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    Destiny is about how [i]each and every person is unique. [/i] If Bungie starts putting everyone into groups the backbone of the game will fall apart. Here's an example: In one of the very early sneak previews that was shown there was a video of someone's HUD while a public event was starting. Everyone arrived on their own sparrow. Why? Because the events in the exploration mode are [i]made [/i] be to dynamic so that when you see a player diving on top of a Death-Spider as I like to call them you feel a rush of adrenaline at the sight of a new team mate and not a reminder that you already asked him/her to come with you. That is the incredible difference between [i]matchmaking [/i] and [i]Public Destiny. [/i] Making a bunch of players pile into a single vehicle isn't very dynamic. It's like riding the bus to work. You know exactly where you are going and what you are going to do. In order for Destiny to achieve the measure of detail of character and dynamic playstyle that they have advertised I believe making the public exploration mode into a bandwagon would hurt the game more than help it. In the area of raids and strikes It is the same idea but in a different environment. Picture six people side-by-side in their sparrows. All of them are dodging rocks and weaving in and out of passageways. The feeling of self-choice of every action a player makes is evident. That is a perfect example of what I love about Destiny. Now picture one big hover vehicle just mounding the rocks and not turning as often. Your characters might be programmed to look from side to side or look somewhere if there is weapon-fire but by contrast the larger vehicle seems so much more static don't you think?
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