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Before life was present in the milky way galaxy the Precursors, a transsentient race of beings who traveled the universe and seeded life existed. They traveled from galaxy to galaxy, unbound by mortality, taking any form they saw fit. They could allow themselves to die and be reincarnated time and time again. Over the existence of this species they bounced between godlike meta-technology and being confined to the planets they were on uncountable times. They used a type of technology that corresponded with their philosophy of The Mantle, the belief that all things were living and should be protected, that also encompassed the whole universe. The prospect of "living time" or the idea that the universe itself was alive (albeit in a way that organic life couldn't comprehend) coupled with the transsentient nature of the Precursors allowed them to understand and utilize that life to create solid matter. Literally able to tether planets, stars, even entire solar systems. This technology was called neural physics and the creations were virtually indestructible. With this technology they also could store the memories and experiences of living creatures, along with any other information in the neural structures. This was mostly seen in a non physical galaxy wide network known as the Organon, it was a massive data storage medium accessible from anywhere in the galaxy. Once they arrived at this barren galaxy they seeded life. 2 races were being considered to carry on The Mantle. Humans and Forerunners. When the Precursors chose the Humans the Forerunners were outraged and waged a genocidal war on their creators. Most Precursors in this galaxy were killed off, with the last of their forces being cornered in the Path Kethona, a large nebula outside our galaxy (known as the Large Magellenic Cloud by humans) while some turned themselves into a fine powder and attempted to flee the galaxy to be revived into their conscious form later. As time went on the only evidence the Precursors existed was the eternal structures and star roads they had built. The genocide faded into the past and was forgotten as the Forerunners at the final battle exiled themselves never to return to the Milky Way. The Forerunner Promethean warriors knew their actions had disgraced the Mantle of Responsibility. The Precursors became a mystery to all the races they created. Millions of years later Forerunners upheld The Mantle, believing it was peacefully given to them. They used the Organon and called it the Domain thinking it was an ancient Forerunner creation. Humans had allied with a race of beings known as the San 'Shyuum and both races were equal on technology to the Forerunners. Slipspace travel, a form of faster than light travel utilizing another dimension (slipspace), combat skins, advanced weaponry and many more marvels belonged to these races. Humans eventually stumble upon crashed Precursor vessels containing the dust that would have regenerated to the earlier form, but was now defective. Not knowing what this was they begin experimenting with it and found that it caused desirable genetic changes in a small species known as Pheru, which was favored as a pet by Humans and San 'Shyuum alike. Eventually however the changes became less favorable. Were as they once were more affectionate they now became aggressive and fuzzy growths would grow on the creatures, prompting other infected Pheru to cannibalize them. Soon the "disease" jumped species and caused the two races to abandon the plague ridden planets and there now crazed hostile infected. They dubbed the phenomenon "shaping sickness" They had to find new planets to live on as the sickness grew more advanced and could jump planets. As they retreated they had to find refuge. As The Human-San 'Shyuum alliance conquered new worlds, and pruned worlds the infection had affected they attracted the attention of the Forerunners who saw the fleeing species as violating The Mantle. So war broke out, Humans and their allies fighting the Forerunners and the shaping sickness on two fronts. Near the end of the war Humans found a being on the edge of the galaxy in a stasis capsule of Precursor origin. Yprin Yprikushma, the Human political leader brought the creature, which was known as the Primordial and claimed to be the last living Precursor, to Charum Hakkor. There they communicated with the creature and it revealed the true nature of the shaping sickness. It terrified them so much some present ended their life on the spot. Eventually though they seemed to have beaten the plague but they could not also win against the Forerunners. Once defeated the races told the Forerunners of this disease, however no trace was left in the galaxy and so they did not believe. However they worried this could be true and took measures to make sure they were ready if this disease, now dubbed The Flood, ever returned. And rather than wiping the two species out, they compromised. Humans were devolved to ape like beasts and split into many sub species and confined to the planet, Erde-Tyrene. While the San 'Shyuum told the Forerunners that they knew of the cure for the Flood and would only tell the Forerunners if the Flood returned, so they were allowed to stay as they were but were confined to two planets and could never interact with Humans again. After the wars end The Human Lord of Admirals, Forthencho along with Yprin Yprikushma were interrogated by the Forerunner military leader, The Didact. Following this their consciousness was digitized by a Forerunner super weapon, The Composer. The essence or mind was turned into a digital entity called an ancilla while the biological body was turned to ashes. The Didacts wife The Librarian was Lifeshaper and had a certain attachments to Humans. She ordered the essences to be archived. Upon the fall of Charum Hakkor, the humans capital, The Didact discovered the Primordial and devised a way to communicate with it in its capsule. There it revealed to him the truth behind the Precursor genocide and the origins of the Flood. The Didact kept this a secret and had the capsule reinforced. Plans were being considered to counter the return of the flood. The Master Builder, Faber proposed massive 30,000 kilometer rings called Halos. When activated, the Halo rings would release a burst of cross-phased supermassive neutrinos. This burst of neutrinos was carefully tuned to possess a harmonic frequency, which destroyed the nervous system of any macroscopic organism that had one. When all 12 rings fired they could wipe out all life in the galaxy. While this plan was extreme, the flood could wipe out the galaxy as well. The Didact opted for large artificial planets that could be used as command posts. While not all of these "shield worlds" were the same they all had the same idea. fortresses for war, and bunkers for if the war went to the Flood. The Librarian created a few shield worlds before the Forerunner empire, known as the Ecumen chose Fabers plan. After which The Didact entered a form of stasis meditation in a cryptum. Inside he would be able to access the Domain. The information storage system was easier explored and understood while in a cryptum. While The Didact slept in his cryptum, his wife set a plan into action. She put the essence of Forthencho and Yprin into the geas of the primitive humans on Erde-tyrene, meaning the dormant minds were in the genetic code of certain members of the species and would be awakened at a certain trigger event. 1,000 years later a Forerunner manipular (the adolescent form) from a family of builders, Named Bornsteller Makes Eternal Lasting, fled from the miner family he was staying with to Erde-tyrene in search of Precursor artifacts, namely the Organon which the Forerunners thought was an artifact that could activate and control all Precursor artifacts. Once landing in the city of Marontik on Erde-Tyrene he hired 2 human guides to take him to a place a small subspecies of humans, called Florians, held sacred and were Bornsteller believed Precursor ruins may be. They were Chakas, a Homo Sapien and Day-Chaser Makes Paths Long-Stretch Morning Riser, a Florian, known shortly as Riser. They led him to a small island with small walls and stones in the paths. Risers people had been drawn to this place for generations. Once deep inland the geas planted by the Librarian in each of them took over and the three woke the Didact from his Cryptum. After days of waiting the Didact commanded his war sphinxes to bring the manipular and the 2 humans to his ship, which the large war sphinxes had constructed from a design seed planted by the Librarian. They left the Sol system and exited slipspace above Charum Hakkor. The Didact knew his wife was behind this and the only 2 things she would wake him for was if the Master Builder had used the Halos or if the Flood had returned. He detected all life on Charum and Faun Hakkor had been destroyed. He then traveled to his old Promethean friends Fortress class ship that was guarding the San shyuum in exile on Janjur Qom. During the journey he imprinted his entire life's knowledge into Bornsteller during his accession from manipular to first form. After gaining permission, he planned to travel to an old San 'Shyuum known as The First Prophet. He was supposed to be the one who knew how to defeat the Flood. This place has run out of space to display The Domains records. Access will be granted elsewhere.

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