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0 Site Improvements: Getting It Down!

As I'm sure we all know, has undergone a number of changes in the last two years. Some of these changes haven't been too popular. Rather than stick my head in the sand, I have compiled a list of features I'm sure will benefit the site. Before I list these proposed improvements, allow me to introduce the theme of this thread: [b][i]Getting It Down[/b][/i]. Bungie are hard workers, and nothing could better illustrate them cracking down on the issues and truly getting things down correctly. One of Bungie's many approaches to developmet is "Building the plane while you flying it". Whether this means releasing Halo 2 without landing gear or Destiny without the cockpit, in the end you still have to find a way to bring the plane back down for the next ten-year flight. This is where #Feedback comes in (or Community, depending on what I tagged). To begin, the best way to improve the site is to alter a lot of its terminology. I believe the current use of "update" is inappropriate for Bungie's potential with each new overhaul, maybe even misleading. The drastic changes we witness to Destiny and are so unexpected that "update" simply doesn't cut it. In light of the theme of this discussion, I think all updates should now be coined as "Downdates" henceforth. Downdates would exemplify the core of Bungie's commitment to really nail down the necessary features of the game and site that weren't originally included, or the regression of current features to improve balance. Our news section should not be upping our expectations, but rather bringing us down to Earth to see the limitations of a company with a billion-dollar franchise and $500 million in publisher backing. As a community, we could eagerly log in every Thursday to see if Bungie finally got it down! Best of all, Downdates could be used for a variety of topics outside of the normal patches. Say it's that time of month where the Destiny Login servers are experiencing unexpected [i]Down[/i]time, or the webteam feels the need to further [i]down[/i]grade the functionality of the groups section on the site. Users are upset left and right. What can be done? Time for Deej to post a nice and warmly-received Downdate to alleviate the less-apparent issues facing and Destiny the game. There are other accuracy improvements for terminology, such as removing "Community" from "Community Focus" and "Bungie" from the "Bungie Bounty", but those are subjects for another thread. Once terminology is downed, the next step in improving the website is to get the forums down. It's not secret that the recent changes to have been met with some resistance, but I believe I know the solution. Some people say Bungie went too far with customization, but I say they did not go far enough! A key aspect of the site update was the ability to sort and organize the threads in a forum to meet one's own interest. This means sorting, ignoring threads until the user-experience was agreeable. While this was a good idea in practice, in implementation it fell short of success. I propose that to improve the site, not only should individual threads in a forum be customizable and sortable, but also posts within a thread. Rather than creating our own forums through tags, we could utilize tags to instead build our own threads! Say DeeJ posts a new downdate and for some strange reason a lot of people decide to respond with negative posts about it. Rather than having to ignore those posts like we do now, a user (say, DeeJ) could restructure the thread, removing all the negative posts and instead replacing them with positive posts from a different thread. Talk about an agreeable user experience! Who wouldn't be down for that? Threads would be so positive that the moderators would be out of the job! Speaking of moderators, this brings us to third thing to Get Down, Taking Them Down! In the past I am sure most members have had personal quarrels with the moderation team, of which often the moderation team was in the right. Still, we must consider that these veteran users are part of an ever-changing website of which the rules have quickly been taken down. From this reduction of rules, there has been a downplay on the role of moderation on this site. It is because of this that I affirm that moderators are in fact too reminiscent of the Bungie.past, and not looking forward to the new Bungie.down. To resolve this, I propose that a change in forum moderation be implemented: that moderators be limited to a one-year term. This would put down the possibility of long-lasting vendettas, and reduce the chance of biased moderation. By taking down moderators, the new system would dissuade any users seeking to become a moderator for popularity or power. In essence, we would accept only the most selfless and inhuman of users, maximizing efficiency. Without the possibility of advancement and due to their brief limelight, users would only have time to think of patrolling the forums and nothing else. I doubt that there is a single moderator selfish enough to disagree with this idea. In parting, I ask that you consider what has been posted here. Perhaps sit down and take down your thoughts, or take a nice malta and reflect on what can be done to improve the site. As you can see, my "Getting It Down" theme only deals with accuracy and efficiency. I am sure there is a wealth of topics we can put down in this thread. Don't let us down, put your thoughts and feedback!

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