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Level 25 for $30 or your soul, your choice

As you guys may know already, Bungie; the developers for the game Destiny has recently added a new item to the game stores. One which seems to be the "Horse armour" of Destiny. The items in question are really simple really, you get a character levelled up to level 25, a levelled subclass and some items which decrease how much rep you need to level up guns in the game. Really simple items which effectively form a starter pack for new players who wish to just jump right into the game. However the price that Bungie set it is at around 30 dollars, which translates to around 30 quid. Now let's all face this here, for a game that cost us all around 40-80 quid just from buying the new expansion, many fans agree that this is just too much. Now I get what Bungie is going for in a way when they released this, they wanted a nice easily accessible way for new players to quickly get up to level 25 where they can start the new expansion. That is fair enough Bungie, that is actually really considerate of you; if not for the fact that we received an item like that with the purchase of the Taken King. It is not like we all received a little item which boosted up our level when consumed to that exact same level before at 25; oh wait a moment because we did with the spark of light item which was given to all when we purchased the Taken King. Now I can think of two uses for this item of the top of my head, feel free to comment below if you guys think of any others but here are what I thought of. Let's say you are working long hours at work, so you only get a few hours off in the weekend or so to play; then your characters will probably not all be level 40 with all 290 gear because you do not have the time to level them all. That is when this item comes in; you just simply pop your new item and there we go, you have now saved a few hours from levelling them. Also not just that but this new item also has the advantage of saving you the time of levelling up your subclass, so it is quite a bit of a win for you if you are willing to spend the money on it. I am not here to tell you how to spend your money, that is for you guys to decide. But I am not here to dictate how of where to spend you money, what I am here to point out is that a company like Bungie should not be doing such pricing strategies like this in the first place. This feature is one that is completely ridiculous and seems like nothing more them a desperate grab for our money. 20 quid is not an acceptable amount for such an item. If you had sold it through eververse at perhaps 200 silver then it would not be so bad, it would still be pretty expensive but it would be much more reasonable. This current pricing just seems way too much. Right now you guys need to start thinking about how you wish to deal with the community Bungie, because right now it does feel like we are being played for fools. I love your game and I enjoy playing it; the raids, strikes and overall feel of the game is fantastic but what seems to be the exploiting of your fanbase is not on. Many fans are feeling burnt out over this, with this starting to have them distrust you as a company. You need to try and clear the waters and build a more active bond with your bond. What I would not mind seeing is something from American History being implemented, nice fireside chats where you guys stream on your channel and answer questions by the community. You explain what you are doing with the game and any ideas you have and try and clear the waters before this gets worse; and I promise you this can get a lot worse. This community is getting more and more toxic and saturated with disillusioned fans who are upset with your new features like this being added. Those fans are not lost, they would not still be on these forums otherwise. However they soon will be if you guys keep up with these current antics, because right now you guys at Bungie are being seen as crooks by a lot of people. This can change, but you need to actually convince them that you are going to change your strategies and try and work more closely with the community in the future. No this post has been overall over negative to you guys at Bungie, but it is rightfully so. I try and do an unbiased neutral perspective on things. but this feature is so bad that it is difficult to think of any positives to this really. Like I said before, if you have any then feel free to say them on the comments and I will edit them in. ~ Joshua TCB [spoiler]The reason for the title is mainly a little protest about the cost of this new item. While I try and keep an unbalanced perspective in my writing does not mean that I don't enjoy thinking up snarky little comments to put in my titles.[/spoiler]

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