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MUST READ!! How to charge the Agonarch Rune

Final Edit: The Agonarch Rune is charged by defeating mobs of Taken enemies on the Dreadnaught. You will see a glowing ball of light and when stepping near it, it will summon the Taken enemies. You must kill the yellow bar enemy in the last wave to receive credit. Common locations are as follows: - In Hull Breach, to the left of the patrol spawn, down in the lower area where Hive and Cabal fight - To your immediate right of patrol spawn, just before the entrance of the building on the way to the Hall of Souls - Mausoleum, just outside the entrance of the ship - Mausoleum, right outside the entrance to the Hall of Souls (basically where you spawn for the Sunless Cell Strike) Note, you can only acquire one charge per day UNLESS you move it a cross your other characters, in which case you can receive a maximum of 3 per day. The location of where you use your charged Agonarch Rune is as follows: from the Mausoleum, head the same way you would for the Sunless Cell strike (area is called The Founts). Drop down to the lower area and run forward, past the entrance to the giant room with the chained cylinder. Shortly after this there will be a hole in the wall, enter through that and it will be on the right wall directly in front of you. Once you use the rune, head to the giant room I just mentioned, fight the Taken that appear, claim your rewards and enthusiastically sing "Danger Zone" Team recommended but not needed if you're quick on your feet Hope this helps, any questions will still be answered although this should clear everything up. Good luck! *End Edit* Haven't seen a thread about this yet but I believe I've figured out how to charge it. So there is a total of 7 things you need to do in order to charge it. These things are specifically killing certain Taken enemies which appear on the Dreadnaught. You will see a glowing ball of Taken light just hovering over an area (they're pretty common). Once you activate it and Taken appear, kill all of them until a yellow-bar Taken with a distinct name appears. Killing this enemy will charge the Agonarch Rune by one point. Now the trick is this... You need to kill 7 of those enemies but they must be different, as in bear a different name. I've found so far that with each Daily reset, a new one appears. The count right now should be 3 if you've kept up, which is what I'm at right now. I'm assuming if you've missed any of the days that they'll spawn again next week on the same respective day. If I find the names of the enemies I will post back here with their names and the days they show up on. If anyone else has any further info, please share! Edit 1: so based on the comments of what we've been getting and on my own experience since making the thread. I've gotten one charge per day whenever I have killed one of those groups of taken. Doesn't seem to need a named enemy. Less complicated than I assumed. Well have fun out there! And if you guys get any new info, go ahead and share Edit 2: So far the only consistent factor has been one charge per day on any taken ultra that appears with those orbs. I've found the location where you put the rune but I've forgotten where it is. Once I find it again I'll post it here

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