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10/25/2015 3:26:58 AM

Open Letter to Bungie about Raid loot.

Hey Bungie, Trivium122 here love your game since alpha been all in and Loved every second of it however you have completely screwed one thing up royally in Taken King. What is that thing you may ask, it is the raid loot system. Kings Fall is an amazing achievement and I very much respect every painstaking hour of work put into designing it over the many months it must have taken. My gripe is not with the mechanics but the loot and where it is placed both in normal and in the new hard mode. With Crota's End you perfected the loot drop formula. Guarantee a drop at every interval of the raid. In normal Kings Fall you did this as well Mouldering Shards are a waste and should be dropped. The fact that you can only get armour from Golgoroth is also really poor design. As a player that means if you are lucky once a week you may get a weapon and a armour piece on normal. This is super frustrating not to mention a poor choice. You sat down and designed a new loot system "supposedly" that was supposed to weight loot in the players favour. This has yet to be seen in action. We found out this week that Iron Banner Loot drops were bad because of a bug. Check your code for something similar for all the loot drops because it seems to be spread throughout. You should be able to come away from the raid with tons of new gear and weapons every week, why, may you ask is he saying this because it is logic. When you increase the randomness of perks and defence/attack you need to drop more often to offset the randomness. You did not do this hence many players frustration with getting constant doubles and not higher light on gear. Players would be ok if they got drops that weren't exactly what they wanted if they got drops constantly because every item is valuable now with infusion. From a player psychology stand point, players feel better when getting rewarded. In your game there is a very tangible reward you want to give to players for completing an activity and Raid gear is one of them. Give it to us. On my second point Hard Mode, man is it fun and fair and great. There should never be a checkpoint in Hard Mode without loot that is absolutely insane. That you need to fix asap. I am doing your hardest content and not being rewarded what a joke. By the way if anyone at Bungie reading this is thinking the activity and how fun it is is the reward, please give them a swift kick. I do not play a shooter looter for the fun being the reward that is what I play Assassins Creed and Uncharted for. I play your game because I love the loot and the story. and Right now the loot is severely lacking. You stated you wanted to get rid of that forever 29 well now you have just made it forever 309 or now forever 319 changing the number does not fix the problem the gap isn't as large but once again that is not fixing the problem. Just please fix this for the players sake.

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