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Hey guys, just some interesting thoughts on Destiny 2 possibilities

Ok, so after doing a lot of thinking I have come up with a couple of things that I believe would make Destiny better if/when Destiny 2 comes out. Most of these things are less changes and more full overhauls to the actually designs of the classes in the game. I also have a lot of ideas about what the specific overhauls I would give to each class would be so if anyone would like to hear about those I would be extremely happy to throw those Ideas out into the world. I'm also kind of hoping this sparks a bit of conversation in the forums and hey, if some people feel the same way as I do or like my Ideas maybe Bungie will take notice. A gamer can dream right? Point 1 - Supers Ok, so this is the first point I have to make. In my honest opinion, supers need a very big change. Currently the two types of supers in the game are "modal" supers, that is, supers that place you in a mode such as the Bladedancer, Sunbreaker and Stormcallers supers. The second type are "instant" supers, these are supers such as the Voidwalker, Striker and Defenders supers. Now, in my honest opinion, supers overall are just to strong. That might sound weird, but think of it like this. Bladedancer, Sunbreaker and other modal supers are all designed to allow you to ensure multiple kills by targeting singular enemies one after the other. Meanwhile, instant supers are mostly AOE abilities and are designed to get multiple kills by hitting a group of enemies at the same time... these are normally used to get one or two kills. But imagine if supers were smaller, if a super was designed to get you one kill, maybe 2 per use, but wasn't so "big". I have a lot of ideas for what supers could be, and I think the lack of kills with them would be offset by my next point Point 2 - Abilities So in destiny we generally have two abilities, our grenade and melee but I believe we should have more, like an extra ability to fit with our classes to make them even more unique, or abilities that let us buff our guns with new effects. Adding on to that, what if the grenades in the game weren't so... bland. What if instead of grenades we had Grenade-like abilities that allow us to modify our playstyles even more. We have enough games out there were grenades are designed to just damage or kill alone. why not make grenades in Destiny really unique. Point 3 - Subclass themes Woo, Point 3, going strong! Ok, so looking at the subclasses in Destiny you know what I see? Bright lights, and that makes sense in a way we are using the travelers light after all. However, what if things looked different, animation and effect wise that is. Think about it? Yes void should be purple, but it doesn't feel like I'm using void light. In the lore, people were suspicious of Voidwalkers because there powers were scary, almost like the darkness they were fighting. So why is void just purple light? why isn't it scary? Void should be for the people who walk to the edge of the line and stare into the darkness, it should be for those guardians who take what they have cut and burned and torn away from the darkness and stare into the void so deep it makes the shadows fear them. Point 4 - Health/shield pool Soooo, this is an idea that I toss around in my mind regularly, what if guardians had more health and shields? What if engagements lasted a bit longer, allowed for a bit more recovery but also for a bit more follow up? if you get shot from behind in destiny you're likely to die, but what if there was more time to escape or fight back. On the flipside, what if sneaking up on someone didn't just mean shooting them with their back turned, what if it meant really getting into the perfect position to kill them before they know what's happening. Point 5 - Keep classes "feeling" different This is part of the reason I toss the bigger health/shield pool around a lot. Right now it feels like armor in the crucible matters so much more than recovery and agility, and it seems really strange to me that exotics like The Ram and the Twilight Garrison come out giving titans evades and warlocks more tankiness. Frankly I believe that playing a Hunter should feel fast, intense and wild. Playing a Warlock should feel powerful, manipulative and smart and playing a Titan should feel strong, hard and ready for a head on fight. Making Titans tankier wouldn't seem to bad if the health pools were bigger, especially if the classes became more focused on their own things, like Hunters shouldn't be tanky at all, but we should be fast as hell and hard to hit, Warlocks shouldn't be fast or tanky, but they should be hard as hell to get at without being blasted by space magic. Well, that's all for now. I wasn't able to include everything I'd change about every class because frankly I have to many Ideas, but if anyone would like to hear them I'd be happy to try my hand at overhauling the classes one at a time. Thanks for taking the time to read this guys and lets make 2016 bloody fantastic. Update: changed the category to feedback because I thought the post fit more in the feedback area

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