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A question that has never been answered

A question that has never been answered is [b]WHY[/b] Music of the Spheres (not excerpts we had on Destiny 1 soundtrack) was never released? Don't care if it's only three, four or ten minutes missing, it needs to be published. Bungie took great care for audiophiles to release Destiny 2 soundtrack, not only as an mp3 digital version, but in high fidelity format as well. Honestly, I love the OST 2 but one was far superior. It won many awards, here are some I remember: [b]The Game Awards: Best Musical Score & Soundtrack PlayStation Lifestyle: Best Soundtrack of 2014 D.I.C.E. Awards: Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition NAVGTR Awards: Original Dramatic Score GANG (Game Audio Network Guild) Awards: Best Original Soundtrack Album Music of the Year & Best Original Song[/b] Where are the high quality files for it? Music of the Spheres is a symphonic and choral suite in eight movements, few video games can boast such glorious music. And let's not forget the FREE (for those who ask) Paul McCartney collaboration. There is a master, it was finished. Studio/Publishing Co. execs took it away from the composer, forbid him to distribute it, or use the music anywhere. That is crazy! Music should belong to the people, not publishers. I will never throw money at emotes, but boy! Oh! boy! name your price for MotS, and I will gladly pay for it. I am not privy nor do I want to be, of the studio's internal affairs, but as fans/consumers, we see the results and feel the impact of top executives' decisions regarding artistic content. All we want is the music, it exists but for some odd reason, it's locked up somewhere. I find this disgusting not only because of the giant FU to the artist (who contributed heaps of beautiful music for more than a decade to the franchises, and helped raise it to where it stands today), but to the fans as well. Games come and go and for some of us with busy lives and little gaming time. [b]But the music always stays.[/b] I've listened to the sounds of Halo a lot more than I've actually played it ;) TL;DR Music of the Spheres was never released in its entirety. Release all of Destiny's soundtrack in high fidelity format. Studio/Publisher can generate extra revenues with little effort. What's the problem? Edit: I love music, all kinds of music and so do millions of others. Music is all those stories words alone sometimes fail to express. The only narrative in Destiny which made complete sense to me was its music. Recently discovered a musical collaboration while listening to David Bowie's music, which I realize I knew too little about. Philip Glass wrote two symphonies based on Bowie/Eno's work from their albums "Low" and "Heroes". The result is incredibly awesome. Now if some crazy publisher had gotten in the way for whatever a publisher's reason may be, we could have missed out on this. The same level of collaboration happened between Marty O'Donnell, Mike Salvatori and Paul McCartney with Music of the Spheres. Three great artists, composers, musicians worked on a project. I hear a little of all of them listening to it, musicians influencing other musicians, classical music introduced to younger generations. It is a beautiful symphony and choral suite in eight movements. It deserves to be published in its entirety (not only excerpts). Bungie used to be a lot more than just another studio making video games. Respect for art and artistic integrity seemed a high priority. The game gave opportunity for a timeless piece of music to be written, let us hear it in its entirety! Links to Philip Glass' Heroes and low, for those interested. [url][/url] [url][/url]

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