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6/10/2008 10:03:11 AM
[quote]ALL Coup d'Bungie discussion and any other GM script shall be talked about in[url=] this thread ONLY.[/url][/quote][quote][b][u]NOTE[/u] - COUP D'BUNGIE2.5 IS [i]NO LONGER[/i] SUPPORTED[/b][/quote] [quote][url=/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=27428424&postRepeater1-p=247#33134794]COUP D'BUNGIE V3[/url] IS THE NEW VERSION CREATED BY IGGYHOPPER[/quote] [quote][b][u]NOTE[/u] - COUP D'BUNGIE2.5 IS [i]NO LONGER[/i] SUPPORTED[/b][/quote] [b][u]UPDATE[/u][/b] 2.5 has moar users. [quote][/quote] [b]Coup d'Bungie[/b] is a Firefox script, executed through the [i]Greasemonkey[/i] extension. It can additionally be run through the Opera browser. Through it, you have the option to turn off all elevated member titles and bars and all moderator/administrator colors, plus you can customize your own title bar, user title, and avatar. These changes are all local to your computer. Keep reading for more information or [url=]watch the video[/url]. [quote][/quote] This project is the first of many scripts that I wrote to tweak this website. [url=]Here is the official Greasemonkeys group[/url] [quote][/quote] [b][u]SCRIPTS[/u][/b] Here's the script. [url=]Coup d'Bungie 2.5[/url] - [i][b]NOTE: This now [u]includes[/u] the master script as an optional addon.[/b] Use this script to customize your viewing experience and personalize the look of your posts. Click to install.[/i] [quote][/quote] [b][u]WARNING[/u][/b] [b]Do not use this script to attempt impersonation of a Bungie moderator, employee, or anyone else. Pretending to be a mod/employee on your own local script is fine (since the script is only local) as long as you do not use screenshots to try and convince other people.[/b] In other words, if you want to play make-believe, keep it to yourself. In addition, do not share pictures that violate Bungie's ToU/CoC. [quote][/quote] [b][u]INSTALLATION (FIREFOX)[/u][/b] This script requires you to be using Mozilla Firefox or Opera as your browser. For Opera installation instructions, see the next section. For Firefox, this script also requires the Greasemonkey extension. ([url=]download[/url]) ([url=]secondary d/l[/url]). [quote][/quote] [b][u]INSTALLATION (OPERA)[/u][/b] This script requires you to be using Mozilla Firefox or Opera as your browser. For Firefox installation instructions, see the previous section. Installing the script in Opera does not require any extensions, but you'll need to fill out the generator every time you want to update your personal settings. Here is a helpful walkthrough. [b]Step 1[/b]: Save the script to Desktop [b]Step 2[/b]: Navigate to in the Opera browser [b]Step 3[/b]: Right Click anywhere on the page, and choose "Edit Site Preferences" [b]Step 4[/b]: Click on the "Scripting" tab [b]Step 5[/b]: Below "User Javascript Files," you can click "choose" and locate the file you just saved. [b]Step 6[/b]: If the prompt does not allow you to search through your desktop and you don't know how to reference the location yourself, move the coup.user.js file to another folder, such as your Documents folder. [b]Step 7[/b]: Click "OK" to close the "Site preferences" window. [b]Step 8[/b]: Look at your post [quote][/quote] [b][u]FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS[/u][/b] [i]Note: This FAQ should help Opera users, but it is designed for Firefox.[/i] [b]Q: When I first installed Coup onto Firefox, it let me enter in my settings. Can I change those again?[/b] A: Yes, there is a button in the top right area under "Sign Out" that opens the settings menu. [b]Q: I see a red button that says "new update". What is this?[/b] A: This button appears when there are updates to the master script. Click the button to install the new master script update. It will override your old version but your settings should still be logged. [b]Q: What's a hex code? I don't know any hex codes for colors I want.[/b] A: Hex codes are a six-digit combination that consists of either numbers 0-9 or lettters a-f. [i]000000[/i] is black and [i]ffffff[/i] is white. For help with hex codes, you can see many of them [url=]here[/url] or use the convenient [url=]hex code generator[/url]. Additionally, here are some color schemes of user roles that already exist in the forums: [b]Forum Ninja[/b] - Text Color: [i]ff9966[/i] , Background: [i]3b2317[/i] [b] Employee[/b] - Text Color: [i]ffd224[/i] , Background: [i]705c0d[/i] [b]Superintendent[/b] - Text Color: [i]83b164[/i] , Background: [i]394a2e[/i] [b]Q: What are the sizes for pictures I can use?[/b] A: Title bar backgrounds are 548 x 24 and avatars are typically 90 x 90 (although Coup lets you change the height). Note that Coup will not allow huge pictures into the master script (although you may use them for the personal part of the script as you choose). This is because of load time - even though Coup resizes avatars, for example, your browser loads the huge avatar first before the picture gets resized. [b]Q: I checked a button and everyone's elevated title went away and/or the ninjas lost their color![/b] A: Simply uncheck the respective options and save settings to undo this. [b]Q: Every time I load a page, everything starts back to normal for a few seconds before the script kicks in. Why?[/b] A: The Greasemonkey extension waits until a page is finished loading to apply any external scripts. So you will not see the changes occur until after the page completely loads. [b]Q: Why can't anyone else see my colors and rank?[/b] A: The changes that Greasemonkey scripts make are always local to your computer and [b][u]you are not on the master script by default[/u][/b]. No one else sees your script except for you unless you give them your information and they install an alternate script with it, or if you are included on the master script. [b]Q: Can I temporarily disable the script without having to uninstall it?[/b] A: Yes, you can temporarily disable Greasemonkey by clicking on the monkey icon in the lower right corner of your Firefox window (when disabled, the monkey is frowning and grayed out). Additionally, to only disable the Coup d'Bungie script but keep any other Greasemonkey scripts running, you may right click on the monkey icon and select "Manage User Scripts". From there, click on "Coup d'Bungie" and uncheck "Enabled" in the bottom left. [b]Q: How do I uninstall the script?[/b] A: Right click on the monkey icon in the lower right corner of your Firefox window and select "Manage User Scripts". From there, click on "Coup d'Bungie", check the "also uninstall associated preferences box" (this deletes the settings you stored in the script) and click the "Uninstall" button. [b]Q: How can I be on the master script?[/b] A: If you want your custom details on the master script for everyone (who installed the script) to see, or if you want your information updated, go to [url=]this page[/url], follow the directions, and I will likely approve. However, for the master script, you are not allowed to copy the title of a Forum Ninja or Bungie Employee, and, as always, no crude or inappropriate images will be accepted. [b]I'm still having problems![/b] A: Send me a PM, post here, and someone will make sure to help you. [Edited on 08.16.2009 5:00 PM PDT by Duardo]

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