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So, for $59.95 I get...

Everything I already own, [b]plus[/b] the [i]Taken King[/i] ... Or: Buy $59.95 for Destiny - original game Plus $39.95 for expansions I and II Plus $39.95 for The Taken King 'pre-order' -------------------wait for it------------------ That's $140 pretty much for the same thing as noobs can get for $60. Thanks Bungie. I've enjoyed your game. Seriously. It's a lot of fun. I'm not kidding. Check my hours played. More than most, I can assure you that. And, what's my thanks and appreciation for supporting your game along the way? Getting screwed over to the tune of more than [i][u][b]DOUBLE[/b][/u][/i] THE PRICE that someone will pay today. How the hell does this make sense? You should actually honour your most loyal customers with The Taken King as a [b][i][u]FREEBIE[/u][/i][/b], or at the very least , a [b][i]DEEP[/i][/b] Discount. (Maybe $15 instead of $20, but certainly not increase it to $40, that's just plain back-asswards). "Here you go guardian. As a token of our appreciation for sticking with us through the first year, for buying the base game, for getting the first two expansions (which may or may not have been disc-locked content), for playing through the glitches as a live feedback forum for our programming errors, for the buffs and the nerfs you've endured, for the lag and for the heavy ammo we took from you every time you spawned... We would like to present you, as a gift, Your own Edition of The Taken King. I'm not butt-hurt by what's been paid so far. I'm f-ing choked that a newb will get all that and more for $60.00, and that it will cost me another $40 on top of what's already been paid, just to keep up with the [b][i]BUNDLE-BABIES [/i][/b]of 2015. Should be $15 max (free preferred) for the players who already have all the prerequisites. [b][i][u]BUMP[/u][/i][/b] if you agree with even one part of this. --- out --- EDIT: Geezus. For those of you who agreed, thanks for understanding my point. For the rest, here's an example: You all have cell phones. If you don't, try to imagine having one. Buy the latest phone. Then pay for an upgrade. Then pay for another upgrade. Then pay for another upgrade. Your buddy goes and buys the upgraded upgraded upgraded phone, [b]AND[/b] GETS THE ORIGINAL PHONE YOU PAID FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE GIVING TO HIM FOR FREE AS WELL... For [b][i][u]less than half the price too!![/u][/i][/b] and as a freaking bonus, he also gets [b][i][u]the charger, the headphones, the protective case and limited edition sticker to proudly display on the back of his Kia Soul as well !!!![/u][/i][/b] Does that help even one of you naysayers [i]get it?[/i] Edit 2: For those that say "Isn't this how all games do it?", the correct response is (I'll succumb to Godwin's Law for some of this I'm afraid): Did slavery come to an end? Did the holocaust come to an end? Did the USSR come to and end? Did the wall in Germany get torn down? Pick a metaphor... The choice should be your own. [b][i][u]Just because that's how it's always been done, simply does not 'de facto' make it right![/u][/i][/b] Edit 3: Your responses have been mixed. Fine. My post will not be all or end all. I appreciate what most of you had to say. For clarity I do not compare the edit 2 metaphors directly to this video game. But, to be offer a piece of advice to those who thought I meant something else: I believe that a company this big and profitable can do better than the companies that came before it. There will always be change. Who will do it first? Edit 4: You'll be impressed... I've listened and here is my last ( probably not) contribution to the argument: Bungie can rename the DLC to be $39.95 for the [b][i]DIGITAL BEND OVER EDITION*[/i][/b] for those of you who already have the original game and the first two expansions. We will send your guardian an in-game bottle of lube. It will be waiting for you in the special orders. * There will be no reach-arounds or discounts offered. Edit 5: Please stop buying next year's car at half of last year's pricing!! Edit 6: There were Alpha players There were Beta players Then came Day-1-ers We can call the next gen the 'Vets' Along comes Xmas Noobs Since then we've had a few Kinder-guardians But this latest generation will forever be known as: [b][i][u] THE BUNDLE- BABIES[/u][/i][/b] I do not take credit for this nickname, the original poster is down there, buried somewhere in the responses to this thread. Go ahead and find him/her, they deserve all the praise. If my post succeeds in nothing else... [b][i][u]BUNDLE-BABIES[/u][/i][/b] SHALL LIVE ON FOREVER!!!!! Edit 7: Strictly for your entertainment only: [b][i][u]EDIT 8:[/u][/i][/b] Looks like my rant was 'all' right on the mark. The failure on the price point. The failure in exclusive content. The failure on needing to rebuy items I already own. Many Thank to Eurogamer for taking the time to interview Luke Smith, and get to the bottom of all these inequities. We shall see what the weekly update holds for the year-one owners of the game. I bet it's not much!

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