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3/23/2015 6:54:51 PM

Phone Apps & Game Mods and Ideas

Apps: I use the Smartphone App to move Inventory and Weapons back and forth because it takes forever to go to the tower, put in the vault, switch guardians, etc. For the App, can you add obtaining bounties and turning them in to save time on the game? What about purchasing equipment and armor or seeing what Xûr has that week? My friend and I both lost weapons in the app recently where we moved it to the vault to pick up between characters but it is now completely gone from the profile. Fix this!!!! Now I'm afraid of swapping Exotics that way. Give us our weapons back that are lost in Valhalla. Game: What about Weapon Trading between accounts with friends? That would be awesome. Make going back to tower faster. It takes forever going back and forth from Orbit to the Tower. Cut that time for goodness sake. I can go make lunch and eat it during the time it takes to go to the tower, drop bounty off, pick more up, and go back to Orbit!!! I might even get a "nooner" in during that time frame. What about flying vehicles to get places faster (like Banshees from Halo) or is everything like a Hollywood Set front and flying to places would see unfinished scenes that you can't see from the ground? I'm tired of missions that scan one area to get there and the only missions available is to go scan the area you just came from...what a time waster. Nobody enjoys scanning for 6 mission bounties...give us more killing missions already. PvP vs PvE weapons. You would think that weapons works similar in both. You can use all in PvE, but unfortunately I can't use my favorites in PvP because I get killed by one shot weapons when it takes forever using some of my Favs to kill them. So I use shotgun/handgun like everyone else and sometimes Auto-rifles. I'm not going to bring up the lag, buff/nerfing weapons, and miscellaneous reward system as everyone else complains about that also. I'm so tired of people quitting matchmaking Strikes. Make it cost something from their Inventory to quit that gives it to the remaining players equally if they quit on them. So if they leave to go to orbit, there is a payment to be made to leave them early. Make the price higher and higher for players who routinely quit. When people leave, please drop someone back in quicker to replace them. Bring teleporting activities (like in Halo) back to this game for PvP. That is a futuristic activity that is missing from this game especially in PvP. I kinda miss the ability drops like jet pack, camo, evade, etc. No I'm not asked for bringing Halo entities in. If I want to play that, I can go back to that, but I like the idea of picking up cool abilities like dropped engrams during PvP that you can use during the match. What about a 3rd Subclass for all? If so please give the Hunter something cool for a jump of greater distances or height. Ok that's all for now.

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