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7/19/2015 8:31:52 PM

destiny the story as it should be

Book 1: The Tower Chapter 1: Revival Your ghost finds you in the rubble of old Russia. He brings you back to life. He tells you that you've been remade as a defender of the traveler. Fallen are hunting you down. You must move in through the old city walls. There are guardian outposts on the other side. You are his third guardian. The last one fell guarding the walls of the city. You fight your way through the wall and find a guardian outpost on the other side. Chapter 2: The lost sheep A couple guardians are trying to locate the other outposts. You go out to the other known locations around old Russia. Some have been overrun by fallen leaving only corpses behind. Others have a few remaking guardians left fighting off fallen reinforcements. After finding all the lost guardians you regroup at a base that is under heavy attack. You breach through and defend against waves of fallen. Chapter 3: Communication is key Cayde 6 (a vanguard of the tower) equips you with some weapons and armour. They lost communication with the tower when the fallen attacked. The house of devil's has been clawing their way to the city for weeks. Caude 6 and his group take you to an old array station to re-establish communication with the tower. You get split up during the fight but make your way to the control centre. You establish a link after fighting off a captain and his unit. A large ship comes by and drops off a Kell and a large group of fallen. Just as they approach your position the other guardian re-group with you and push them back. The Kell takes off to his ship and retreats. Chapter 4: The devil at my door. You find out the city is being sieges by fallen forces. You are able to access your sparrow thanks to the link to the tower. You make your way to the tower through old Russia. You find a huge fallen siege engine. The guardians help you break in. You fight to the top where your ghost hacks the engine making it overheat. You have a small window to escape or die. Chapter 5: The light in the darkness You make your way into the breached wall, destroying the fallen inside. You make your way on to the wall where you must defend your air defences from fallen attackers. After a certain time the fallen make retreat and the breach begins to be repaired. You are brought to the tower where the speakers tells you of the travellers sacrifice. He speaks about their enemies and how they would destroy their last light. You as a guardian are tasked to defend it until it regains it's strength and is awoken again to defend is against it's ancient enemy. Chapter 6: sepia prime strike Cayde 6 puts together a small task force to move out and target the source of the fallens power. Their attack on the city has made it vulnerable. The only difference is at the end of the strike you see the Kell of the devils once again escape on a ship. Chapter 7: A change in seasons Cayde 6 had you track down the Kell now that the devils have fallen back. The Kell retreated to the European biosphere, intel shows that the house of winter is located there. The tower gives you a ship and you take off to scout out his exact location. Upon reaching Europe you fight off a group of fallen at a base to creat an outpost. A group of guardians stay behind to keep communication with the tower. Chapter 8: it came from the moon You follow the Kell to an old science lab. There you find fallan being slaughtered by a new enemy. Your ghosts wonders why the hive are on earth. Upon seeing a hive wizard your ghost promptly exclaims "that wizard came from the moon!" You fight off the hive and make your way outside. There you find the devils captains being executed by other fallen. You see the head of the Kell mounted on a spike and behind it stands the Kell of another house. Before you have the chance to respond you are surrounded by fallen and forced to lay down your arms. Chapter 9: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. You are brought before the Kell. He greats you and tells you of the fool Kell you were chasing and how his motives to destroy the traveler were foolish. He tells you how they once worshipped the traveler before being destroyed by the darkness. What is left is the factions that were able to escape. This Kell (Keleks) controls the house of winter and now the house of devils. He sends you out to dispatch a hive cluster than are bridging the gap between moon and earth allowing the hive to teleport their ships in. You go in and stop the ritual. The hive speak of their prince crota and how he cannot be stopped by the light. Chapter 10: making friends everywhere I go You make your way back to the fallen to make your report. Before you get there you are approached by a guardian without a ghost. A female Exo tells you that you've been blinded by the light. She tells you that answers lie on the moon. Seek her out there. Your ghost warns you that there are some guardians you have abandoned the light. Keeping on eye on them might not be a bad idea. When you reach the Kell you make a deal that they will help you reach the moon if you kill a knight that has been killing his captains. The knight carries a sword, you must bring it back to him. You hunt down the knight. When you kill him you take the sword. A force of hive descend on you and you dispatch them using the blade. Your ghost tells you that this is one of a few swords created by crota. The hive have used these to kill hundreds of guardians. You bring the sword back to Keleks in exchange for transport to the moon. End of book 1. Check back later for book 2 as the story starts to get tense. I literally came up with this in 10 minutes to show how easy it is to come up with a half decent story *cough* destiny *cough*. What are some cool things you think they could have started the story with?

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