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Voidwalker vs Stormcaller.

In the crucible radio podcast, I heard that skirmish and 3v3 playlists alike are the ideal pvp setting. Voidwalker and Stormcaller are perfectly balanced here. In 6v6, voidwalker hardly manages to get 2-3 people at once, or get their team at their heavy since they just spread out when they see a red flash on radar. Multikills are luck based when you super one guy and there just happens to be another. Meanwhile with stormtrance, you can pop it whenever and get kills way more often and fight other supers easily with your blink. That's the imbalance I find in crucible 6v6, voidwalker whose super is a giant bomb will only ever hit one enemy. Ideas for buffs: faster novabomb animation by 20% and novabomb speed by 20%. This will make it harder for people at medium range to dodge it so easily, so at least it's useable at that range (lance doesn't help because its AoE is so small) PvE: stormcallers can get 60k damage off while novabomb is a bit over 20k. Novabomb casts faster, but in every case, this does NOT matter because that burst is only a few seconds worth of damage from stormtrance. After that short few seconds where stormtrance meets the damage that a voidwalker gets off, it can keep going for a much longer time. Example: in hard oryx, after my knight is dead and the runner has the brand, I can run to the opposite side of the room and novabomb a single knight (which just barely oneshots him if I am light 320) and kill a couple of enemies. Stormcaller can pop it right as he gets the brand and stop to kill all adds in his side of the room, move to the other side, kill a knight in 4seconds + the adds around him, repeat for final knight, and do everybody's job for them. Novabomb has no power compared to stormtrance, and the only competition is obsidian mind (but why need an exotic slot to compete?) Nova bomb can kill a lot of weak enemies mixed in with majors (and only weaken the majors) but stormtrance can SAFELY (with all the armor and mobility of jump letting you change directions in midair to mess with enemy AI) wipe them all out plus wipe out a whole new wave equal to the first AND another wave equal to first in a timely fashion. Credibility: - 320 warlock - 2 man VoG back in the day without ghorn and using voidwalker - I know how good fusion rifles are (hi Sage Merrill) - I take Stormcaller and Voidwalker into hard kings fall and never died on either and take multiple roles (easier to sherpa new people every week) - I test things myself and don't rely on bad YouTube videos (which is why I can kill four knights on my own and I found the single orb strat on golgoroth on my own shortly after release) Please comment on well thought out ideas for rebalance below, or why it shouldn't be changed.

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