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1/9/2016 12:30:38 PM

My two cents and some suggestions for bettering gameplay.

This will be quite long. Some fixes that come to mind right off the bat: 1.) Weapons stats should match it actual values i.e. you have hung jury with increased stability show the increase to stability don't leave it off, plus do not cap values. If we want to build a max stability anything and have the perk tree to do it let us that will add a much more varied pool to the guns we are using. Impact should be replaced by an actual damage value(s). So a 75% full bar would translate to 75 damage. Also instead of the useless bars which give us no info whatsoever how about hard numbers. Say I look at my new handcannon it has a 18 for RoF which makes it low RoF, but its damage is 88. This would be much more helpful than oh the handcannon RoF bar is low and Impact is high, actual values would just make everything better. 2.) Nightfalls should offer better loot, I will explain, If I am 310 then I should not get 280 or 290 anything. It does not promote progression only stagnation. I suggest something like giving us weapons we do not have at decent levels 300+ that way we actually want to put time into the weapon, or weapons we do have but with different rolls. I also suggest a tier system for the nightfall i.e. 280 is for low level looking to get 280-300 gear, 310 would give gear leveled 300-310, then a final tier where you could get 320 gear but would trigger the old nightfall rule if your fireteam wiped, that added more fun and coordination to the nightfall. Another thing is put all strikes into rotation for the nightfall not just the new ones or the remade ones. Finally I would like to see the option for matchmaking be presented, I do not want it to be mandatory, but the option to be there if people want to use it. 3.) The raids from year 1 Atheon and Crota need to have a new tier added to them to bring them into the current year. I think Vault of Glass is the best raid in Destiny and would love to see it brought forward, and maybe make that the only way to get a year 2 Mythoclast? Crota is fun, but will need fixes to make it more challenging. I suggest spawning the ogres closer to the platform during the first part and keeping them spawning til you are across the bridge. Also adding a kill box to the immediate sides of the bridge segment to prevent cheesing and blocking off the climbable mountain on the right hand side. The Ir Yut fight is decent enough, and for Crota add the ogres after every downing to make people get out there more. 4.) Strikes need to be brought forward as well. When doing the weeklies I want to see every strike you have to offer not just two from last year and the new ones. Even if no new elements were added it would be nice to see them again. 5.) Exotic gear that has set stats. I hate that my No Back Up Plans cannot have a non-strength roll. I understand they are gauntlets but that should not restrict them to only strength or strength plus one other stat. If we want a full INT gloves let us use the needles to our hearts content to get it, that is after all what they were intended for. 6.) Hit boxes. The hit boxes for our characters needs to be more than two boxes one for headshot and one for body. It should be broken down into Arms, Legs, Lower torso, Upper torso, and Head and the values in percents should be 60, 50, 85, 100, and Crit which varies per weapon so not changing that. 7.) I know this has been mentioned before but please give us a Kiosk where we can read our Grimoire in game, and access the Armory, maybe even a Firing Range where we can test out new guns from vendors before we buy them. Also a personal space either on our ships or in the tower as there is currently an abandoned one, where we could show off our weapons to friends or show our best records in SRL, Iron Banner KD, number of Flawless Trials Runs, or Raid records. Let's talk guns and ammo: Primaries 1.) [b]Scout Rifles[/b] are in a good spot. Decent damage for decent rate of fire, save for MIDA that gun has stats that are completely inaccurate. For example Boolean Gemini does 64 to the head but fires slower not by much but its there, MIDA does 57 to the head and has a good chunk less impact because of its fire rate. I do not think that makes any sense, MIDA should either fire slower to match it with other Scouts of its damage output or do less damage as its impact would suggest. 2.) [b]Hand Cannons[/b] are a bit of a touchy subject. They were too good, then too bad, now I think they are ok after the December patch. 3.) [b]Auto Rifles[/b] are very broken, and don't mistake broken for OP. I mean literally broken, the difference in damage between a High RoF Auto Rifle should vastly different than that of a Mid RoF auto rifle. Take Doctrine of Passing, it does 22 to the head when you are in range. That is good for High RoF, but when compared to Antipodal Hindsight which only does 28 to the head for a much lower RoF and not a big stability difference (depending on the roll). I suggest keeping High RoF where they are but buffing other to separate the guns from each other and give them some identity. 4.) [b]Pulse Rifle[/b] This gun class also requires some looking into. First if the first bullet hits you and you are already evading then the last bullet should not automatically hit as it does most of the time on pulse rifles. The damage output of a pulse rifle should be lowered so that low RoF would do roughly 1/3 of you health, medium RoF should do 1/4, and high RoF should do 1/5, this will intrinsically pull all "two burst" capable guns into three bursts giving ample time to escape or counter fire. This is considering some headshot in as well, no primary should two shot or burst you for that matter. Also damage variance in this gun class is also not on key. I.E. No Time To Explain and Nirwen's Mercy, the two guns are almost identical in every aspect save for stability. But NTTE which has less stability will not bounce and will do more damage than Nirwen's Mercy which has the same impact and better stability. Some will say yeah because it is exotic but the stat should still reflect actual output numbers. [u]Secondary Weapons[/u]: 1.) [b]Shotguns[/b]. They should not have any range boosting perks at all, no rangefinder, or trades for range either. It is base range or nothing. 2.) [b]Snipers[/b]. These little devils are fun but in need of some fine tuning. Armor piercing should not work through anything thicker than an inch especially concrete or steel, nor should bullets pass through any material that is not permeable. I.E. a grating with holes is acceptable but a Stone pillar is not. Also the red glare created by the sniper when zoomed in should be placed immediately in front of the face to signify scope over the eye and make head glitching a little easier to see coming. Flinch and knocked out of zoom should be implemented as well. Flinch should be more prominent if you are critically hit or wounded. While being knocked out of zoom should happen if your character takes a big chunk of damage say 40% of their total HP. 3.) [b]Fusion Rifles[/b]. These are tricky to master but pay off when you do. I would like to see more fusion rifles introduced to the game preferably mid charge and high stability to give them more range than shotguns but less than snipers which is the niche they were meant to fill. 4.) [b]Sidearms[/b]. These things need a damage output that is actually reflective of there power. I have been 3 shot by these things, I would just like the impact to reflect there power not underestimate it. [u]Heavy Weapons[/u]: 1.) [b]Rockets[/b]. They seem fine to me. 2.) [b]Machine guns[/b]. I would like to see the range value brought into line with the actual damage falloff of the weapon class. Terminus has almost no range and still is lethal at pulse rifle range in a few bullets. [u]Ammo Drops:[/u] Ammo Drops need to be more spread out to encourage people to use their primary weapons. Heavy should only spawn twice a game, make it score based. When a team gets to 33% heavy timer starts at 15 seconds, then again at 66%. And Special Ammo drops should only spawn every 2 minutes that way people do not just wait around them. Now let's talk about classes: [u]Warlock[/u] 1.) Radiance is good for PvE but I do not see it anywhere near as much anymore save for Trials. 2.) Nova Bomb is fine where it is. I do however think that if you Nova Bomb your own feet you should still take damage albeit not lethal damage. And I do not want to hear that we are attuned to the void bull because so is a Defender and Nightstalker and we still take damage from it. 3.) Stormtrance needs some work. First no super should last long enough to kill you twice on different sides of the map. Second let's talk some perks realignments Amplitude should be cut and replaced by Feedback as it is a melee heavy ability. Superconductor should be replaced with transcendence that way either landfall or transcendence is active unless exotic armor is equipped. Add a perk that lets them carry an extra grenade, but would slow down time between grenade uses. [u]Hunter[/u] 1.) Bladedancer should be ok were it is with some of the other changes I am using. 2.) Golden Gun should get a bit more of an armor buff put them into line with other classes, but bullet travel time reduced a little to reduce laser like projectile. 3.) Nightstalker is very good. Keen scout needs to be fixed to where it only procs when damage is actually done not just on sight. [u]Titan[/u] 1.) Defender is strong for PvE but can be underwhelming in PvP. Gift of light should be replaced with Relentless. And a perk should be added to allow another grenade. And the magnetic grenade should be brought up to the same one shot standard as other grenades that stick and home. 2.) Striker is good now. 3.) Sunbreaker. Just reset them but keep the armor down and the timer on Cauterize. That is what I think would help, any ideas are welcome but keep negativity out please.

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