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Warlock Sunsinger class improvement ideas

Add innate Fireborn to Radiance


Improve some Sunsinger perks


Improve Sunsinger exotic armors


None of the above


The other day, I saw a post with suggestions of how the Sunsinger class could be improved, and while I liked some of the suggestions, I took some time to write down some ideas of my own. I'm not saying the Sunsinger class is bad, however since TTK came out it seems like it's lost it's usefulness to the Stormcaller class and Sunbreaker Titans. -- This is going to be a long post, which I will be working on sporadically. I'll try to bump it whenever I finish a section -- First and foremost, I think we can all agree that Sunsinger's are the Warlock's support class, however this role is mostly limited to Fireborn to save a fireteam from a wipe in Strikes. Song of Flame is a team support-type skill, but because of its effect's range it feels very limited. Sunsingers are frequently considered a Super-selfish class, i.e. not cooperative in using their Super to generate orbs - we even have Tlaloc, the Warlock exotic scout rifle which seems purpose-build to cater to Fireborners who hold onto their Supers for a long time. Honestly, I wish I could justify using another Super modifying skill than Fireborn, but I really can't. [b]Radiance[/b] My #1 proposal would be to add the Fireborn perk directly to the effect of Radiance, and replacing the Fireborn node on the skill tree with something which works for fireteam support. Actually, all 3 perk options in this skill line could use a little love. My ideas: Song of Flame -- also increases weapon reload and ready speeds for all allies within Song of Flame's area of effect*. Radiant Skin -- also applies damage resistance to allies with Radiant Skin's area of effect*. [New perk to replace Fireborn] "Combustion": during Radiance, deals weak area of effect* fire damage to enemies. * I'm not sure how large Song's AoE is atm, but if it's anything like the Lord of Wolves' recovery buff's area, it should be increased substantially. Anyone with actual data on this, please post a comment and I'll add that to this post. [b]Scorch[/b] Does anyone really even use any Scorch perk other than Flame Shield? I think the main problem is that, unlike Voidwalker Warlocks, the perks cannot be added to grenades, only the DoT burn can (via Touch of Flame). Perhaps someone out there uses Solar Wind or Brimstone, and it'd be interesting to hear when they are actually useful. My ideas: Flame Shield -- stays the same. [New perk to replace Solar Wind] "Incandescence" -- hits with Scorch blind the target momentarily. Brimstone -- stays the same*. * The explosions on kill effect could be extended to grenades via an upgrade to Touch of Flames, see below. [b]Other perks[/b] Radiant Will: stays the same, but with Radiant Skin it could also improve the damage resistance of allies. Viking Funeral: also increases the blast radius of Brimstone explosions, and Brimstone explosions when applied to Grenades via Touch of Flame. Sunburst: (* Sunburst's original use can now be replicated with Artifacts *) change to "User can pick up the orbs they create", used to replenish super energy, extend Radiance when picked up during it, and trigger all orb-based effects from Helmets. Touch of Flame: also adds the special effects of Scorch perks to Grenades, in addition to the burn effect. Angel of Light: improved jump height and distance; greatly improves hip-fire accuracy and Aim Assist when in the air (does not apply to Sniper rifles) Gift of the Sun: stays the same, but when used with Sunbreakers or Starfire Protocol, the appropriate grenade recharges faster. Be back later, thanks for reading :) ~Tysolas

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