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To Bungie, my idea: Destiny - The Golden Age

Hey Bungie, I have an idea that could be used for an expansion even bigger than the taken king. Is there any chance someone in your company would care to hear it? I know it's probably not feasible at the moment, but if you ever did something like this I think people would really like it. Three new areas for exploration: 1) Arctic Wastes - Earth 2) Angel's Descent - Mercury 3) The Last City - Earth In addition to this, there is another variant of ALL previous areas (minus the Dreadnaught) that takes place in the past (basically a reskin of each area with no enemies and added NPCs. Recreate each area to look like it was before the collapse.). These are only accessible on patrol after clearing the first story mission in The Last City. There are also missions that take place in the past, they are unlocked via the storyline. Here's the story behind each area: [b]Arctic Wastes[/b] Material: Crystal Shards. Enemies: Fallen, Cabal [b]First Mission:[/b] The Guardian goes here in response to a both a Cabal ship landing on Earth, and a distress signal originating from an abandoned military base. Upon arrival, the Guardian finds the place overrun with Cabal. They bust their way into the base, obliterating the Cabal as they go. When they reach the innermost room, they find a large sealed door clearly labelled as "Vault". Ghost identifies it as the source of the distress signal, deducing that the cause was Cabal attempting to open it (as an added joke, you could show the Cabal soldier responsible getting executed earlier in the mission via a mini easter egg). [b]Second Mission:[/b] The Vanguard task the Guardian with opening the Vault and retrieving the contents. In order to do this, the Guardian must travel elsewhere in the base to find out how to open the door. They go to the base's command center to find a large number of Cabal (they had the same idea). After clearing the room, the Guardian takes the code from one of the computers (surprisingly still functional) and leaves. [b]Third Mission:[/b] The Guardian returns to the Vault and uses the code to open it. Inside, they find an enormous cache of weapons and ammunition from the Golden Age, all in pristine condition. In the middle of the Vault, there is a rather large weapon case. The Guardian looks on the chest to find a post-it note saying "Happy Birthday, Guardian. I hope you like it!" The Guardian then makes a remark about it actually being his or her birthday. Next to the writing, there's a symbol on it that corresponds to the Guardian's class. Upon opening the case, the Guardian finds an Exotic Machine Gun inside. Ghost examines it, proceeding to gush about its exploding rounds, high rate of fire, and deep impact (unless the enemy is protected by a shield, the bullets will penetrate them and THEN explode, causing heavy internal damage and a bleeding effect). He goes on to talk about how they're all but unheard of and that no one's seen one since the collapse. The Vanguard are in the middle of congratulating the Guardian on their find when a butt-ton of Cabal troops show up. Restricted to using only the machine gun and their subclass-related abilities, the Guardian tears through all of them. Afterwards, the Guardian marks the crates for transmat and the mission ends. Unfortunately, after the mission is over the Guardian is forced to turn in the weapon (Exotic quest later lets them get it back). Cayde-6 jokingly chastises the other Vanguards for confiscating the Guardian's birthday present. [b]Cutscene:[/b] The Vanguard, the Guardian, and the Ghost are discussing the find. They think it curious that whoever left the cache there seemed to know who would eventually uncover it. They mention discovering a few scraps of Vex technology in the mix while unpacking the crates. Apparently, the tech originates on Mercury...which is curious as the Vex didn't occupy the planet until the collapse. The Vanguard send the Guardian to Mercury to investigate. In addition, the Guardian is given access to the city as a new area. Initially, it's just a patrol zone with no enemies or missions. [b]Strike:[/b] The Cabal gained a significant foothold on the Dreadnaught by crashing their ship into it, the same can't happen on Earth. The Vanguard send a fireteam to kick the Cabal off the planet. In order to accomplish this, they must board their ship and plant a bomb in it. After defeating the first boss and planting the bomb, the guardians must escape the ship before it explodes. The exit is blocked by the second boss. The Guardians must defeat the boss within the time limit in order to complete the strike. [b]Angel's Descent[/b] Material: Paradox Particles Enemies: Vex [b]First Mission:[/b] First mission generally focuses on the Guardian scouting the area and killing enemies (similar to the mission on the Dreadnaught that unlocks Patrol). This mission will unlock Patrol on Angel's Descent when completed. During the mission, Ghost links up with a Vex Conflux and finds blueprints for a "Temporal Drive". The technology required to make one is something that humans do not have (Ghost remarks that if the Vex scraps were in better shape they could be used), but apparently a finished one is located in a nearby stronghold. The Guardian attempts to breach the stronghold, but is repelled by the sheer number of Vex. [b]Second Mission:[/b] The location of the Temporal Drive has been discovered. The only problem is the area is crawling with Vex; their numbers must be thinned. This mission involves the Guardian clearing out the areas around the stronghold in order to draw out an Ultra. The Ultra must then be taken down along with all other enemies. Ghost links to a conflux one last time before returning to the Tower. He discovers that the Temporal Drive can only be accessed via something called a "Time Rift". [b]Cutscene:[/b] The Guardian and the Ghost are again talking with the Vanguard. After explaining their findings, Ikora Rey informs them that she knows what a Time Rift is (she compares it to the portals seen in the Vault of Glass), but also specifies that they'll likely need Vex technology to pass through it. Ghost asks if a vehicle might work. Zavala states that Vex do not use vehicles, Cayde-6 takes that as his cue to go Ace Attorney and yell "Objection!" (that part was a joke, you don't have to put that in...though you could if you wanted to). He explains that while the Vex themselves don't use vehicles, a vehicle has been made using their technology. To illustrate his point, he summons his XV0 Timebreaker on top of the table (much to the annoyance of the other Vanguard). He states that the Timebreaker Sparrow should be capable of getting the Guardian through the Time Rift. After the cutscene, Cayde-6 will ask the Guardian if they have their own. If not, he will offer to let them BORROW his (he is sure to specify the word "borrow") for that mission only. [b]Third Mission[/b] For the duration of this mission, the player will have the XV0 Timebreaker equipped, even if they do not own one. The Guardian is sent back to Mercury to acquire the Temporal drive. They delve into the stronghold, taking out Vex as they go. Defeating the first Boss about halfway through the mission, the Guardian hops on the Sparrow and enters the Time Rift. As soon as they pass through it, a huge Vex starts chasing them down a long hallway/speedway (still on the Sparrow). The Guardian manages to escape by speeding off a ramp (Overdrive must be active in order to make the jump), and they end up in a large arena-style room. The Temporal Drive is in the center. Upon picking it up, waves of enemies begin to assault the Guardian. After they're all dead, the Vex that was chasing them earlier initiates combat. After defeating it, the Guardian returns to orbit. [b]Cutscene:[/b] This cutscene involves the Vanguard discussing the Temporal Drive. They talk about how it shares similarities with the Timebreaker, but appears to be bigger in scale. Cayde-6 suggests installing it into a jumpship and using it for time travel, Ikora Rey disagrees as she believes travelling through time is dangerous. Cayde-6 counters her argument with the two following points: 1) The Vex travel through time constantly, and the universe hasn't already imploded. 2) The cache found by the Guardian in the Arctic Wastes was likely left there by someone from this time, therefor they have to get someone to travel through time to complete the circle (or else it'll create a time paradox and wipe out everything in existence). They decide on putting it in the Guardian's ship and having him test it by going back in time to the Golden Age. After this cutscene, the Guardian can travel to the Cosmodrone (Golden Age) for their first mission. [b]Strike[/b] There should be a strike on Mercury, but I'm not sure on a few details. Besides, I have more important things to talk about. [b]The Cosmodrone (Golden Age)[/b] Material - Spinmetal. Enemies - None outside of missions. [b]First Mission:[/b] The Guardian is sent back in time by the Vanguard in order to test the Temporal Drive. They head for The Cosmodrone, before the collapse. The mission should be mostly used as an excuse to give Ghost some character development. He's never seen the Golden Age before, so he is very eager to know what it was like back then. Really exaggerate how good it was back in the old days, make the people of the present jealous. After exploring the area and interacting with various NPCs (as an inconspicuous person with a flying robot companion), the Guardian returns to the present. [b]Continued in comment below.[/b]

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