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Eris is a Hunter! (I promise)

Here's why: - First off, Eris is wearing a cloak. This cloak is almost identical to the one you receive through the quest line. Granted it also appears that she's wearing a Warlock's trench coat, but I'll get to that later. - The class items she sells -- two of each class -- are all about the people who wore them - Both Titan marks are about Vell Harlowe, their one Titan. The first mark has a quote from him and the second is a quote from Eris about him. - One Warlock bond has a quote from Toland the Shattered an the other from Eriana-3; both known Warlocks. - The first Hunter cloak is a quote from Omar Agah, who everyone agrees was a Hunter. The second cloak bears a quote from Eris, this time not about another person, but as personal advice about making the shadows your ally. [spoiler]Wait a minute... making the shadows your ally? Maybe Eris is Bane![/spoiler] - Now to address the matter of Eris using "Space Magic" and wearing a trench coat. - First off, every guardian [i]technically[/i] uses Space Magic, that's pretty much the point of the game. The Traveler gave us its Light to wield as a weapon against the darkness. So to just say she's using magic doesn't really mean anything. What's important here is the [i]kind[/i] of magic she's using. Hive magic. - Look at what she's doing. She's holding a black shard in an orb of green fire. Seem familiar? That's because this is [i]exactly[/i] what the Hive does throughout the game. Remember when they had a shard of the traveler and were using it against the Traveler? What she's doing looks like a miniature version of what the Hive's Wizards were doing. This all ties in to how she was able to survive in the Hellmouth alone for so long, besides the fact that Hunters are made to survive alone in extreme conditions. - It seems to me that she has a special connection with Toland the Shattered beyond just being another member of his fireteam. If this is true, it would make sense that he would share wisdom and secrets of Warlock's ability and understanding of the Light(or in Toland's case, the Darkness). He was a Warlock who understood things about the the Traveler, and the Darkness, and the very nature of all existence that others did not -- or could not -- which drove him to madness. He also had a particular interest in the Hive and it makes sense that he had understandings of their magic which he could then pass on to Eris. - Maybe they were even lovers? She said she lost everything. Her team, her eyes.. her love. Not to say that love is always a woman's MO, but this game was designed mostly by men, so bear with me... - So Eris' party meets with misfortune. one by one they fall.. Eriana, Omar, Motah. Vell Harlowe is the last to stand between the indomitable force of Crota and our ill-fated lovers. Like his comrades, he too falls, leaving Toland and Eris without hope. In a final moment of desperation, Toland unleashes the last of his power in order to save his beloved Eris, the last real thing that kept him from losing touch with reality completely. All goes dark. Eris awakes sometime later, alone in the dark and swears her revenge. ****[spoiler]Clearly at this point I was merely throwing a theory out there of how it might have gone down. Unfortunately after my research and completion of part 2, I discovered that the fate of our team was not as romantic as I originally hoped. The whole affair was.... Horror! :([/spoiler] - Eris stays below the Hellmouth, studying the Hive, trying to find away to end Crota. This ultimately leads to her taking Hive eyes as her own, possibly gaining some of their power in the process. She learns their magic and intends to use it to her advantage. - As for the coat, perhaps she wears it in memoriam of a love lost long ago... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [b]update[/b] 24 hours later, we have 450 comments! A lot of great discussion has been going on and I've learned a lot! Thank you to everyone who helped us get to the bottom of things! At the time I created this post I had much less information in support of my theory, but you guys have told me a lot in support of it! Here's a few members I'd like to thank in particular: [b] CONQU3ST Shere Khan The End Van Goghs Ear KonigSniper1082 Meilf MotiveImpact437 db0ssman Zero The Crow NDfan27 Trasfixion xXUltraGunnerXx freshlydunbread [/b] You all helped me a ton and I appreciate it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm now going to address some of the remaining disputes against Eris being a Hunter: [u][b]-"Toland calls Eris a Titan."[/b] [/u] - In a grimoire card entitled 'Sardon, Fist of Crota', our doomed heroes are together discussing the trials ahead. Pay attention to how each Guardian is behaving. Each seems to have their own agenda and/or reasons for going after Crota. There almost seems to be a [i]bit[/i] of discord between the group. Is it possible this could have been the factor that ultimately led to their defeat? Here's the card(with my commentary in parenthesis): [spoiler] Vell: So this Sardon is one of these Swarm Princes? (Notice how Vell is beginning the conversation, inquiring about Sardon.) Toland: In a stretch of the concept, sure. He is their lord and master. They are his generals. (Toland is already speaking to Vell here. Vell knows little of what's to come and Toland, likely being the only one who does, is explaining it to him.) Vell: Sounds like my kind of fight. (Here you can see Vell is itching to get in the fight!) Omar: What isn't? (Do I sense a bit of distaste on your tongue, Omar?) Vell: Eris and Eriana said the Blades rose first and slaughtered our brothers and sisters. If the one who leads their charge is within reach, I mean to end him—to end them all. (Here is where Vell has issued a challenge to the enemy's leader. He wants to end him so Toland will put Vell in the lead to give him the chance. He refers to the fallen Guardian as our brothers and sisters! Vell will go on to speak of faith in Light, it's likely he was at least semi-religious when it came to the Traveler and fighting the Darkness. A truly noble Guardian! Also this is part of why I think Omar may have disliked him, I'll continue on this soon.) Eris: We are here for Crota. (Eris is addressing the team, but mostly reminding Vell of their - or her - goals.) Toland: I'm afraid each disciple is Crota. (A bit of knowledge dropped on the team!) Vell: Then it must be done. Know that I have faith in your Light, as I do in my own. (There's that faith! How I feel in regards to this is TOTAL speculation and very well may be total BS, but most of the team seems much darker than Vell, and less gung-ho on the whole Light thing. I would think if anything, a cocky, rebellious Hunter would be somewhat of an Atheist as far as Atheists would be in the world of Destiny. I would think all of Vell's positivity might bug someone like that! But it's possibly when Omar say "What isn't?", it's possible he meant it in a good way; proud of his headstrong Titan brother!) Eris: This isn’t about faith. (Okay back to the point. Here you can start to see the split between ideals!) Eriana-3: It’s about vengeance. (Another opinion.) Vell: It’s about the only thing that matters—victory. It’s about doing what we must to end this terror. (You tell 'em!) Eris: We will face them all, together. We have no time to fight individual battles. (Now Eris is speaking to all, and addressing the fact that they have their own feeling that they need to forget about and work together.) Toland: I have no doubt the Fist will welcome your challenge, Titan. When we face him, you will lead the charge. Come, Crota's Temple lies ahead. If we can breach it, I'm sure another fight awaits. (People think that just because Toland is speaking after Eris that he's speaking to her. But is she issuing a challenge? He's continuing his discussion with Vell that started at the beginning of the card. Vell wanted to take down the leader, so Toland is making him the lead. And who seems a more likely candidate to lead the charge into the batlle? Eris, who doesn't seem particularly charismatic or rough-and-tumble, or Vell - The headstrong, gun-ho man whose [b]lone[/b] strength is described as having made the team feel invincible! Besides being the only confirmed Titan, the answer seems obvious!) [/spoiler] So hopefully that will help some of you understand the context of the conversation. Toland was clearly calling Vell a Titan, not Eris. There is another card, however that seems to label Eris' class. **It seems I've just about reach the limit for a post so I will have to continue on another. I suppose I'll use this as an opportunity to share a few revelations I've had upon reviewing all the grimoire cards on the subject, a particularly chilling one about Vell Harlowe. I hope it isn't true though :( [url=]PART 2[/url]

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