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You guys suck, listen to me.

This has obviously been going on for a while, but I feel as though the propensity of shit-tier meandering on this subforum has risen in recent times. I don't mean to be the old-timer always talking about how the past was better, because we realistically always had shit here, I'm just saying it's getting harder to ignore. So, I'm going to layout some rules that you should look at before you post a thread. Why should you follow them? Because I am better than you. 1) [b]No shitty shitposts[/b] There is a such thing as a quality shitpost, of which I have created many which you can view under #shitpostparty2k15. This is the kind of shitpost you want to make, in order to be a good shitposter. [i]As in, if you see a meme, find it funny, and immediately make a thread copying exactly what the meme had said, you obviously have the aptitude of a monkey and should not be posting.[/i] 2. [b]Invite actual discussion in your threads. [/b] This requires you to do two things before you make a thread: [i]spend more than 30 seconds making it[/i] and [i]consider what some possible responses could be while making it so you can better respond to them and continue the discussion.[/i] You can find excellent examples of this under #postswithoutshit. 3. [b]Have an actual personality.[/b] If all you are is a spam hungry Mongolian, you a very immediately forgettable, and you serve no purpose in discussion or to the community. This includes that stupid "wort" gimmick and people who literally just copy and paste memes for threads. Try to actually be apart of the community, not just dissolve it to being shittier. For examples of a great personality, look under #doortime. 3.5. [b]Stop spamming stupid shit.[/b] Yes, I get it, the 57 lines of random emoji's are so fuсking hilarious, but try to actually talk about something for once. 4. [b]Stop trying to do shit people have already done[/b] Hard right and hard left politics, science and religion, ethical dilemmas, etc. all that shit-tier trolling has been done before and only works on the most idiotic people. Be creative. Try to troll someone with a huge brain like me. 5. [b]There is no 5, but I'll use the space to reiterate. TL;DR: You guys absolutely suck at being interesting. Stop trying to meme yourselves and try to be an actual community.[/b]

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