've made above are very real issues in a forum environment, and I sincerely hope that the Devs, Moderators, Ninjas, and Bungie Staff see this, because these forums need one hell of a good cleaning. No, I'm not whining. No, I'm not salty. No, I'm not in need of "manning up'. But I can guarantee you that some of the replies on this thread, will abuse at least one of the points I've outlined above, that I can guarantee.

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