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Why We Left Destiny

So first off im gonna rattle off as much as i can recall that made me hate destiny and quit 100%. Everyone else please make a literal list with explainations of why you left and that will be that. #1 ~ Unskilled players/ No ranking system I stopped because there are alot of really bad players. Its not that they are truely unskilled at all. Its just that they are NOT on my level. Therefore why isnt there a pecking order aka ranks that will order guardians be their actual skill? This is a needed thing. It was my number one reason for quiting. Tired of players on my team in pvp and pve not on my level of skill. Aka raid teams off LFG who made the raid clear take 4 -blam!-ing hours. But when i get good teams it can take anway were from less then 1 hour to 2 Be it gambits, gear, or level. I was always getting stuck trying to do the hardest things in destiny like the raid without a certain level of risk wasting all of my free time on crappy players. An example I would get in a group made on a LFG site because the retards at bungie cant just let the game have match making on raids. I would then waste like 4 freaking hours trying to carry the morons to the end. But when I get into a group with actually very skilled players. We can breeze the crap in under an hour or 2. #2 DLC's Shit on your Collections of Gear; With No Upgrade Path or Reliable Methods to Truely Re-Arm you Every dlc kills off ALL WEAPON AND ARMOR TO SHIT TEIR GEAR WITH NO OPTION TO DIRECTLY UPGRADE IT TO THE NEW RELEVENT TEIR! Sure there are now nice quests to get you exotic teir gear but that isnt anything -blam!-ing special if every other -blam!-er can get it too. If anything its just a purple with a over powered perk *Impression of Bungie on DLC drop* "Ooo i see you've gathered a collection of nice rare epic gear there....." *Flushs all of it down the toliet as if it was on a flash drive* "Oopsies, Now pay me 60$" *Thinks about it* "Im not sure if its worth it......but ive spent so much time on it already..." *hands over cash* "It better be worth it............" *All gear becomes garbage, No one can beat the new raid cause they suck. Also the dlc wasnt worth the total price i payed for it * *All my my efforts were literally thrown away on purpose and i payed for it to happen. This isnt what I payed for. I payed for an expandtion. Not a middle finger and a childish chant* "nehneh now you gotta do it all over again" Now then coming back from that string of thoughts bungie. RESPECT YOUR PLAYERS TIME, EFFORTS, AND MONEY!!! I have stopped playing because I felt completely disrespected and i finally realized it wasnt me. IT WAS YOOOU!! You literally made this game bad because of how you are exacuting everything in game. Why the -blam!- cant we match make in the elder vault, nightfall, or raid? Alot of your players dont have an infinite pool from players around the globe to help them. Just a handful of people, not all of them want to do it. some already did it. Or they dont want to take a chance on the unskilled bastards on LFG. Seriously Get some -blam!-ing ranks in the game. Put match making in then see what -blam!-ing happens. People gonna start -blam!-ing playin again! Another reason this is a problem is that its creating alot of elitiest assholes in your community. Im one of the good guys here. Im up at 316 light with a large number of exotics. And i've got to say ive run into alot of these kinda people the higher up i when in light and they just keep setting their standards higher and higher and its bad for getting in new people to the scene. Some people just give up once they start hitting those crowds. #3 All old content becomes worthless as well..... An extention to point too, but i felt it important enough to point out on its own. All old content no one plays. Even with new content tie ins. Things for like the exotic strangers rifle. I was never able to really get a team to gather. It was luck, a struggle, and hassal. Got the ghosts for the fragmented memories and crap from paradox. Stopped playing the quest because I ran out of -blam!-s to give. Plain and simple its just to big a -blam!-ing hassle. No one wants to play the old areas simply because there is nothing worth playing there for aside from the quest it self. If they dont have the quest at the same point and time as you. Guess how many -blam!-s they give to play this old crap? None babe. Its pretty clear whats one of the biggest flaws to the game. Stop dumping your perfectly good content into the freaking gutter bungie. Plain and simple. Stop raising the caps and lights and all this bs and just make the game good. #4 Rewards are shit; Everything is on Shit-Teir, Luck, & a Fap Everything is a grind you never get anything of value. Nightfall rewards are 2/3 times -blam!-ing coin drops be its threes or strange they are the worst item you can ever get. I would take purely purples or yellows only plz. Also the balance is still crap specially in pvp. hawkmoon needs a smaller clip again and all aim assist needs to be turned off during pvp Also lag is still a flaming bitch in pvp. I can some times fire full clips from full auto shot guns literally into their ass and then throw 7 melees into their back and do zero damage all in one swift motion. But thats when he finally turns around and uses one shotgun round to kill me....... This is what destiny is as a whole; A freaking train wreck with no respect for its players efforts. Its either win with no resistance because you can, or you can go -blam!- ur self pretty much.....Its that simple and thats how easily all of your time and efforts are wasted. I still miss using me gallihorn just because it was a very pretty rocket launcher, but no i cant its garabage. Not to mention things that are game breaking like twilight garrison. It is literally the mother -blam!-ing holy grail of all titan players because we have the least mobility in game. We have the most static movement patterns in the game. Easy to kill when not in a supered state due to lack of mobility. And then you give us a god send aka a mobility item. The most needed thing to make out kit on par with most of the other classes, but then you throw it behind a wall of holy light and said "only if you are a lucky -blam!- may you have this item". Right here is where you should be figuring it out. This item IS NEEEEEDED! If anything the perk from twilight garrasion should be in a sub class tree its so freaking needed. No on a less then 2% drop right crap. My second biggest reason why i quit destiny was because I cant get any of the gear I want. If anything the game should drop rare drops completely and switch to some form of economy. Whether it is based on actual money transations, or ingame earnable money. I gave up because I cant get twilight garrasion to maximize my effectiveness. Every time i die to a nova bomb and i see and know its coming, but can do nothing about it. While knowing about that item makes me angry as -blam!-. These things is what made me leave destiny. Seriously none of these points are acceptable in any way or context. This is what I tell people about destiny too. If they've never played it I tell them not to.

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