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3/25/2015 2:33:36 PM

Solo-start Raid

YES! I'd love to see this become reality!


Like! But not sure if I like playing it yet..


Perhaps in pairs of 2-3?


NO! Raids are meant for 6; Start to end!


I just read on PlanetDestiny this wonderful idea of a solo start for one of the upcoming Raids for Destiny as a first stage, and i absolutely loved the idea! Take a look for yourself, what this creative commenter had to say: [i]Jimi Marklund ''(...)Raids improvements - more puzzles , For example: The Arena in coming HoW...why dont make it that we all start in a area alone and we need to actually fight our way to the rest of the team.(...) ''[/i] Personally I think this would be f*cking awesome! I reckon it won't come for the Arena, since that's most likely already finished, and I personally think there's just a small chance, this will actually be the start of the Raid as it's finished now, in the developers team. But at least for future Raids, I would absolutely love to see this idea come alive in one of the upcoming Raids. So, my fellow guardians, what do you think about this idea?

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    Somethin i thought about a while ago - the end plart is with a split team. --- In the first stages of the raid you have to kill some ads to gain access to a secret fallen facility. There are roumors of them building an invincible vehicle ... Afterwards you have to drive your sparrow through a maze while being chased by a squad of invincible pikes. You end the maze (there are 2 hidden chests inside) when you jump an abbys over which the pikes can't follow ... ... And are confronted with 2 spider tanks standing guard in front of a giant door. Your group fights the tanks while you are under constant fire from the invincible pikes which stand on the other side of the abbys. [spoiler]The trick is to kill (explode) one spider tank near the pikes so they are destroyed and the other tank near the door so it is destroyed (beware of shrapnel).[/spoiler] Once the tanks and pikes are gone you enter the next area through the now-open door ... It is a big hall like in the Mines of Moria with an eerie silence ... You only hear drops of water now and then ... It appears to be empty ... Then the next encounter starts. It has 3 phases that happen in random order. Your group has to move constantly to the other side. The longer you take, the more events happen/ get repeated faster/ with more troops. [spoiler]1) Stealth vandals attack your team. 2) Vandals swarm you 3) snipers shoot you Captains are added after each phase happened once.[/spoiler] So if you are too slow you'll be swarmed, sniped and meleed to death. Sounds like a challenge? Once you reach the end of the hall you enter a giant hangar. You seal the doors with ALL of your ghosts which you have to protect from the enemies of the great hall. After that you see the glimpse of a huge servitor higher up in the hangar. To reach him you follow a winding trail up to a platform ... [spoiler]Sometimes, edges of the walkway fall away and you have to act quickly to avoid falling to your death.[/spoiler] On it a servitor and archon priest await you. The servitor is destructible by weapon-fire, but the archon only takes damage from the servitor's attacks. [spoiler]Every minute or so one member of your group gets caught in a ray-shield and the archon strides to him. If the archon reaches his target, the player is drained of light and dies. To prevent this your group has to destroy the 6 generators of the ray-shield quickly. Otherwise: You have to lower the servitor's HP by shooting it AND you have to kite the servitor's blasts (they're homing) into hitting the Archon. Remember the ray-shields. If you kite the blast to close to the archon and are cought in the shield, you're dead. He also fires/stomps ;) Both enemies have to in a 10 second time-frame or one of them will sacrifice itself in a giant inferno that wipes your group.[/spoiler] Having their leaders killed brings motion to the hangar. Dropships are stirring and evacuating the hangar. Then a loud humming sound erupts and you see it ... [b]A GIANT SHANK![/b] As it notices you it starts shooting your group but it is too big to get at you. Instead, you have to traverse the backs if the dropships - which are moving / shank shoots at you - to get to the shank! When you reach it, you jump on its back and the final encounter starts. [spoiler]Phase 1: The shank starts to rise and tries to shake you off (double-jump to avoid sliding off). There seem to be maintenance-hatches on its back - your group opens them ... Phase 2: Upon noticing that the hatches have been opened the shank accesses the hangar defenses and is trying to shoot you off - still turning and flying). Big cannons shoot energy blasts at the shank (target-areas indicated by laser-beams). You shoot into the hatches to damage the shank. Phase 3: Your shooting makes the shank desperate! Dropships let a hale of grenades fall onto the shank to wipe you out! Titans! We need your ward of dawn! Phase 4: the shank powers up and races in the hangar. While it is close to the wall there are 5 possible 'relics' to pick up (they're grenades, but let's just continue relic-tradition ;). Your group has to position 3 men on each side and pick up at least 3 relics! Attacks from former phases still continue! Phase 5: platforms appear under the shank. You throw the relics into the hatches and jump off the shank onto a platform. [/spoiler] The shank is defeated and explodes in a brilliant inferno! But what is that? The blasts have destabilized the hangar ... [b]It's falling apart![/b] So you get on your sparrows and race towards the exit. Debris falls from the ceiling, burning dropships threaten to block your path. The whole hangar is groaning, you hear the sound of explosions ... Closer than you'd like! [spoiler]You can pick up 1 exotic chest on the way - but 3 group members will have to sacrifice their life and light to stop the ceiling from crushing you all after you looted the chest. You have only 1 try for the race if you looted the chest at any point.[/spoiler] The rest (or whole) team makes its way to the exit, avoiding falling objects and ships. Once you reach the exit point you can loot a chest containing one (guaranteed) upgrade for your sparrow. [spoiler]1) Better Drives - Heightened speed 2) Stealthing Device - stealth for some seconds. 3) Armor Plating - your sparrow can take more shots 4) Teleport - Your sparrow can teleport a short distance 5) Mine - You drop a mine that slows enemies down 6) Colour Package - Allows for custom colour (can be applied with another upgrade). All sparrows can only use one upgrade 1-5 plus upgrade 6. [/spoiler] The ground shakes and you fear your death is near ... But then your chosen fraction (war-cult, dead orbit, new monarchy OR crucible/vanguard) drops by with one of their ships, you jump aboard and fly away. In the distance you hear (see) a giant explosion and grief for your fallen friends. --- Loading screen --- You are back in the tower at your faction's quarters. The faction leader gratulates you on your success and grants you a faction-package along with some faction reputation. This package has an increased chance to award a faction-ship or shader, but everything is possible ... [spoiler]'Sacrifice-Team. You are swarmed by fallen, the ground trembles and the ceiling crubles. You shoot your way out, defending against the perpetual onslought to get time for your teammates to flee ... Then an eerie voice echoes in your mind. The traveler! He finally speaks to you again! He tells you that by destroying the facility you have also destroyed a fallen-mechanism that drained his light. He is powering up he tells you, but it needs time ... Time you don't have. One by the other you and your comrades fall and you loose your fate in the traveler. As the fallen stand over your ghosts, light emanates from them and they vanish ... And re-materialize in the tower. After telling you what happened, the speaker praises you, the leader if your chosen faction strides towards you and grants you a special faction-package. [/spoiler] --- The End --- [spoiler]Loot: - all types of weapons with special perks. - raid weapon: the destroyer. An arc sniper-rifle which lets an arc-flare (like solar grenade) in its wake when an enemy is killed with headshots only. - raid-sparrow: the machine. Drops from all chests / hightened chance to drop from exotic one. - special raid-sparrow: salvaged pike. It has guns like a normal pike but only limited ammo per use. Can be upgraded via raid-upgrades. - Raid Ship: Head of the shank. It is the front-half of a great shank with boosts on the backside. It, too can drop from each chest and has a hightened dropchance from the shank-boss. This ship can be upgraded by 'parts' that drop like engrams from each fallen in the raid. For a certain ammount of parts you can upgrade your ship with an access to the gunsmith / the bounty-master. Raid-Armor: - a set of raid armor in the style of the fallen. - 'spare parts' (drop like engrams from fallen in the raid) can be used to power the armor's stats / colour and perks (different amounts of spare parts needed). Special Raid Weapon: Energy Sword With a huge amount of spare-parts and parts plus one of a few crafting-plans which drop in the raid you can construct a Energy-Sword with different stats and customize-options (burn, stats). It takes the place of both your special- and heavy-weapon and id a melee-weapon of considerable force.

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