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Real Questions For Bungie

DEEJ told us to post here if we want bungie to hear us (no, I don't know why) I've always been disappointed when they get community members (YouTubers) to talk to bungie and and ask questions. It's 100% scripted, and they don't ask real -blam!-ing questions. "Why does any other gaming company release patches and updates in a fifth of the time it takes you guys, and there's more in a single patch than you guys do in a year?" "Why no looking for group system in the actual game? You always talk about how this game is to be played with others, yet provided 0 eats for them to find each other. "Put down controller, open laptop and scour the Internet for people to play with" didn't sound dumb and lazy to you?" "Why have you made endgame stuff useless and irrelevant?" "Ever heard of Blizzard? They fixed Diablo 3 when it failed hard and disappointed the fans. They fired the creative lead guy in charge. Do you know how they fixed it? By listening to the fans, and doing what they wanted. In fact, I'm fairly certain they came to talk to you after vanilla was disappointing and told you 'you make a game for the people, for the player base, not for yourself.' And yet!" "Based on the above question, why does Luke Smith ignore their advice and constantly tell player how they should play the game, and that's not how he intended them to play, so it's being removed or nerfed ect." "Why is it so hard for you guys to understand there's a difference between PVP and PVE, and that you should nerf, buff and balancing each one separately (as in, don't nerf to the ground the best reward from the raid (mythoclast) because it wrecks in PVP. it should be powerful in PVE, but you killed it because it was strong in PVP)" "What's wrong with the crucible right now? Now I don't play it, but have seen many forum posts about it. Painting red bars green, super lag, being killed by invisible players, awful hit detection for melee (and everything else), lag lag lag." "What is wrong with your servers? Any other game that features multiplayer has smart match making (don't match teams against solo players), and skill based match making isn't a bad idea in theory, it's just poorly executed." "Let's talk smart loot table. This was a lie. Complete and utter lie. Just admit you 'forgot' to do it and implement it. If it is actually in the game, it's horrible, and needs to be reworked." "No one. [b]NO ONE[/b] said 'hey, I have too many weapon parts, wish we could get less.' Stop forcing players to grind more so they don't realize your game is empty. If you actually provided meaningful content it wouldn't be an issue." "I'm going to quote deej, not the exact word for word, but close: 'we never want to leave our players behind. When a new DLC comes out, we don't want our players to feel forced to buy it. They will always be able to carry forward. The last thing we want to do is leave our players behind.' Do you remember that deej? I sure do. So when TTK came out, did you decide to just screw over all those people that bought the game already but didn't want this new DLC? Did you feel it was right, it was justified to lock then out of content [i]they already paid for?[/i] Content such as the vendors, the nightfall, the weekly, trials of Osiris. All of which they paid for when buying destiny (HOW for trials). But you left them all behind. Exactly like you said you wouldn't. But hey, they didn't rebuy the entire game and every DLC along with the TTK, screw them! Right?" [b]Addition[/b] "Another thing deej has said over the course of destiny: light level and gear. When DB released they made everyone's hard work pointless. All gear was left behind. Then they said oops, the last thing we wanted to do was make all your gear and hardwork meaningless. So HOW was released and they allowed everything to be carried forward with a special item. Awesome. They stuck to their word. And then the TTK was released and they went back on their word. Again. Just like for many other issues. Have some consistency guys." "Is it so hard to admit mistakes? People make them. Companies make them. Revert your nightfall and weekly back to how it was Y1. Everyone liked if better. No one likes Y2." There's so many more. Please Feel free to add. TL/DR [spoiler]WHY BUNGIE LIE TO US AND NOT ACTUALLY LISTEN? HERE ARE QUESTIONS[/spoiler]

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