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Weapon Parts Solutions!!!!!!

Bungie I know you are getting all kinds of complaints about weapon parts, but lets talk SOLUTIONS to the problems!!!!!!! I have over 3,000 hours played on Destiny and currently I have 48 weapon parts, I started taken king dlc with over a 1,000 weapon parts and maybe I infused too many weapons in my arsenal in the first few days before I figured out how infusing really works. But either way, i wanted a higher light level and figured hell, I have a stockpile of parts! So for the past several weeks, I have been doing everything possible to get weapon parts, strikes, court, patrol, ect. I even spent the last 2 weeks dismantling ALL year one items including my beloved vault and crota raid weapons and trials weapons and yes 3 Gahallorns! I now have several 310 weapons just sitting in my vault not upgraded because you guessed it, no weapon parts. Most of the time when I turn in a weapon engram the cryptarch gives me strange coins or motes. I understand destiny wants us to play all facets of the game, and I do love the grind, but if I can buy helium for vanguard marks, why can't I buy weapon parts? I understand there should be a COST for parts. If Bungie doesn't want to do MARKS for PARTS, why not let us turn in strange coins, motes, or better yet these out dated and now useless ETHERIC lights I have stockpiled! You can only farm so many etheric lights per week, so why not use that as a balancing system? Thanks to the Kings fall ghost shell, I now have over a 1,000 wormspore, how about I give bungie wormspore or hadium flakes for weapon parts if destiny prefers we focus on the new dlc instead of year 1 activities! If you won't let me dismantle my spark of light, let me trade it in for weapon parts so at least it has some benefit for a veteran player with 3 high level characters already! Hell I will even give bungie heavy and special ammo synthesis for parts! Let me trade armor parts for weapon parts! How about you give us an option to use glimmer for weapon parts, I cant even tell you how often I have just spent glimmer on heavy and special synthesis because I had nothing else to spend glimmer on and I was maxed out on glimmer. These are just a few suggestions, please reply with other ideas if you feel the same as I do! Furthermore, I believe all vendors should have multiple payment options just like the new Faction Rep gains you can do with any of the Faction leaders! For example, have the gunsmith sell weapon and armor parts for glimmer, have quartermaster sell parts for marks, speaker sell parts for motes, xur sell parts for coins, variks sell parts for worthless etheric light or ether seeds, Eris sell parts for black wax, pick someone to sell parts for blue polyphage and resupply codes ect. Bottom line give players more payment options for everything, that way the individual can pick and choose what they want to sacrifice for their particular needed item. The majority of my friends are having the same issue as well, and with over 3,000 hours played, if my friends and I are having this issue, I cant even imagine the problems the Destiny noobs are going through right now!

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