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Audio and Visual updates

The update mentioned that you've kept the same guy who worked on all the audio of past games. If he is the one who wrote the score for Halo then bravo; he's done a spectacular job. I can still rock out to the Halo soundtrack and recognize it instantly if someone's singing a tune or has one on a ring tone. That being said it seems like Destiny is trying EXTREMELY hard not to be Halo, so much so that the score suffers a bit. I'm not saying it's bad I'm just saying it's not great. I understand musical artists have it rough. Their mind works the way it does and it's difficult to deviate from that pattern. This makes everything they do recognizable as theirs which limits the number of "sounds" they can produce. Even when a band changes singers we still know it's them because of how the music blends. No need to elaborate further you know what I'm talking about. To my real audio concern. When we play Halo the music really puts you in the game, when you're in combat you feel like you're kicking ass and taking names to save some trapped ODST's hides. When your bonding with Cortana it feels like the emotions involved. Yet when we play Destiny it just feels like we're in a beat-em-up slaughtering everything we see and who cares why. EXCEPT for The Black Garden. When we complete The Black Garden mission it really feels like we're everyone's last hope and we just saved the universe from an unstoppable evil. (Should have been your final raid but I'm sure The Darkness isn't vanquished yet. It'll be back. Weakening it with killing wussy statues imbued with its power is just too anti-climactic.) Yet when we fight/kill Atheon and Crota there's no tingly Woot woot feeling like you get from The Black Garden. I understand the raids are a "let's concentrate and work together" setting but you didn't have to make it like a golf tournament. Throw us a bone in The House of Wolves raid, make us feel like the Guardians you've made us out to be. Specially with the sound options you're giving us. If people don't like to feel as if they're in the game they can turn it down. For the visual. I only have one concern that could be linked to color blind players and full spectrum players alike. The targeting reticles. There are many weapons who's targeting reticles disappear when a certain background collides with it. As an example Patience and Time. When you're visible the targeting reticle is solid and easy to see, yet once you go invisible if your background is the sky (like in many PvP settings) the targeting reticle becomes nearly impossible to see. It's not just a blue sky that'll make it disappear, it's almost anything that isn't an enemy or big black wall. Hunters have this problem with a large range of weapons while invisible and I've had quite a few weapons targeting reticles disappear even when I'm not invisible. A simple fix like a choice of reticle colors and transparencies would do the job nicely. -Thanks

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