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6/21/2015 12:58:38 PM

Fallen Politics

(Not so much a theory than an analysis of the Fallen command structure generalised for all known Houses, I'd love to hear your feedback and ideas on the matter) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The Theory: The Leader tier: Each Fallen House observed so far has obeyed a strict command structure. The heart of this structure is a symbiosis between an Archon, a High Servitor and a Kell who leads the House. The Fallen require Ether to survive and grow and the Servitors can convert matter and energy into Ether. An Archon is a fusion of the roles of an advisor and a priest: the Archon deals with the High Servitor for Ether and in return offers worship and transport upon one of the House' Ketch. The Archon is responsible for piloting the ship with the assistance of Pilot Servitors, but does not determine the direction. The Archon also employs an Archon-Rising, a sort of apprentice, and an Archon-Priest, decidedly a veteran Archon, to lead Servitor worship in case of death, ensuring continuity. The High Servitor provides the largest quantity of Ether for its House. It gives the largest amount of Ether to the Kell and Archon to ensure their physical dominance and can be seen (in the Devil's Lair) to cannibalise lesser Fallen. It has various offspring, including other potential High Servitors and Pilot Servitors who run the engines of the Houses' nomadic Ketch homes. While the Archon and Servitors lead in religious and technical matters, the Kell is the political leader of the House and is subservient to none. They provide their House direction and leadership and prevent rebellion, often via the usage of secret police-esque groups (e.g the "Wolf Pack" and Fallen assassins). The Middle tier: Just below the Leader tier are the Barons. Barons each control their own Ketch and a fleet of Skiffs and, while largely allowed to pursue their own goals, ultimately obey their Kell. When a Kell is killed the Archon and High Servitor elect a Baron to become the new Kell, although this can lead to instability within the House. Hired by the Barons, Captains lead the Lesser Fallen and many own their own Skiffs. They are responsible for battleground tactics and punishment and are recruited from Lesser Fallen that prove themselves worthy of a larger Ether ration (hence their larger size). The mechanism in which a Captain becomes a Baron is unknown, although it is likely achieved through kills. Mentionable here are the Reavers, who seem to be Fallen veterans and can hail from any rank. It is likely that skilled Reaver Captains eventually become Barons, but this is unproven. The Lesser Tier: The first of the lesser tier are standard Servitors, who accompany forces led by Captains as on-ground Ether trawls and serve a support role in combat. They are likely, in some yet undescribed system of reproduction, the grand-children of the High Servitors and have little power, even over Lesser Fallen. The minority of this category are the Vandals, Fallen who meet the expectations of their Baron and serve a variety of roles, from snipers to soldiers to assassins. Any Fallen, including Captains, that disgrace their Baron are demoted. The demoted are Dregs, Fallen that have failed in the past and have had their lower arms removed as consequence. This group, despite their insignificant strength, are highly motivated: seeking redemption is the eyes of their superiors. As a result, this is the largest group in most Houses. Also mentionable are the Shanks, autonomous drones used, along with the Dregs, as canon fodder. Many variants exist, but they all seem to serve the House without question with little influence over others.

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