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I have to admit it, I think the Crota Raid gear is completely unappealing

I agree, players need to look more unique.


I disagree, the current armor system works.


I am unsure about the entire topic.


The Raid gear, the only gear to get you to 32, is extremely unattractive to me. (The Hunter Helm is an exception) The whole point in RNG and such is to be different to everyone else. The fact that im going to be forced to wear gear that I find ugly to reach max light level is unmotivating . When the VoG Raid gear was the best, I enjoyed the look of the armor on all classes. However, when the Iron banner gear got you to 30 also, I grinded all week to obtain the gauntlets. Why? To look different. I enjoy the look of lower level gear immensely over what we are given endgame. The whole thing with the Hive theme is cool, but im not that interested in having larger than needed spikes on my shoulders. Titan armor : 5/10 Hunter armor : 7/10 Warlock armor : 6.5/10 (Edited Warlock, thanks to Kingofthekittys, PAPA STACHE, GoodolNoName, Lv wild one, MTheoryFreak, and others used to be 4/10. After looking at it some more, It isnt too bad...) If I could rate how I think the armor looks, that would be my honest answer. I have 3 different answers to fix this is: 1. Have it so players can change the armor itself, but retain the exact effects/ratings on the new armor. Example, Crota raid gauntlets, stats completely transferred to Iron banner gauntlets. Cost? Motes of light. One time use only. End result- your Iron banner Gauntlets have all the traits of the Crota's gauntlets. 2. Introduce completely RNG based Light level 32 gear. Example- I have a Helm I bought from the Vanguard. Its max light will be 33. After playing games, a player finds an engram(could be a blue or purple). Player turns it in at Cryptarch, Finds same Vanguard Helm with 36 light instead. Now to be fair with this idea is, the chance to get 33 light armor from engrams still exists, players that have lvl 32 gear from crota wont be slapped in the face if this idea became reality. 3. This is admittedly probably my weakest Idea, Have the special event visitors carry 36 light armor. They arent always at tower, they will require reputation to buy armor, they reset after every visit. A tough grind for players to obtain different looking endgame armor. To be fair with this one, The vendors only sell/ give out as loot, limited armor types. Example, whenever the Queen event happens again, the armor they give out will be much rarer and it has a chance to be 33 or 36 light obtainable. Please, I took the time to give my input on how to make the game more unique. Let players have the freedom to express how they look, rather than have players look in a uniform fashion to be max light. Remember the "Unique snowflake" term? This is a possible solution. As of right now, the only way to look different, is by armor shaders... and we all know how hard it is to find a shader that not many others have. It took me to Dead Orbit rank 21 to finally get my 1st shader. I don't think I will ever unequip Revenant now. What do you think? Do my ideas sound reasonable? (if mods want to move this to #feedback, go right ahead) Edit: I just want to say, you guys are awesome, even if you dont agree with me. I typed this at 2:30 AM my time, and now it is 6:22 AM... I think ima head off, Ill be back Guardians! Edit:2 To be fair, the game designers took their time to make and eventually produce the armor. That is appreciated. However, for some players, the "Hive" theme they went with is not the ideal way we want to express ourselves. If there was more to choose from, I'm sure everyone will appreciate it.

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