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The Final Thorn Post

Before you dismiss this as yet another guardian wanting to see Thorn nerfed into the ground hear me out. I've seen plenty of posts about how Thorn is OP and other posts about how Thorn takes skill but no ones provided solutions. Admittedly, yes I have used Thorn, most recently in this weeks trials matches. Despite this I would much rather have any other handcannon by my side (TLW). I used it because the poison insures that the person im shooting will be killed [i]however[/i] I always make sure my bullets kill him first. The poison is just an [i]insurance policy[/i] in case my target runs away. But now onto the fixes. I personally do [i]not[/i] want to see Thorn get nerfed too hard. It is an exotic after all, exotics are supposed to feel overpowered. But just like the Vex Mythoclast in the days of old the Thorn [b][i]is[/i][/b] OP. Here are my thoughts on how to fix it. 1. [b][i]Reduce the visual effect of the poison[/b][/i]. By doing this outgunning a Thorn user would be easier as you can actually see the person you're shooting at. Now this is where it gets interesting. There are such things as a three-shotting handcannon am I right? Sure the poison decreases the ttk (time to kill) by a margin but to me the most frustrating part of being Thorned is the fact that me and my opponent can have a fair firefight, both of us being at full health and it being one on one, me outgunning the Thorner with the last bit of health and then dying to poison. Even though my skill surpassed that of the Thorner I still died to him. Here is my solution to that. 2. [b][i]Reduce the poisons damage by 66% after the player using the Thorn has been killed[/i][/b]. This will ensure that if we have a fair firefight I can survive because I outgunned the Thorner. Now you might be asking, why not just remove the poison effect completely after you kill the Thorner? This is because there must be a compromise. If youre an adamant Thorn user you would become upset if Thorns one little ability is taken away. My solution doesnt take it away but it makes it it weaker. Now if you do die to Thorn with this tweak to it you were either A.) Already low on health and unable to gun your opponent down B.) Outgunned by the Thorn user So what do you all say? I'm certain my ideas are a bit flawed but hey at least I tried. Please, contribute any suggestions you feel like. Its not Thorn we have a problem with. Its the poison from which the Thorn gives. 3. [b][i]Reduce the ammo count to at least 7-axeinyoface[/i][/b] This insures that Thorner will be more careful and less spamy 3$. [b][i]Reduce the ammo to at least 5 or 6, but increase the reload speed ever so slightly[/i][/b] In short: 1. [b][i]Reduce the visual effect of the poison[/b][/i]. 2. [b][i]Reduce the poisons damage by 66% after the player using the Thorn has been killed[/i][/b]. Other Suggestions- [i]Make the poison proc a 50% chance[/i] [i]Reduce stability and/or rate of fire[/i] Edit 1: Haha! I thought id get at least 2 reads. Anyway thanks for the feedback guys, the more reads the better! Edit 2: Over a hundred comments guys! GG. Weve gotten some pretty great ideas too! Edit 3: Finally, 117 reads. My life is all right now.

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