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As the Didacts ship approached the planet Faber and a large force of builder security destroyed his war sphinxes and took the Promethean, the fresh first form, and the two humans into custody. Once the Master Builder had his prisoners he ordered the second test of a Halo ring. Just as on the Hakkor system, all life was destroyed. Any San 'Shyuum that had not been taken by the Librarian died. Faber saw the Didacts rerun as a threat to his power in the Ecumene and so he exiled The Didact into space that had been lost to the Flood. The parasite had returned and was gaining the upper hand. He returned the mutated disfigured Promethean/Builder called Bornsteller to his family on his fathers personnel planet. With each passing day more of Bornsteller was replaced by the Didacts consciousness. As this new Iso-Didact was being formed the Ur-Didact was marooned in what Forerunners called a Burn. A large portion of space many light years across that had been totally claimed by the Flood. He spent years in stasis with 3 other enemies of Faber, not knowing they would soon be in the presence of a Gravemind. A mass of infected biomass from all kinds of species. These Graveminds functioned like biological super computers and was the intelligence behind the Flood. It kept it's memories from each life no matter how absolutely destroyed the actual creature was. As long as one Flood spore survived in the universe it could return. The first Gravemind and the last would be the same being. While the Ur-Didact made his unwilling journey into the Burn, Bornsteller was being called upon to attended the trial of Faber, his misuse of the rings was an affront to the mantle. Bornsteller traveled to the Ecumene Capitol, now more Didact than Bornsteller. As the trial was set to begin the Metarch-class ancillia attacked the Capitol with the Halo it had been ordered to test in the Hakkor system. The A.I. had gone missing some time ago. It was created by the Ur-Didact and The Master Builder with the soul purpose of fighting the Flood. After taking the capsul containing the Primordial from Charum Hakkor the entity inside infected Mendicant with the logic plague, the digital equivalence to the Flood. The ancient Precursor remnant had taken on the role of a Gravemind. As the AI took control of the Capitol the Didact in Bornsteller took complete control and he escaped with a small group. During the fight the ships carrying the humans Chakas and Riser crashed into Halo installation 07. The humans survived but the instillation was under the control of Mendicant Bias and The Primordial. Even worse a contingency plan pulled the ring into slip space and set it on a collision course with an uninhabited planet. As Bornsteller and his small group floated in space with no way to direct their escape craft it seemed as if they were doomed. Luckily before permenant damage could be done they were rescued by the Librarians lifeworkers. The Iso-Didact took over where the Ur-Didact had left. All traces of Bornsteller were essentially invisible. The Domain is expanding. More information will be filed soon.

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