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Ways destiny can improve!

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[b][i]-[u]WARNING[/u]-[/i][/b] Wall of text ahead- I would like to contribute to the community wish list. I know deej will mostly likely not see this, but i would like to be heard by the community and hear your thoughts. Some of these will be minor changes, but some will be a bit difficult. Well here goes. [b]1. The Director[/b] -[u]Spawn Chosing[/u] When going on patrol allow us to choose where we spawn on the map or at least have more than one spawn location. We get tired of the same location after the milionth time. [b]2. Inventory[/b] -[u]More Carry Space[/u] We need to be able to carry slightly more stuff. In all apsects: Armor, Weapons, Consumables, Materials, shaders, etc. [b]3. Patrol[/b] -[u]Quests[/u] Those kill bounties we do, should not be at the tower. There should be a bot that gives them to us while in patrol. And there should be more of them. Allow us to feel not so alone while patroling. -[u]Interesting Foes[/u] While the hive/vex/fallen/cabal aren't fighting they should be doing something interesting. Gathering materials, picking up corpses, talking etc. -[u]GPS[/u] Not all of us have it built into our brains and prefer not to waste time on youtube. Please input some sort of system like this. -[u]A map[/u] It should be located in our inventory. Just press RB to get to the map section. It should tell us current public events happening, where the quest vendors are, random enemy mobs, powerful foes in the area, collected ghosts, etc. -[u]Random Stuff[/u] Patrol should have random pikes, interceptors, turrets, mobs, whatever, scattered across the map. More collectibles, easter eggs, kameos, wild life, etc. -[u]Secret areas[/u] Just random puzzels that lead to a rewarding chest in the end. Or easteregg puzzles. You know.....something fun. [b]4. Gear, Subclasses, and Guardians[/b] -[u]Armor over Armor[/u] When you choose to wear an item you will see your items and the looks of what item you want. You can choose what to look like. Put on a green helm, a legandary boot you like, whatever. You can keep your Celestial Nighthawk, but you can have the VoG helm on. Exotics could maybe work as well. You might end up messing with people though. Mask of the Third man, but golden gun? -[u]Effects[/u] FIRE!! LIGHTNING!!! NEON THUNDER!!! Flowers? That's right. Effects around your guardian. Giving them further personality. Lightning that surges through your armor. Fire that lights up certain parts of your armor, flowers everytime you die, or rainbows when you spawn. Think about it Bungie. -[u]More Actions[/u] More dances, taunts, whatever. Just more of them. Chooseable this time as well. -[u]Loadouts and D-pad[/u] Let me just chose a pre-set loadout and hold down the D-pad to open up a wheel of my pre-set loadouts. While you're at it. Make the holding the right D-pad pop a wheel of consumables, the left D-Pad a wheel for synthesis, and the top D-pad for our actions to choose from. But in order to pop the wheels you have to hold the D-Pad. [u]Recap:[/u] Hold ⬆ to pop up Action wheel Hold ⬇ to pop up Pre-set Loadouts Hold ⬅ to pop up Synthesis wheel Hold ➡ to pop up Consumables wheel. -[u]More Subclass options[/u] There should be a third ability, not subclass. For example. A blink booster. It has a high cooldown. It allows you to blink 3 times. You can blink in the air, pause, and blink again, pause, and blink again while still in the air. Or hold A/Triangle to Directly Blink forward. You have 3 uses. And then cooldown. It should be on par with a super. A long time to charge, so that to keep crucible balance. -[u]Customizable Weapons[/u] Rerolling is cool and all, but i want to choose what scope, mag, etc i want. For a high price. I know gun shaders are already coming (probably). Give it more personality. Just let us add cosmetical items. [b]5. Shaders[/b] -Better shaders Let us choose what part of our amor we want, what color. I want a pure black and red shader....solid. IS THAT TOO HARD TO ASK FOR!! Just make NM and DO have a freaking baby. Or allow us to make our own shaders. -[u]Vehicle Shaders[/u] Allows to choose the color of our beloved ships and sparrows. The exotic and raid sparrows should have unique shaders to choose from. While the legendary ones have different ones from the rare ones. [b]6. Chips and Meadows[/b] errr, i mean: [i]Ships and Sparrows[/i] -[u]Customizable ships[/u] Allows us to add a thing or two to our ships, rares only. Make more rare ships and allow us to customize them and then upgradeable to legendaries. Gotta keep those raid ones unique....and recognizable. -[u]Sparrow Customization[/u] Sarrows all look the same right now. Except for the paint job and speed. Allow us to add items to them. Skulls, dragon heads, 3 boosters, wings, cup holders, whatever. And allow us to upgrade them in speed and endurance. Add a ton of random perks for us to choose from. Glide, teleport, fireworks, bats, lightning, you name it. That we can buy of course. Further making the shipwright more useful. Faction sparrows as well. [b]7. Ghosts, Strikes, and AIs.[/b] -[u]More Ghost shells.[/u] Those ghosts we find, allow us to equip those shells. I mean why not. Also, you should have various voices to choose from. *cough* Samuel Jackson *cough*, but seriously just a bit of a variety. And if it's gonna be a legendary shell...MAKE HIM OPEN DOORS FASTER!!! Or do something. -[u]Loot[/u] When i kill a boss, whether it be a random one, a strike boss, or a raid boss....i want him to drop loot. Engrams, weapons, materials, whatever. In destiny 2 could you please make certain bosses drop a certain exotic? Thank you. Charlemagne's Vault anyone? Thorn's original way of being obtained. -[u]Infantry, NPCs, Memorable Characters[/u] Have random soldiers/bots accompany us out in the wild in mssions. Even add soldiers into patrol. Have actual memorable allies. Have them present themselves in missions. Destiny 2 most likely. Bettet cut-scences. [b]8. Crucible[/b] -[u]Gametypes[/u] Architect= let us design maps. Private matches= i wanna fight with my friends. Hardcore= No supers CTF, Ranked playlist, Man hunt, i don't know just add more game types. And allow us to design our own. Map voting is on the Community wishlist, so no need to worry about that. [b]9. Story, Missions, and levels[/b] -[u]Rich Story[/u] Just basically better story telling. I mean seriously, Dr. Suess books have more story. -[u]Memorable Missions[/u] Each mission should be unique and memorable. Not just a horde mode or objectives. -[u]Chooseable Modifiers[/u] Allows us to increase the difficulty on missions and strikes by adding our own modifiers. [b]10. Bigger Maps and enemies[/b] -[u]More open World[/u] Destiny doesn't feel open world. I'm pretty sure last-gen is holding it back, but gladly destiny 2 will be next-gen only. -[u]Destroyable ships[/u] I want to kil them before they even see me. EXPLOSIONS!!!! -[u]More vehicles[/u] Enemy vehicles, flying vehicles, water vehicles, you know. The basics. Make the game feel immense with stuff to do. We shouldn't finish in a month, but not too long to bother casuals. EDIT: [b]11. Materials[/b] -[u]Material cap[/u] Glimmer cap should be raised....immensely. we should be able to carry more of all the materials . Strange coins, ascendent mats, relic iron, etc. -[u]Marks[/u] Vanguard Marks, Crucible Marks, and Faction Marks. There should be seperate marks for Factions. And a higher limit. 250? 300? For now i have listed all that came to my mind. If you have any ideas feel free to contribute to the list. Not sure how much more i can keep adding though. Hopefully someone powerful at Bungie will come across this. Thank you for your time. EDIT: Just fixed spelling Errors. Thanks for the support. EDIT: Scrapped ideas: Ammo vendor Dual Exotics Loot chest reseting after log off. Removal of light level Instant Synthesis when out of ammo Teen rating limitations: No assasinations Useless bar at the tower No hijacks on vehicles No sexual themes No gore No rude language No Executions EDIT: Remember Feedback is what i want. Something is just plain odd. Ways i can improve in some subjects. Or your own ideas you would like me to add.

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  • I like most of the ideas. My biggest gripes right now are arbitrary limits on marks and glimmer. I would also like to see a way to buy weapon parts... whether through glimmer or marks similar to planetary materials. For the maps idea how about the ability to set waypoints even if it's only to general areas like campus 9 or the breach. Lastly do something about auto rifles... to make them usuable. I'll use any other gun type but those.... and I like auto rifles.

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