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Do your job bungie

If people would stop accepting the bare minimum effort and being shit on by Luke smith, this game could be great. Look at Diablo 3. It was -blam!-ing garbage. They let go the asshole in charge, hired new people, listened to the consumers of their product and fixed the game. This is being posted as replies, figured I'd make it a post. Props to however took the time to write it out. Great ideas, easy ideas. Get off your asses bungie and actually work. [b]edit[/b] some personal ideas: 1) have elemental balls drop (lol) as additional hard raid rewards. You can infuse these into any weapon or armor to give it the burn/resistance of the corresponding colour. They way raid weapons aren't the only good, viable weapons out there, but people still get what they want: primary burns. 2) nightfall has the XP boost again (and the flaming head), nightfall and weekly give you the big increase in rep. 3) weekly strike playlist: first play through grants you guaranteed strange coins (just like before) as additional reward. Add all strikes into rotation. Lessen the amount of marks you get from it, but no limit cap per week. [u]like bungie originally said[/u] [quote][quote]Well, not entirely. Nothing can be perfect, but I do believe perhaps if there was an update like this, a majority of recent issues can be solved. Destiny Update X (The One that Brings everything back) [b]PvE[/b] [b]Patrol[/b] -Patrol can now hold 6 people instead of 3 -Added more spawning areas for chests -Being lvl 30+ will increase your chance at getting legendary gear from a chest -Each patrol now has a lvl 42 difficulty (recommended light for it is 280) -Heroic Patrol has an increase in enemies, an increase in their difficulty, and an increase in legendary loot. Decreases chest spawns on heroic patrol, however increased rewards. -Exotics can drop from chests in heroic patrol -Enemies move against each other more often in heroic patrol, and they're more powerful...Skywatch hype -We added new areas and bosses to the vanilla patrols [u]Earth[/u]- Added Jovian Complex, Devil's Spire and Lair and King's Watch. There are nine bosses. Archon Rising now appears every time you enter that area. The three dark below enemies are still there, and won't be going anywhere. Good luck finding the 5 new ones. Pikes can be found lying around in caves and such [u]Moon[/u]- Added Traitor's Ketch, the Summoning Pits, and Some other areas of the hellmouth that haven't been available in patrol. There are three new bosses. The hellmouth now is an open area for people outside of your fire team. Pikes can be found lying around in caves, and such. [u]Venus[/u]- Added more interior to the Winter's Ketch and the Terminus. The big gate in the terminus will teleport you back down. There are 4 new patrol bosses. Good luck finding them. Heavy Pikes are available again. [u]Mars[/u] Added more to Clovis Bray, Valus Tu'aurch's battle arena and the black garden, which can be assessable by going through the gate or traveling down to tharsis junction. There will be patrol beacons on the black garden. There are 6 new bosses. Good luck finding them all. [b]Strikes[/b] -Added strike Voting. You can vote between two strikes. -Strikes should never repeat themselves -Added more Strike specific rewards -All other year one strikes will be available in TTK strike playlists - Vanguard Heroic strikes now grant legendary marks by 9 strikes per week -Reduced all Vanilla strike boss health (besides Valus and Flayers) health by 25% -Omnigul now drops down Vestiges -Reduced ads in the Omnigul arena -Phogoth shoots Axiom Darts -Sepkis Prime's Void Bolts track -High Servitors will Heal the Archon Priest substantially [b]Prison of Elders[/b] -Prison of Elders now has two difficulties -35 and 40 (recommended light is 190 and 280) -35 will be the new 28 -40 will be a combination of 32,34, and 35 -40 will have matchmaking and voting -reduced round from 5-4. The round will now be completely random for both difficulties. There will be no modifiers for the lvl 40 -Reduced all Poe boss health by 33% -Skolas health reduced by 12% -the amount of Archon Servant spawns in the Kaliks reborn missions have been reduced. They also all spawn in the middle -Dismantling mines has been replaced with destroying mines in the Skolas fight -Variks will no longer sell a weekly piece of armor and weapon. Only judgements chance will be there. All Variks' class items have been updated for year two. PoE weapons have a new (taken design) and will drop randomly from bosses and Chests -35 will drop 190-280 -40 will drop 290-300 -PoE armor sets have come to year two. Drop are just as the weapons -Queens wrath armor and weapons are also coming to year two, and will drop from PoE and reward packages from Petra -these weapons will not have Reforging as their y1 variant had -PoE will have a Weekly lvl 42 (300) mission chosen randomly from the 6 from 40. 42 will have modifiers...random modifiers. -Gear from 42 will drop at 300-310 -42 will not have matchmaking [b]Raids[/b] Raids will now have a legacy edition and a heroic edition. Legacy is normal y1 raid that drops everything from the y1 raid's loot table. Heroic is the hard raid that has y2 variant gear [u]VoG[/u] -heroic will be at lvl 35 (280) -gear will drop around 290-300 -VoG armor sets have been brought to year 2. However will onto have y2 perks outside of the raid specific perks -VoG weapons will have oracle disruptor unlocked -Primaries won't have elemental damage -weapons will follow king's fall weapons in terms of perks Concrete perks -Atheon's Epilogue: Persistence -Preadyth's Timepiece: Head Seeker -Vision of Confluence: Zen Moment -Fatebringer: Firefly Preadyth's Revenge- (reduced to 5 in the mag) Hidden Hand No Shotgun Praetorian's Foil- (is void) Shield of Aegis No Heavy Weapons Y2 VoG weapons will have a red tint Y2 Vex can drop from Atheon [u]Crota's End[/u] -heroic will be at 38 (290) -gear will drop at 290-300 -armor sets come to year two//same rules apply -The weapons will have hive disruptor unlocked. All CE weapons will have Life Support as their first perk -Change bridge encounter, can no longer be cheesable -Chalice of light is now a giant orb that does more than heals you. You do damage gatekeepers in the orb. Killing the gatekeeper grants your team a 60 second buff which deals more damage to Crota's shield. -Weapons available in y2 Crota's end: -Abyss Defiant -Sword Breaker -Word of Crota -Fang of Ir Yut -Hunger of Crota Loot drops as engrams from bosses now. And completing non-boss sections of the raid spawn chests [b]PvP[/b] -Added combined arms as a permanent Gamemode. -Combined arms is now 9 v 9 tower defense gamemode -Heavy Pikes now spawn in combined arms -Mayhem is now permanently available too -Crucible now has map voting between 3 maps -Added Private Matches. Can have up to 12 people, or 18 if you're playing combined arms -Gun Balancing- I'll let Bungie do this one -Added Dwindler's Ridge as a 3v3 and 2v2 map (Dwindler's ridge is where Shin Malphur and Dredgen Yor had a standoff.) [b]Vendors[/b] You can now sell planetary materials for glimmer and legendary marks. Primary synths can now be sold for faction rep Lord Shaax will be selling a slew of taunt emotes [b]Bounties[/b] Bounty tracker will now have three weekly bounties called Legacy Bounties -completing these bounties will have a guaranteed reward of getting a legacy weapon or armor -legacy weapons and or armor are y1 crucible and vanguard gear that have been brought to year two. This includes items like the devil you know, light/beware, the badger Ccl, and the one/one synthesis. [b]Economy[/b] -Strange coins can be found in patrol chests now. Strange coins can also drop in packs of 3-5 from enemies. [b]App[/b] There will be a new section of the app called Shader Maker. Go ahead and make your own shader with the huge color scale and special effects we provide. Submit it to us with its name and it may have a chance of coming to Destiny. We'll be adding approximately 20 shaders each week. This can be increased if more people are submitting shaders. If this goes well. We'll start working on Emblem Makers, Sparrow Makers, and Ship Makers. -Clan emblems- admins, You can now choose between 50 different exotic Emblems on the app for your clan emblem. [b]Emblems[/b] Achievements now have in game emblems. They'll be available in your kiosk if you've already beaten those achievements [b]In Game Lfg[/b] There will be a new Kiosk in the hall of guardians where you can connect to guardians who need to do something you also need to do. The kiosk will have clan support and will also have a section for first timers. The lfg system will be based off of location and connections. [b]Events[/b] [u]Chinese New Year[/u]- During Chinese New Year, a new exotic rocket launcher will be dropped into the game. The rocket launcher will be built into Chinese Dragon statue. Main perk will be that the rockets will be fired in a volley and will spread out randomly and will have a random elemental damage. Next Perk will be cluster bombs, however they'll look like exploding fireworks. The final perk will make any enemy killed by the rockets explode into a firework (this just came to my head. I'm sorry I can't think of any holidays) [b]Kinetic Damage[/b]- Increase damage dealt to enemy's Health-not shields- by 20% [b]Grimoire[/b]- there will be another Kiosk in the Hall of guardians where you can read Grimoire cards.[/quote] Just gonna leave this here[/quote]

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