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Et Tu Bungie? The untimely death of Handcannons

Let me start by saying that I didn't see anything, except for Thorn, in the latest rebalance announcement that actually seemed like a good idea. However, enough has been said about Ghally, Icebreaker and Black Hammer already in many other posts. I want to make a case for the [b]Handcannon [/b]in general... Given how Auto Rifles were nerfed so badly no one wanted to use them in PvP or PvE, I have little faith in the nerfing of Handcannons. In fact, I can't remember the last time I used an Auto Rifle... My biggest concern with handcannon rebalance is that I love [i]Word of Crota [/i]for [u][b]PvE[/b][/u]...[u]P-V-E[/u]... (mainly because I still don't have Fatebringer). Reducing the accuracy regardless of hip/ADS and reducing the clip size may make this gun type totally useless comparatively-speaking. In many cases, Handcannons are already a stretch for PvE. Word of Crota seems just right as is, or potentially a little under-powered. Why does it need to be nerfed? The broad case about trying to widen the gulf between Scout Rifles and Handcannons is extremely weak sauce. Scout rifles have precision scopes and handcannons have no scope. Handcannons have smaller clips as it is, while Scout Rifles can hold about 2+ times more ammo per clip. The gulf is wide enough as it is. The effect of this rebalance is: let's punish people for becoming proficient with a weapon type with no scope by arbitrarily making it as roll-the-dice accurate as a side arm ([i]tiny exaggeration[/i]) in the name of balance... when said balance only effects PvP and it only is driven by two weapons: Thorn and TLW. But... let's ruin Fatebringer, Word of Crota, etc. just to be thorough... and across the PvE game type where they are actually used. Let's think about this for a second (Generally speaking, I don't like to be catty. Unfortunately, I am not sure I have a choice.): 1. What about constantly running out of ammo in PvE settings with Handcannons' possessing a smaller clip? [i](Remember, PvE? is the other half of the game... that has many more total players.)[/i] How do you deal with large mobs when you are constantly reloading? Handcannons are hard enough to justify against scout rifles in PvE, but now, I think there will be no justification for using them, except during the appropriate arc/void/solar burn matching the Handcannon. Good luck using a Handcannon with jugglar and/or angry, by the way. 2. Bungie, in your "sandboxing", it is evident that relatively minimal testing, if at all, goes on with running these rebalances in nightfalls, raids, PoE, etc. In general, the "fun" of playing Skolas in PoE 35 is evidence enough of a lack of testing. If it had been properly tested, Skolas would actually be challenging, but not a screw-over fest by the stupid mines while addressing the poison effect. I have little faith in you in this regard. 3. Let's be real again though about the overall need to rebalance Handcannons... who runs around PvP with a Handcannon other than Thorn or The Last Word? Practically nobody. Let's not overreact and screw over a weapon class because two guns need to be addressed. Thorn's poison needs to nerf again, no question. The Last Word (possibly) should become a six-shooter, even though screwing with TLW is almost certain to make it pointless. Bungie, I have loved playing Destiny until this point... for the most part anyway. I, like many others, have overlooked a significant amount of BX ([b]b[/b]ovine [b]ex[/b]crement) with: in-game changes, lack of bug fixes, bait-and-switching on DLC, comments from executives about throwing money at my screen for trivial in-game garbage, pricing and rewards of The Taken King (TTK), etc. Unfortunately, you can't keep doing this. My patience is almost out. I really, really am taking a hard look at the purchase of TTK. Why do I want more frustration and grief? Battlefront is coming too, you know. You may lose another faithful player because of this nonsense, Bungie. And... I know I am not alone. Although I don't expect this post to have an impact, I wanted to give you the chance to change my mind... to regain my confidence and trust. You have to realize that you have an entire community of people that you continue to incite. I believe the stirring of angst is by accident, but you can only do it so long before the term "accident" is just a cover up for "incompetence".

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