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Here is a crazy story that happened to me in the 12th grade. So I had this one Asian friend named Ving. Naturally, he was like the smartest kid I class. Now, at the time, I was failing math, getting like 50's and 60's and shįt. So I started hanging out with Ving and eventually started to get him to do my homework. I was not trying to be an asş hole or anything, I actually started to like his personality and he eventually became my best friend. One day I was hanging out at his house and we were just chilling and talking about random shįt. We then brought up his name. He said he didn't like the name Ving and that it was passed down from his family. He said he wanted to change his name to something more traditional like Lee. I told him that he was of legal age to get a name change and that he could do it in the court house in town, I even offered to drive him there. He took a few seconds to decide but eventually ended up agreeing. Now, Ving had a sister named Ling. She alway had her head in the books and was never any fun. She seemed like she had a stick up here asş most of the time. She walked in on us and heard us talking about Ving changing his name. Naturally, she told him not to listen to me and that he had to stay as Ving. But that only seemed to make him want to change his name even more. We then got up and headed over to my car. Ling, of course, followed us. As we drive to the court house, I noticed Ving become to feel a little uneasy about what he was about to do. We finally got to the court house, walked through the doors, and approached the lady at the front desk. Ving announced to her that he wanted to preform a legal name change. She then handed him a form to fill out and we all went to the sitting area. As Ving was filling out the sheet, he got very nerves to the point where he dropped the paper and began to cry that he just couldn't do it. We then took the form back to the lady at the desk and said that we don't want to go through with it. She then took back the sheet and said that we had to pay a $20 cancelation fee. Ling was so thankfull that Ving was not changing his name, that she offered to pay the fee. As she pulled a twenty out of her purse and proceeded to hand it to the lady. The strangest thing happened. The doors of the court house the burst open and the most stereotypical Asian man ran in. I mean this guy had the flip-flops, hawian t-shirt, sun hat, this little guy was decked out. I immediately recognized him as Ving and Ling's father. Ving then ran up to him and they began to hug each other while crying. Ving then explained to his dad that he loved the name Ving, and that he would name his children Ving, and they would name there children Ving. Ving's father then said... "Don't, stop. Be Lee Ving. Hold on to that fee Ling!!" [spoiler]Ya, that just happened...[/spoiler]

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